Thursday, 6 September 2012

Five Fast Stockpiling Tips : September

1) Righteous Orbs

2) Low level leather

Sell to those working on their professions and to craft items to sell to levelling Monks.

3) TBC items : Ores, Herbs and Skins

Fel iron, Adamantite, Dreaming Glory, Felweed, Knothide Leather

4) Deviate Fish

Some people might not want to look like a panda from 1-90

5) Collect recipe’s now before Cross-realm zones

Collect recipe’s from mobs or via reputation, your timbermaw rep might be slowed down if there are people from other realms in the same area. Farming crusader off that particular mob is not too bad when you are alone but is not fun when you are competing with two or three other players.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

AOE Looting: AQ20

I've been very busy IRL so with my limited playtime i've kept on top of all the alchemy CD's and spent some time in AQ20.

Lots of great items drop here, and the weapons can disenchant into Illusion dust and Greater Eternal Essence.  The ability to loot 40-50 in one go is amazing, I was getting one very rare transmog item a minute.

I've also spent some time levelling and playing around with the new specs for all my alts. I plan to level my blood DK from 80-85 through dungeons so if you spot a dodgy DK tank (rare i know right?) it might be me!

The patch went ok i focused on glyphs mainly and it paid off very well, currently I am posting 10 of each glyph for a very high price (600g+) and this is getting me 7 - 8k in sales a day. I have'nt been posting transmog items much this week mainly due to lack of time and also because I might be getting a bit burnt out on the AH.

I still have'nt bought the expansion and cancelled my second account today. I know its weird with the expansion so near and all these new talents but I might take a break and possibly get pulled back in for the expansion.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Farming Embersilk Cloth Patch 5.0.4 Update

I love AoE looting the plan had been to check out deepholm and move over to some 5mans but deepholm sucked me in with the crazy drops which i seriously think might be nerfed in the future.

Deepholm Hour 1

57 chests
655 cloth
16 greens 2 blues

Chests gave:
258 cloth
3 greens
Volatiles / ore

Deepholm Hour 2 

I got a bit more used to the rotation , stopped using deathstrike.

Bags full at 45mins, went to mailbox to mail off greens/cloth

602 cloth
67 chests
32 greens

Chests gave:
4 greens
333 cloth
Volatiles / ore

From now on will open chests and record totals for cloth/greens. This is because flying to mailbox is not fun and I can only get biggers bags in MoP.

Hour 3

1007 cloth total
33 greens
Volatiles / Ore 

Hour 4

I will use all the volatiles and pyrite ore to make truegold which I will keep for MoP.

I think this cloth amount can be improved on. 

This was done with an LFR geared DK tailor with 378 weapons.

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Recruit a Friend Guide Part One 1 - 67 (RAF)

Make a group and use your summon ability to get both toons together, find a mailbox and load up on BOA gear (these make a huge difference so make sure you got 4 boa for each toon). Don’t worry about plate for plate wearers and mail for mail wearers, my first RaF pair were a warrior and priest and I used cloth BoA and leather BoA on the warrior.

Follow macro

/follow NAME

Where NAME is the name of your other toon

RaF Team One
Level 85 – Alvin
Level 1 priest - Theodore
Level 1 warrior – Simon

Priest macro:

/follow Alvin

Warrior macro:

/follow Alvin

Spending talent points!

Think defensively when spending points, on my warrior I went prot and on the priest shadow. Shadowform and extra defences for being prot really help out, sometimes your lowbie alts will get agro if they can take a hit or two before dieing then this is of great benefit to you.  Alvin is a pure dps so can only res using Guild perks so deaths really slow you down. This is most noticeable when I took level 61 Theodore and 61 Simon into heroic ramparts where there are 71 elites which chomp through 61’s fast.

Go ahead and add all three characters to the same guild, you can get guild rep and guild achievements.

1-10 Questing

I had Simon follow Theodore because I have better caster boa’s (staff/trinkets) equipped on him. Make sure to accept quests on both (playing in windowed mode and alt-tabbing between the two characters).

