Thursday, 6 September 2012

Five Fast Stockpiling Tips : September

1) Righteous Orbs

2) Low level leather

Sell to those working on their professions and to craft items to sell to levelling Monks.

3) TBC items : Ores, Herbs and Skins

Fel iron, Adamantite, Dreaming Glory, Felweed, Knothide Leather

4) Deviate Fish

Some people might not want to look like a panda from 1-90

5) Collect recipe’s now before Cross-realm zones

Collect recipe’s from mobs or via reputation, your timbermaw rep might be slowed down if there are people from other realms in the same area. Farming crusader off that particular mob is not too bad when you are alone but is not fun when you are competing with two or three other players.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

AOE Looting: AQ20

I've been very busy IRL so with my limited playtime i've kept on top of all the alchemy CD's and spent some time in AQ20.

Lots of great items drop here, and the weapons can disenchant into Illusion dust and Greater Eternal Essence.  The ability to loot 40-50 in one go is amazing, I was getting one very rare transmog item a minute.

I've also spent some time levelling and playing around with the new specs for all my alts. I plan to level my blood DK from 80-85 through dungeons so if you spot a dodgy DK tank (rare i know right?) it might be me!

The patch went ok i focused on glyphs mainly and it paid off very well, currently I am posting 10 of each glyph for a very high price (600g+) and this is getting me 7 - 8k in sales a day. I have'nt been posting transmog items much this week mainly due to lack of time and also because I might be getting a bit burnt out on the AH.

I still have'nt bought the expansion and cancelled my second account today. I know its weird with the expansion so near and all these new talents but I might take a break and possibly get pulled back in for the expansion.