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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Five Fast Gold Making Tips : August

  1. Patterm: Thick Murloc Armor

wowhead model viewer

You can buy the recipe from Blixrez Goodstitch in Booty Bay. Sell the recipe and sell the item if you can gather the extremely hard to get materials.

 The actual scales you need to craft the item may have been removed from the majority of murlocs in cataclysm so if you are selling the actual item go for like 10k+ because it looks awesome.Yes it is a leather item.

Some people are reporting that only one rare spawn  Scargil seems to drop the scales so it can be extremely difficult to craft this item, however this recipe is limited supply so try and grab it if you are in the area. Worth checking your banks to see if you have any of these scales gathering dust.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My Week in Wow and the June Gold Chart

June Gold Chart
What has been selling this past week
Levelling via pvp
Cross faction Herbs

This chart tracks changes in liquid gold in June

The first thing to say is I don’t make a profit everyday, some days I will break even or make a loss. This can happen because of a combination of bad sales and buying  a lot of cheap mats. I am in the scrolls market so I mass buy cheap Maelstrom crystals and try to keep the price above 140g. This increases the sales for my main scrolls Landslide, Windwalk and Power torrent.

There was a time in the middle of the month where liquid gold increased steadily. To consistently increase gold through the lull I have diversified, I’ve gone back into markets I used to be in (Wotlk flasks, low level tailoring/LW). I am using wowuction to try and spot the gaps.

I focus on items with a 0.2 – 0.4 sold per day. I then look at TUJ to see if the item is posted consistently I’ve found some things like mongoose where the competition only posted during weekends. I post every day so I am getting those extra sales.

I get a lot of question about how it is really hard to make gold when really it’s not. You just need to set yourself a target and track your progress. Get the MySales Addon and config it so you see your weekly sales. See where your money is coming from. Set yourself a weekly target it might be 1k, 10k whatever you think is actually achievable.

Use TUJ to see what the busy sellers are doing, most likely the first 1-2 will be into 100% glyphs but look at the rest and see what they are selling and what they are posting, get some ideas!

Snapshot of MySales for this past week

Jim mentioned wildvine on his livestream a few weeks back, I got a few gathering herbs in felwood and they sold within an hour, I will price them a bit higher next time!

I have been pvping a lot this past week on my warrior and shaman in the 80-84 bracket, queue times are around three minutes.

I made a shopping list of herbs I needed to powerlevel 3 alchemists and a scribe, I knew that there would be times I would have to farm herbs because of the quanity I needed, I am looking at you goldthorn / strangelkelp. I went ahead and farmed up the gaps using my tauren druid and yesterday moved them all over.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Auctionator Shopping List: i378 weapons

This post was my reply to a question I got on twitter from @brutaldlux

Try and negotiate people down, i've picked up a few of these items in trade. Aim for around 2-3k maybe spend up to 5k to grab the obsidium cleaver. It's high risk high reward so do not invest all your gold into one of these items. I sold 4-5 of these in the past month.

I like to price mine for around 50% to 100% more than i bought it, for example if i paid 3k flip for at least 4.5k. People will buy these for their alts.

*** i378 Weapons
Miniature winter Veil Tree
Chelley's Sterilized
Spire of Scarlet Pain
Ranseur of Hatred
Obsidium Cleaver
Lava Bolt Crossbow
Thorns of the Dying Day

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Making Gold at the end of an expansion: Up 429k in 30 days

30 days in gold making 26th May – 25th June
Flipping 378 weapons and Weapon scrolls
Wowuction + TUJ
Enchanting rods
Embersilk bags
BOA enchants
Crafted levelling gear

Focus on making gold during the lull, you will find you have less competition and it is a great time to experiment in different markets. Shift focus away from catering to the raiders, focus on those levelling professions and alts.

I realised I might have been pricing my 77-81 greens too low so I raised prices and now fluctuate them between 300g- 380g. I charge more on fri/sat/sun as most of my sales come over the weekend and drop prices to get a few more sales during the week.

I decided this month to go back to a similar transmog pricing strategy I had a few months ago, which basically meant I doubled the price of every transmog item I sold. It’s still too early to tell what impact this has made, I have had a good week but last weekend was super slow. Need more time to assess what impact reverting to old prices has made on sales numbers/ profits.