10 -16 Deadmines

Deadmines entrance… I got lost I’ll admit it, I have not been into Deadmines since vanilla.

I used this youtube video to get to the entrance.

Use the macros!

Simon uses:
/follow Alvin

Theodore uses:
/follow Alvin

Alvin clears the dungeon, the tricky part is the bit with the parrots and avoiding the cannon damage, focus on killing the flying monsters of death first and take your time on the cannons, pausing so you don’t get knocked off into the water (record knocked off four times in one run). From here clear as normal making sure not to leave Simon or Theodore left behind stuck on a cannon or corner, make sure they are following you!

Run back to the entrance reset and repeat, pick up any quests when you can they provide a lot of extra xp.

16 – 22 Stockades

You can move over to stockades at 15 but I stayed till 16 to finish off quests and I don’t like abandoning a dungeon clear midway through.

Be careful of the patrolling mobs, but other than that pretty straightforward, clear both sides and reset. Pick up quests when you can.

22 – 36 Scarlet Monastery

This is pre –patch when I get more info I will update it but for now here is how I experienced SM pre-patch.

Do not reset dungeon until you have cleared library, armoury and cathedral. Keep an eye out for chests in library and armour they can contain gems, recipes and transmog items. Don’t leave till you have done all the quests. In Sm: Cath when you all get put to sleep this breaks the /follow so before Alvin leaves I had to press those follow macros again on Simon and Theodore.

36-42 Scholomance

Loads of quests here but you can’t grab them straight away. In the last room drop Simon and Theodore at the top of the stairs, take Alvin and clear all 5 rooms of trash and mini-bosses (3 up stairs and 2 down stairs). Kill Alexei which will summon Gandling.

Run out and reset, check there might be a rare spawn if you open the door at the entrance great for XP.

42 – 48 BRD

From entrance take a left, open the door and head towards Bael’Gar lots of packs here great for xp, head back to the entrance and clear everything in this area. I skip the arena event because it really slows you down. Instead head towards General Angerforge. Kill everything in the bar and keep going. Kill The Seven and take a right towards the Molten Core entrance, there are 10-11 level 56 fire elemental here to kill. The Lycueum is too much trouble so turn around and go back to the area above the arena.  Kill all these spectators and make your way towards pyromancer loregrain and clear the vault area and move towards Lord Incedious, from here go back to the entrance. Reset and repeat. The XP is fantastic, I did’nt do any quests before I was ready to move on to Blackrock spire.

48 - 57 LBRS + UBRS

Clear lbrs and then run back towards ubrs entrance, clear everything, grab the Jenkins title while you are here. Repeat and reset. Pick up quests at the entrance.

57 – 65 Hellfire dungeons normal and heroic

Clear ramparts until you get to 60, and then do heroic ramparts. If you are spreading out the RAF’ing over a few days just log in and do one normal and one heroic for a few days to get to 65. Otherwise keep doing normals, do the quests and you will 65 and ready to move onto shattered halls.

65-67 Shattered halls

Ok I died a lot in here, you will agro a whole room with 12-15 mobs so be ready to drop some serious AOE and if you root a mob it will attack the nearest player irrelevant of agro. There are sneaky orc rogues that will sap you and proceed to kill Simon and Theodore so make sure you have a pvp trinket ready just in case you don’t see one until it is too late!

Quests give insane xp, 160k -180k xp per quest. I got to 67 in 2 runs.

This is where I am currently I will be moving over to Northrend but first I pulled Simon and Theodore to SW to learn flying, learn some spells and get bigger/ more bags.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Hunt for Large Brilliant Shards

 I recently acquired the recipe Enchant Chest – Greater Stats and have all my eight alchemists pumping out Essence of Air so I need lots and lots of Large Brilliant Shards. They are around 40-45g each on my realm so I headed over to BRD.

Check on the rare spawn on the way in, and check again every dungeon reset. The spawn time is around 2-4 minutes.