I’ve started to dabble in pets, recipes and trade mats. I have had consistent success flipping 378 weapons and resetting landslide / windwalk / power torrent scrolls.

Now that I have a substantial pile of gold I can be very aggressive and get into markets and correct them. I did’nt like that nightmare tears were 170g/ea so I reset the market and now they are selling for around 400g.

So basically I flip anything I can get my hands on! 

After Jim had mentioned wowuction in his livestream a few times, I started looking into it. I have to say I think wowuction is an amazing tool. I like to use it in conjuction with TUJ to get greater insight into what is selling and where I can diversify into.

Enchanting rods

I am selling arcanite and adamantaite for the most, but actually eternium is probably best for profits I can pick up ore for 2-3g/ea and sell rod for 130-170g.


From engineering pets to vendor pets these are flying off the shelves as with any holiday with a pet reward the midsummer fire festival has increased demand for pets. Pets are a great item for making gold while levelling they are very cheap to buy and always sell with demand spikes around holidays.

Embersilk bags

I have been doing a little bit of shuffling and ended up with 2000 hypnotic dust so I make these bags, I find the price peaks at the weekend so I don’t sell at 300g during week but sell lots at 400-450g on weekends.

BOA enchants

15 agi, cloak stealth, 22 int are my best sellers. I don’t have the +4 stats to chest recipe.

Crafted levelling gear

Jim had mentioned on his livestream selling levelling gear but I think he was focused on actual drops not crafted items. This also came up during The Clockworkriot Litecast episode 5, I have been experimenting with a few crafted tailoring / LW items. Some have been very successful and others not so much. I think the trick is to craft items in slots that are not slots that are mass crafted during levelling these professions. Still experimenting so will post more once I have a better idea of the items that sell regularly. Selling something for 500g which cost you 10g to craft is pretty awesome.

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Flipping Guilds

A guildie of mine mentioned having some success flipping a guild where the GM had been dethroned and the new GM was looking for a quick sale.

This is a really interesting way of making gold. I have started advertising in trade asking to buy any level 20-25 guilds at around 50-100k.

Like any high end flip you need to be comfortable with spending this much gold on a single thing. Make sure to keep enough liquid gold on you for everyday costs like repairs.

Check out this post by Cold of Col'ds Gold factory: Guild Challenges & Random Invite Guild Reflection

How many Guild Master’s get dethroned every day? 

No idea but how about offering a guild buying service to help out the lucky new Guild Master. You give them a good lump of gold and you get a guild.

D3 and a general lack of new content in wow leads to more people taking breaks, more and more Guild Master’s might take a break, take advantage of this increased supply of Guilds for sale.

The Basics:

1 Keeping an eye on the supply of guilds coming on to the market.

I use realm forums mainly. Dethroning/ taking break from game/ Raid drama

2 Straight Flipping Guilds for profit

I’m trying to buy guilds between 50-100k to flip for 200k or hold until MoP and flip it then.

3 Level it up those last few levels then flip

Check out this Post by Faid of Lackadaisical: All Lackeys Welcome

Have you done any Guild flipping? Have you dethroned a GM or lost a guild to dethroning? Share you story in the comments.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Super Niche Transmog Part One

 Short post today thought I’d try and point you in the direction of some rare transmog items. These are things I have seen very very rarely, sold for huge amounts and might be something your competition does not pick up.

With more and more players getting into the transmog market using very similar buying lists it can really pay to go beyond lists and look for those  items that nobody else is selling.

When you use lists you miss out on a lot of items. The manual search might take longer but it gives you a good snapshot of what is up on the Auction House and at what price.

Here is a list.

*** transmog_superniche
Funeral Pyre Vestment
Robe of the Magi
Swampwalker Boots
Chan’s Imperial Robes
Ceremonial leather loincloth
Sanguine Robe
Martyr’s Chain
The Lost Kris of Zedd
Dark Phantom Cape
Obsidian Greaves

Do you prefer to buy using TSM/Auctionator shopping lists or do you go beyond the lists and do a manual seach?

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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mists of Pandaria Stockpile Part Two

Making Gold from the New Pet Battle System

1 Pet Battle System

2 Enginering pets
Crafting Pets today to save money, raw mat prices can change due to inflation and changes to drop rates.
Farming Choke Point mats.