Zone into BRD and use the abandoned mole machine at the entrance.

Shortcut to just past the grim guzzler, then jump down to Lord Incedius.

Kill Fineous Darkvire.

Next up is the vault, then Pyromancer Loregrain. Head over the arena area and move towards General Angerforge.

Then continue as normal to the last boss.

I try to loot everything I kill but will sometimes skip some mobs just to get through the run a little quicker.

Make sure to kill Plugger because he can drop nice transmog item.


From a run you can get Transmog items, GEE, Illusion Dust, Dream dust and BRD is a great place to get Black diamonds also. You will get 45-50 LBS per hour, a stack of illusion dust and Runecloth (which I use to turn into more illusion dust using tailoring/disenchanting)

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Monday, 20 August 2012

Sales Report 12th August


Sales are down during this week partly due to an end on expansion slow down but also because I missed 2 days of posting, hopefully sales will pick up next week.

 I have been focused on levelling alts to 80/85. I have 6 alchemists (4 horde, 2 Alliance) and have around 300 Essence of air and 40 scrolls stockpiled currently. I have two more characters in outlands and will get their alchemy skill levelled to at least 300 to get them joining in the fun. I will have a more detailed post on the alliance project soon.

I’m running low on essence of water so I started looking into farming them up in Swamp of Sorrows. I find it best with a BM hunter so you can go round at 138% speed because the mobs are spread out. I’ve picked up a few transmog items as well as globe of water’s which sell for around 20g here.

Six alchemists and around thirty days till launch so I need 180 essence of water with procs that will hopefully give me over 200 Essence of Air. I currently have around 60 essence of water so will do some more farming next weekend, I tend to combine the farming of these essences with the posting of transmog items and glyphs on my second account.

I think marathon runners call it tapering, I’ve started reducing the time I spend on the auction house for me my time is more well spent levelling alts and professions. 

My big goal for the early months of MoP is to have a better balance in the amount of gold I make on both factions. Up to now I’ve made 90% of my gold on the horde side but in MoP I’d like to get that closer to a 50-50 split.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Farming your ink

So you might be hearing a lot of people talk about stockpiling including me. This is a great idea but if you don’t have a lot of liquid gold you might want to think about farming some things for your MoP stockpile. What if you wanted to farm 10,000 inks is that realistic? With around 40 days left till MoP is there enough time?

About a week ago Whiptail went over 100g a stack and I really wanted to get more glyphs crafted ready for MoP. I set out to find out how much ink i could get from the best herb farming spots excluding Cataclsym zones. I decided to exlcude cataclysm (bf ink) because this post might prove very useful in the early days of MoP when new herbs are very expensive and we can not trade down using Blackfallow ink.

I also set out to calculate the time it would take to gather enough herbs to make 10,000 ink.

I estimated it would take 1 hour 15mins per day. Guessing at 200 ink per hour and around 40 days till MOP release so that’s your 10,000 ink.

Can you collect 200 ink per hour for each ink type?

These results are based on a Tauren druid, level 25 guild, max flying, using gathermate2 and routes.

Average price of a glyph on my realm is around 75-80g, I am giving each ink a value of 25g.  ( 25 x 3 = 75 )

10k ink = 250,000g Sounds good

I used a milling table posted on the consortium forums and thanks to Critical for linking this to me.

Ferales, WPL and Sholazar Basin

One hour in Northern Ferales
280 blindweed
242 fadeleaf
202 Khad
20 goldthorn

One hour in inks
84 celestial
72 jadefire
71 jadefire
5 jadefire

Total ink = 232 ink

25g per ink = 232*25 = 5800g per hour

The Ink Mix
84 Celestial ink
148 Jadefire ink

I added goldthorn into the math but goldthorn is a great way for  Making Gold with Herbalism by selling it raw.

One hour in Western Plaguelands

140 blindweed
292 khadgar whiskers
150 fadeleaf
90 liferoot
214 kingsblood

One hour in inks
42 Celestial ink
102 Jadefire inks
37 Jadefire ink
27 lion’s ink
64 lion’s ink

The Ink Mix
42 Celestial
139 Jadefire
91 Lion’s

Total ink = 272

25g per ink = 272*25 = 6800g per hour

One hour in Sholazar Basin

134 goldclover
150 tiger lily
386 adders
66 deadnettle

Bonus mats
14 frost lotus, 7 eternal life

Iots 34
Iots 38
Iots 116
Iots 17

205 Ink of the Sea per hour

25g per ink = 205*25 = 5125g per hour

I may check out other farming spots / different inks however I am pretty sure BC zones (Ethereal ink) will fall short of the 200 ink per hour. It does look possible to farm 10,000 ink before MoP however the distribution will probably be missing Ethereal ink.

It might be useful in my next post to do a baseline for Uldum to try and see whether it makes more sense to just farm whiptail while we can still trade down, however i think this post will be useful in the future when you might run out of ink and MoP herbs are expensive.

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Liquid vs Stockpile

I've been thinking hard about my mix of liquid gold vs. stockpiled items heading into MoP.

While checking out the consortium forums I came across this post by Zman.

This post was in a topic called Inflation, Investing and Cash

“Most of the inflation occurs in big ticket items such as TCG mounts or (temporarily) raid drops. The price of everything else - herbs, ore, elementals, leather, cloth - deflates over the course of the expansion (the occasional spike from gear resets aside). Because of this, I keep the bulk of my slush fund as liquid gold and focus on churning through inventory to get in and out of markets before the next step in the decline. At the start of an expansion, I want liquid gold above all else - the markets have new materials that require gold, and many mats from the previous expansion are entering a period of high supply and non-existent demand.

What I do have "invested" in materials is mostly from two expansions back that are now largely unaffected by expansion release cycles. There's very little in Cata mats that catches my interest at the moment to be worth wasting storage space on.”

It started to make me think that maybe I have too much liquid to be worrying about stockpiling?

In the time between now and launch is it really feasible to spend even half my liquid (1.5 mill) on items to add to my stockpile? Considering TCG mounts are very very rare and the highest value mount on Alliance + Horde Auction house right now is 43k for a crimson deathcharger.

I have around two million gold worth of transmog items, a little over one million in glyphs. This is all in today’s prices; I also have 130k invested in 13 Swift Lovebirds. Around 150k in ore, bars, cloth and enchanting materials.

So 3 Mill liquid and 3.5 mill stockpiled seems to be a decent spot to be in, maybe I should stop worrying about converting most of my liquid into stockpiled items because its never going to happen on any great scale this close to MoP. I’ll pick up what I can for sure, but even if MoP launches and I’m at 2-3 mill liquid its ok.

Here’s hoping the black market auction house acts as an anti-inflationary pressure through the wow economy, Blizz make sure to reduce the speed items appear on the Auction House after the first month to make sure prices stay high, we don’t want Ashes six months on going for like 25k do we? Slow release of items on to the auction house will make sure people bid more when what they want pops up. Make sure to update BMAH level 90 gear with content patches as well please blizzard, see I don’t ask for much.

What are your numbers like for Liquid vs Stockpile? Heavy liquid, Heavy stockpile or some sort of balance?

I also asked a stockpiling question on the recent WoW Blogger On-Air Hangout #2

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Rare Spawns: Thousand Needles Edition

The Map

The Macro

/tar Achellios the Banished
/tar Gibblesnik
/tar Harb Foulmountain
/tar Ironeye the Invincible
/tar Krkk’kx
/tar Vile Sting

The drops you will be getting are similar to the Scholomance Chest Runs, however you do have a very low chance on Tyrant and Symbolic items. If you have a herbalist you can combine this transmog loop with picking up Stranglekelp, which sells well to levelling Alchemists.

 Check out: Rare spawns: Arathi Highlands Edition

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Five Fast Gold Making Tips : August

  1. Patterm: Thick Murloc Armor

wowhead model viewer

You can buy the recipe from Blixrez Goodstitch in Booty Bay. Sell the recipe and sell the item if you can gather the extremely hard to get materials.