3 Other BOE Pets
Geode pets , looking for pets that you can farm that cover all the types.
Cheap Raptors
DMF Frogs Stockpile

1 Pet Battle System

I am really excited about the new Pet Battle System

It’s been a while since I played Pokemon but from what I remember having varied pets to call upon was what won you most battles. Going in with for example all fire pets was very risky.

This means even though a good mechanical (engineer crafted) stockpile is still a good idea you may want to look at other options to diversify your stockpile across more pet types.


2 Engineering pets / choke point mats.

By pre-crafting or at least buying the materials now we can reduce the impact of inflation. Buying items at today’s price but selling them at tomorrow’s inflated price. If demand for these pets goes up then it might be harder to find materials let alone cheap materials. They sell for good profits today and they’ll sell for even better profits in the future.

I decided to mass craft some Engineering pets I watched the price of mats and tried to buy them in bulk when they were at the lowest point.

 You can use this Auctionator Shopping list for rare items.

*** Engi Choke Mats
Globe of Water
Heart of Fire
Living Essence
Rugged Hide
Core of Earth
Essence of fire

This is the shopping list for the more common items:

*** Engi Common Mats
Copper ore
Copper bar
Iron ore
Iron bar
Gold ore
Gold bar
Mithril ore
Mithril bar
Truesilver ore
Truesilver bar
Thorium ore
Thorium bar
Elemental Earth
Elemental Air

So you can do a few things:
1)     just stockpile Choke mats ready to flip in MoP
2)     stockpile all the mats for the toad and other pets
3)     Pre-craft everything and start selling it all now, more Demand when MoP launches but also likely to be way more competition in the pets market.

Wow players like to be rewarded, there needs to be some rewards for participating and being successful in the Pet Battle System. The Popularity of Pet Battles will largely depend on how much time/effort Blizzard put into it. I would love to see a ranking similar system similar to Arena’s with titles and other rewards. Hopefully they don’t add an overpowered pet that drops from the last boss of a raid or something.

3 Other BOE Pets

Timing is everything
What are the chances MOP will be released when the faire is in town? Frog box stockpile? Definitely something to think about once a release date for MoP is released

Geode pets have been mentioned a lot in livestreams/podcasts and I also think that if you can get them cheap grab some. In MoP only those levelling professions will go back to cataclysm zones to mine. Geode pets might still show up on the AH but the frequency will be greatly reduced and they will be a lot more expensive.

 The first one that came to mind for me was raptors; they can to an extent be farmed up and can be bought very cheap. A cheap raptor may have the exact same abilities as an expensive raptor.

What pets are you going to flip in MoP?

Check out Getting ready for Mists of Pandaria: The MoP Stockpile

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Farming Embersilk Cloth and level 77-81 Greens

I was trying to get into the crafted cloth pvp market but I was struggling to get any good volume of Embersilk cloth. Items were selling but it could take me a week to do a full restock because of the shortage of cloth which went up in price from around 70g to 85g a stack.

I remember Faid did a video of farming for cloth on her DK.  Tailoring - WoW GoldRush - Gold Making in 15 Minutes

I took my Frost DK (ilvl 374) over to Deepholm to see how much Embersilk I could get in an hour. While running round and killing stuff I was also picking up items in the 77-81 range. I used a Potion of Treasure Finding so that I could get extra Embersilk cloth from the tiny treasure chests. These are my stats based on my realm prices. Embersilk 4g/ea and 77-80 greens 250g, I don’t put a value on green over level 80 because they might not sell so I price them in as zero gold. If I get lucky and pick up an 81 chest/shoulder/wep then yes it will sell but just to keep math simple I split up the greens I got into good and bad.

Good Greens level 77-80 Value 250g.
Bad Greens level 81 and above Value 0g in below figures.
Level 81 armour other than chest/shoulders can sell like these legplates but these sales are less frequent.

General tips: 

Always be doing damage. When I stop to loot I’ll throw death and decay on another group and a howling blast on another, I am looting and mobs are going down in health. I experimented with reforging everything into mastery but I did not really see any increase in damage so went back to no reforging. I use Glyph of Howling Blast and Glyph of Icy Touch. I am not great at playing a DK I just use howling blast and when they get close use frost strike.
 In one of the runs i did not get a green for fifteen minutes and then I got three in a row!