 The actual scales you need to craft the item may have been removed from the majority of murlocs in cataclysm so if you are selling the actual item go for like 10k+ because it looks awesome.Yes it is a leather item.

Some people are reporting that only one rare spawn  Scargil seems to drop the scales so it can be extremely difficult to craft this item, however this recipe is limited supply so try and grab it if you are in the area. Worth checking your banks to see if you have any of these scales gathering dust.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Top 10 items not to stockpile post: Farli's Thoughts

I was reading this post by Focushot over at

Top 10 Items not to Stockpile

  1. Cataclysm 81-84 Greens and Blues
  2. Chimera’s Eye
  3. Infinite Dust & Greater Cosmic Essence
  4. Eternal Fire/Shadow/Water/Air/Earth/Life
  5. Maelstrom Crystals
  6. Enchanting Rod Mats
  7. Wrath/Cataclysm Cut/Raw Gem
  8. Glyphs (Only the Burned Glyphs)
  9. 85 Epic BoE Gear (other than for Transmogrification)
  10. Crafted Pets
The above list is what Focushot posted.

Lets break it down and give my own thoughts on each.

1) I think some of the Cata items look really nice, not really looked into the transmog goodness of 81-84 greens, but check out this toon in 77-80 cata greens. and make sure to vote for someone *winks*

2) Ok I think you are right here, however if you were seriously thinking about amassing a stockpile of Chimera’s Eye please email me because I think you need some one on one gold making help immediately.

3) You better stockpile infinite dust because  you need like 600 of these per levelling enchanter. I get the majority of my Infinite dust from Disenchanting Scans, don’t just rely on Abyss crystals. You are basically saying my only source of infintie dust is dependant 100% on the cost and supply of one item. You are not even going to look into other options for stockpiling this material? I understand space is limited but thats why we have infinite mail storage.

4) Eternal’s used in titansteel you better be stockpiling them in whatever form you can get them! Who doesn’t want to see a Panda on a chopper? EU Stats from TUJ

5) Pets Pets Pets! Enchanted Lantern / Magic lamp uses Maelstrom crystals and Heavenly Shards. Why buy from a vendor when you can get them cheaper in the pre-MOP crash. Maelstroms have already dropped 30% in the past week here. People were using wotlk weapon enchants in early Cata because Cataclysm enchants were so expensive.

6) Luckily the majority of enchanting rod mats are profession levelling mats, so yes get rid of that primal might, but hold on to those adamantite ore/bars. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

7) You need Cata uncommon gems to level up Jewelcrafting so hold onto some Zephyrite, Nightstone and Hessonite.

8) Ok don’t go crazy on these glyphs that will be charred but make sure you are still selling them now!

9) Ye I agree here, but if they get crazy cheap remember you can disenchant these for crystals.

10) Crafted Pets are awesome! You’re reasoning that they are too easy to make is just so wrong. Netherweave Bags are easy to make does it make them bad?

 You need to rephrase that me thinks.

There will be increased supply of stuff like copper, mithril but also increased demand for profession levelling. If I was you I would buy up stuff now and lock in those price today. 
Check out Cold’s post here Using Inflation to make More Gold in WoW.

I get the real sense you are having space issues, make more guild banks, use mailbox storage and clear out junk are things I would recommend.

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Monday, 30 July 2012

1000k in 65 days: Making Gold before Mists of Pandaria

First take a look at this post about my gold making in June: Making Gold at the end of an expansion: Up 429k in 30 days

TSM Stats
MySales last 30 days
July Gold Chart
Undercut or Overcut: Glyphs vs Cata greens
The countdown has begun

I hit the milestone of Two Million Gold at the end of May and now 65 days later I hit the milestone of Three Million Gold. There is probably too much information to cover in one post so i'll  start off with a lot of screenshots to give you an idea of how I made 1000k in 65 days.

TSM Stats for the last 30 days

 MySales last 30 days

July Gold Chart

Undercut or Overcut: Glyphs vs Cata greens

These two markets are making me the most amount of gold right now, closely followed by Scrolls and Transmog items.  I sold 23 Cata greens (armour, weapons, rings) and had 7.5k in glyph sales in the last 24 hours.

In Glyphs I tend to undercut, overcut and price match depending on what sort of competition I am facing. Recently I tried out a 2 phase re-entry into the glyph market. Normally I post pretty casually at 48hrs and come back 48hrs later collect gold and expired mail and repost one of every glyph again for 48 hrs. I used a relatively high threshold which meant the majority of my glyphs were posted at a high fall back of 200g.

Ink price is around 8 to 9 gold.

About a month ago I posted a wall (3 glyphs deep) at 100g. I kept this wall up for about a week and several glyph competitors stopped posting.

I got a few mails and whispers about ruining the market and how I was ruining the market for myself because before you could sell 200g glyphs and now you sell them for 100g.  After seeing some of the main glyph competitors leave I stopped walling and started 1c undercutting, I would cancel/repost 3 times a day and started making real nice money, the average price of a glyph is around 75g and ink prices have started to fall down to around 5 to 6 gold per ink.

Now I could have skipped walling and just became more active in the market by undercutting 1c in a high priced market. However there was so many competitiors in the market that it was usual to be undercut by 8 - 10 players within an hour of posting. By putting down the 100g wall for a week there are now 3 - 4 players willing to continue with lower priced glyphs.

With selling Cata greens I guess you could say I overcut. I set my threshold 1g below my fallback. I buy any item below 75g and sell items for 300-1000g depending on the item and the day, lower for Mon – Thur and higher for Fri – Sun.

I post up one of each glyph, but post up seven of every 77-81 green item (ignoring the suffix). I make sure to restock all my glyphs to 18 currently and I am building up another stock of glyphs in a Guild Bank currently five of each glyph. So after a restock (I restock 2-3 times a week) I have 23 of every glyph in the game.

For glyphs I try to pay attention and have added the names of all my competition to my friend list, noted their routine and what glyphs they are missing. For Cata greens I can not name one of my competitors.

I log on to my glyph alt 3 times a day and cancel / repost, I log on to my Cata green alt once every two days and never cancel and never undercut.

I check on herb prices 2-3 times a day, I check prices on cata greens 2-3 times a day.

You may have slightly different strategies but I find that I deal with several markets in a similar way. Glyphs and Gems are very similar, Cata greens and transmog are very similar. 

I like 48hr posting and I like to Overcut.

I am seeing a decrease in sales for low end items, but an increase in sale of high end items. I’ve sold several high end items for 9-10k in the past month which has been great but I am running low on stock of these high end transmog items, I’m hoping AOE looting and lots of people levelling up Panda’s will bring a lot more items on to the Auction House in MoP.

The countdown has begun! Tick Tock MoP

 The Auction house is very volatile currently with a lot of items being dumped. I’m keeping an eye out for cheap herbs and ore which I would love to really stock up on. I will probably post a more indepth update but the alliance project is going really well, I need to finalise a few professions but I think I will be able to get one of each profession on both factions and 15 level 85’s (12 currently) by 25th September. I still have not decided whether to buy MoP online or pre-order a hard copy. Since I will be buying two copies I might just buy one of each.

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Guest Post : Borean Leather Farming by

Today I want to talk a little bit about farming. It’s important to understand that in every gold makers toolbox that farming is important. I know there are many gold makers out there who are against farming, they feel it’s a waste of time. I some respect to that, it can be. It all depends on what you are farming.

Borean Leather is on of those leathers that you need a whole lot of it to level your Leatherworking to 425. At 425 you move into Cataclysm level leather. My new Hunter is level 75 with both Leatherworking and Skinning, as I talk about earlier today as well as yesterday in getting ready for Mist of Pandaria. I believe that farming is most important the start of an expansion and the end.