I did get killed a few times, my dot everything strategy (4-5 groups at a time) might rub some people the wrong way but thankfully the Graveyard is very close and you dont lose the potion when you die.

(Update Image 21st May new record for me 47 chests)

Hour 1
42 chests
145 embersilk
11 good greens 4 bad
1 blue
1 jc recipe inscribed hessonite

42 chest opened gave the following:
231 embersilk
3 good greens 3 bad
17 pyrite
10 air
19 earth
23 water
23 life
6 fire
10 ele ore

1 hour + potion = 5000g/hr

Hour 2
Chests 32
Cloth 167
Greens 7 good 9 bad

32 chest opened gave:
91 embersilk
2 good greens
25 air
20 water
25 ele ore
5 pyrite ore
10 life
7 earth

1 hour + potion = 4300g/hr

Hour 3
35 tiny chests
Cloth 97
Green 10 good 7 bad
27g vendor

35 chests opened:
205 Embersilk
1 good green 3 bad
11 water
1 air
29 pyrite ore
11 fire
17 ele ore
26 v earth

1 hour + potion = 4400g/hr

Hour 4
Chests 34
149 cloth
167 trash gold
Greens 9 good 6 bad

34 chests opened gave:
195 Cloth
1 good green
26 air
13 water
6 fire
13 pyrium ore
3 ele ore

1 hour + potions = 4500g/hr

Dropped Skinning and Power leveled Tailoring to 425 (think you only need 400 for Northrend  Cloth scavenging to kick in for Cataclysm mobs but I had already bought the mats so went to 425)

Hour 5 with 425 Tailoring
41 chests
412 embersilk
25g vendor loot
11 good greens 6 bad greens
1 blue plate level 82

41 chests opened gave:
Enchant bracer-agility
196 cloth
3 bad greens
11 air
13 earth
7 fire
10 life
17 water
17 pyrite ore
18 ele ore

1 hour + potion = 5600g/ hour

Hour 6 with 425 Tailoring
33 Chests
480 cloth
45g trash
11 good greens 4 bad greens
Blue level 82 ring

33 chests gave:
177 cloth
2 good greens 1 bad green
10 air
10 fire
9 life
4 water
4 pyrite ore
8 ele ore
6 earth

1 hour + potion = 6200g per hour

It really pays to do this on a tailor

Average without Tailoring = 4550g per hour
Average with Tailoring = 5900g per hour

The mats cost of a Potion of Treasure Finding is around 80g on my realm.
I did not include the gold picked up from mobs only the value of vendor trash minus repair costs and the gold that was contained inside the treasure chests.

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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Transmog on high pop realm: 100,000g at level 1

Quick info

Level 1
17 hours /played
Initial 1,000g Investment (Returned)
Access to Guild bank for storage
Average 6000g per hour

What I learnt from the experience

I have really enjoyed working with a smaller inventory, reposting 100-200 items is a lot faster than over three thousand on home realm. Playing on a realm with such high population has opened my eyes to the amount of items that appear on the Auction House everyday.

The first few times I saw the Auction House I had to resist the urge to basically buy everything. I had to think differently or did I?

I used wowhead to check drop rates on items I thought looked nice or thought might be rare. I used similar tiers/prices as my home realm; I quickly found that the larger supply of items was also matched with a much larger population of potential buyers.

104k in 17 hours /played works out at around 6000g per hour. A respectable amount for a max level toon with two professions but I did this on a level one with no professions.

I only logged on this characters 2-3 times a week and therefore rarely came across items that many would class as top tier. This forced me into looking again at items not on any lists, looking at rare quality items and experimenting with items I had never sold before.

The future of Transmog

There is still gold to be made in transmog but it does depend on the server demand and competition you face. I was lucky that the competitors on this realm had not crashed prices yet. When I arrived most mid tier items were priced above 1000g. What I am experiencing might be a little ahead of the curve but I predict that over time a lot of mid/low tier items will be sold very cheap for 300g to 700g and only the really rare drop items will hold their value as we head into Mists of Pandaria.