The Farming Spot: Dragonblight, Northrend


To keep it short, if you look at the map, you can see the red circle in the upper center of the map. There is a cave, which has a bunch of level 72-74ish mobs all can be skin, but what makes this farming spot better than ALL others is that you can farm Jormungar Scales here as well. Those are the easiest leather to level your Leatherworking, you also will get tons of Borean Leather and Scrapes from the mobs. If you’re in a guild with the perk is ideal for farming.

The problem is Jormungar Scale these days are generally limited on the Auction House as no one is farming them. Those that do hit the auction house are just from skinners leveling through and not going out of their way to farm it.

Why is this important?


Simple, you want to stock up on Borean Leather for Mist of Pandaria because you’re going to have new Monks (of all races) leveling and more than likely people are going to take Leatherworking because Monks are leather users (like Druids and Rogues). So in general it makes sense, I’ll craft my own gear.

Just like with all professions there are choke points to where people end up having issues getting a whole of mats to level their professions. As a result they generally don’t want to farm and end up paying outright high prices to get the mats. Such choke points can some times, depending on your server controlled.

Maybe people talk about controlling a market I believe that a choke point are the best markets a person can control. Now Borean Leather is the hardest one to control, but generally the price can be kept up high.

In the time of any new expansion it does pay off to have a stockpile of it, simply because players will be focus on the new stuff. Those who decided to level new mains at the start if they choose Leatherworking. Within the first month they likely will be hitting Northrend content and Borean Leather. If they didn’t take skinning with Leatherworking they will be hitting the auction house.

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tick Tock MoP

So 25th Sept is when we will be able to roll around in Pandaria.

 I’ve got two months before things get crazy or things are going or be crazy for the next two months!

A while back in a discussion on twitter I thought that 4 Million gold may be doable by MoP launch and that is probably still true however if herbs/ores start getting dumped by bots/farmers clearing out Gbanks ready for MoP then that goal may not happen.

I’m closing in on three million and I would love to drop One Million to stockpile goodies for resale at MoP launch.

I currently have eleven 85’s (9 horde and 2 Alliance) it is possible for me to get 3 or 4 more toons to 85 since I have 3 toons above 80 currently but do I really want to quest in cataclysm again is the question.

I have several professions to level up and think this will probably take up most of my time over the next couple of weeks. I am still undecided on which toon to level up first. I thought it would be my Druid with herbalism/inscription but I may level up my alliance DK with skinning/LW first because I think LW could be really really huge in MoP.

With recent changes to pets I’m not really sure what to do, I still think there will be demand for crafted pets come MoP because as far as I can tell you cant catch crafted pets in the wild, even though I did fight a robo squirrel type thing in Winterspring but it was’nt called a mechanical squirrel .

I’m still trying to get over the Rod changes, it made me a real sad panda and it really feels like blizzard are closing some of the areas where those in the know could make a lot of gold, but on a positive note my copper rod sales might go up massively!

My Glyphs plan is to have 20 of each glyph on Horde and Alliance and then stock up on ink. Currently I  only have 20 of each on horde side and around 5k bf ink so there is going to be a lot of milling over the next couple of months.

What are your plans pre-MoP ?

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Flashback: Best posts from May

 A chance to go back and look at my most popular posts from May.

The Transmog Gold Making Compilation

I get asked a lot about how to make gold with transmog, this post contains links to several sources that try to answer this question. Now I just link people this post when I get asked this question.

Mining Thorium is better than Elementium?

With demand for gems going down at the end of the expansion this is a great time to look at farming old world materials to make gold. More alts and more profession levelling is going on and there is a much bigger demand for raw materials from previous expansion.

Proposed changes to Rods might reduce the demand for Arcanite Bars but since you require large quantites of these bars to make legendaries there will still be some demand for Arcanite Bars in MoP.

Mists of Pandaria Stockpile Part Two

This post focused on the pet battle system and stocking up on materials to craft Enginnering pets.

New Server Heirlooms by Jamie

A Guest post about acquiring heirlooms on a new realm. Around this time i was starting out on a new realm and had many hours of fun playing my DK in the 55-59 and 60-64 PvP brackets. A very detailed post.

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ink Purchase Distribution by Sales?

 I recently read this post Ink Purchase Distribution Calculator To Help You Stockpile by Jim over at Power Word: Gold and it got me thinking about how I would be splitting up my own ink stockpile. 

This breakdown was based on the amount of glyphs for each ink type but I thought maybe basing it on actual sales would be more useful.

Would the results be different or the same?

Then I remembered Twitchie of Twitchie Enterprises posted up over a year’s worth of glyph data : My Ultimate Glyph Performance List

So I put this information into an excel spreadsheet, added in ink types and did some math!

Here are the results:

Interestingly most are very close. The biggest differences are in Ethereal ink and Midnight ink. More Ethereal ink glyphs sell as a proportion of total glyphs and less Midnight ink glyphs sell as a proportion of total glyphs.

Ethereal ink is used to make a lot of DK glyphs, Death Knights are a popular class and because they do not start at level 1 you may buy them glyphs straight away.

This sales data is based on one players results on one realm, but a distribution based on glyphs sold may be more accurate than a distribution based on total glyphs that can be made.

However there is not much in it, maybe stock up more Ethereal ink and a bit less Midnight ink

How is your ink stockpile coming along?

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Five Fast Gold Making Tips : July

1  Vicious Embersilk Cape

A lot of people focus on the chest/legs and they tend to forget about this ilvl 377 cloak

2  Transmog Vendor: Kris Legace

The Saber leggings are very nice and cost less than a gold to pick up.

3  Cobalt Bars, buy ore smelt into bars and sell bars as singles. 

The ore price tends to be a lot lower than the bar price. This is possibly because people think it takes two ore per bar like saronite when infact you only need one ore per bar.

4  Two hand 77-80 weapons are awesome!

5  Buy silver ore, smelt and sell silver bars in singles. 

You need around 20 of these to level up JC, great item to price gouge on.

Check out: Five Fast Gold Making Tips : June 

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My Week in Wow and the June Gold Chart

June Gold Chart
What has been selling this past week
Levelling via pvp
Cross faction Herbs

This chart tracks changes in liquid gold in June

The first thing to say is I don’t make a profit everyday, some days I will break even or make a loss. This can happen because of a combination of bad sales and buying  a lot of cheap mats. I am in the scrolls market so I mass buy cheap Maelstrom crystals and try to keep the price above 140g. This increases the sales for my main scrolls Landslide, Windwalk and Power torrent.

There was a time in the middle of the month where liquid gold increased steadily. To consistently increase gold through the lull I have diversified, I’ve gone back into markets I used to be in (Wotlk flasks, low level tailoring/LW). I am using wowuction to try and spot the gaps.

I focus on items with a 0.2 – 0.4 sold per day. I then look at TUJ to see if the item is posted consistently I’ve found some things like mongoose where the competition only posted during weekends. I post every day so I am getting those extra sales.

I get a lot of question about how it is really hard to make gold when really it’s not. You just need to set yourself a target and track your progress. Get the MySales Addon and config it so you see your weekly sales. See where your money is coming from. Set yourself a weekly target it might be 1k, 10k whatever you think is actually achievable.

Use TUJ to see what the busy sellers are doing, most likely the first 1-2 will be into 100% glyphs but look at the rest and see what they are selling and what they are posting, get some ideas!

Snapshot of MySales for this past week

Jim mentioned wildvine on his livestream a few weeks back, I got a few gathering herbs in felwood and they sold within an hour, I will price them a bit higher next time!

I have been pvping a lot this past week on my warrior and shaman in the 80-84 bracket, queue times are around three minutes.

I made a shopping list of herbs I needed to powerlevel 3 alchemists and a scribe, I knew that there would be times I would have to farm herbs because of the quanity I needed, I am looking at you goldthorn / strangelkelp. I went ahead and farmed up the gaps using my tauren druid and yesterday moved them all over.

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