If you divide total sales by the number of sales we get a figure of 712g. This is the average sale price of my items on this realm. When people initially get into transmog they are after that big sales 2k, 5k even 10k however those items that sell at below 1000g are as equally important, not every player is going to stump up 5k for a transmog item, you have to make sure you are hitting as many potential buyers as possible. Those small sales add up.

When thinking about it 100k is not what it used to be, my next goal is to hit 250k but I might start flipping other items like glyphs and pets and adding in other ways of making gold into the mix.

How much gold can you make in 17 hours /played?

Friday, 13 April 2012

Selling level 81 Greens

I bought eight level 81 items last night, and when I opened my mail this morning they had all sold. I think Gimp (@GimpsGold) originally came up with this theory of selling level 77-80 greens. If you were level 77 you could equip cataclysm greens that had much better stats than their WOTLK counterparts. This meant you could level faster and destroy people in the Battlegrounds. These cataclsysm greens had high ilvls allowing you to get into cataclysm dungeons like Throne of the Tides and Blackrock Caverns faster. No need to spend lots of time upgrading all your wotlk gear via quests. Instead you could save some time and get straight into the new dungeons. Jim and Alaeriel have mentioned having success wih 77-80 greens on their livestreams and .

Majority of the items I sold were shoulders and chests, now why were people buying these level 81 greens? Surely if they wanted to buy items they would have bought them in the 77-80 range. However I then remembered that Wotlk BoA armour stops giving bonus XP at 81. So maybe some people are still wearing the shoulders and chest for the bonus XP until they ding 81. They are then upgrading once they hit level 81, buyers are thinking that there is no point buying a 77 green because they are already level 81 and can equip greens with a higher ilvl.

I’ve bought 10+ more level 81 items today and will track how fast they sell; I am only going to buy shoulders and chest from now on. Just thinking about it maybe Level 81 weapons could be something to look into as the boa weapon are 1-80 like the shoulders and chest. When someone goes to the Auction house to buy some level 81 green armour they might look at the level 81 weapons as well?

Use Armor/81/81/i272 in Auctionator and try shoulders/chests out first.

Were they just random sales or is this an untapped niche? How much are you selling level 81 greens for on your realm?

Check out
Level 81 BS Crafted Weapons 
Farming Embersilk Cloth and level 77-81 Greens  

Monday, 2 April 2012

Transmog on high pop realm : 5000g per hour

I started getting interested in how transmog was playing out on other realms, I looked around a few realms and bumped into Soco on one. I asked for a bit of start up gold and was given 1,000g and a guild invite so I could use the guild bank as storage.

I am now at 13 hours/ played (5 weeks IRL) and I have 64,000g an inventory of 120 items and I returned the original 1k investment. That’s around 5,000g an hour. I don’t use remote auction house so all that time was spent searching the Auction House for items, collecting mail, posting items and look at transmog sets in Stormwind.

The realm has a very developed trasmog market there are lots of sellers some going for high prices, some posting lots of items at low prices.

The hardest part of going from medium pop to high pop is you have to start rating items differently, items that you might see once a week on medium pop you’ll see every day on high pop.

Huge thanks to Soco for helping me start up and being a very gracious host you can follow her on twitter @SocoWow

Friday, 23 March 2012

Daily Transmog Picks

 Bonechewer Spikegloves and Silver-Thread Cloak

I am still pulling decent gold in from transmogg but I am facing increased competition on horde and alliance. A few people are trying to Overcut me on things like Emerald and Scouting which I find interesting, others are trying to crash the market by basically buying every item and relisting them for a flat rate 100g/150g.

This has led to a jump in the price of items across the board. It’s been like this for a week and I have been buying anything decent they pick up; yesterday I bought Exalted/Hyperion chests for 100g each. I have over 5000 transmogg items so I am not too worried of running out of stuff but I might have to start paying more for ok items.

Take a look at the previous Daily here Daily Transmogg Picks

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Daily Transmogg Picks

On episode 29 of the Power Word: Gold Podcast Keelhaul mentioned the firemane leggings, i was able to pick one up for around 50g that same day. Its taken 2-3 weeks but it sold last night and it had to be one of my picks. This is the last of my boneshredder chests and I am keen on picking up more, they move fast and for a decent price.

Episode 30 of The Power Word: Gold Podcast is up now go check it out!