Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Transmog Gold Making Compilation

I've been getting requests for a collection or a starting guide to transmog so i thought i would first just post a collection of posts by me and other in the community to get you started making gold from transmog.

Transmog a general overview by The Overcut

Selling Transmog Gear by The Overcut

Transmog Tactics by @marthapie Part 1

Making Even More Gold from Transmog Part 1 

Making Even More Gold from Transmog Part 2

Transmog on high pop realm: 100,000g at level 1 

Transmog and me by @AudemGold

 Rare Chest Mogging Lists by Phat Lewts Gold

 Alto's Transmog Shopping Lists Using Auctionator

From the Vault: Importable TSM Transmog Lists v2.0 by Clockwork Riot

Blasted Lands - WoW Gold Rush - Gold Making in 15 Minutes by Clockwork Riot

Scholomance Transmog chest farm by GoldHungary

Wow Roleplay Gear

Any bloggers who have a gold making transmog post? poke me on twitter and i'll add your post to the list

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mining Thorium is better than Elementium?

Mining Thorium in Un’Goro Crater & Silithus

This idea of multi-zone farming. 

My DK is very very fast i can do a loop of Un'Goro and then do a loop of Silithus. Both zones are packed with thorium and have rare spawns.

What can I do to make gold with the items I get from mining thorium ore?

Sell raw ore (check your AH prices sometimes ore will sell for more and faster than bars)

Sell bars (I prefer to sell in singles or stacks of 10)

Sell Arcanite (in singles)

Sell Arcanite rods (post 2/3 for 24hrs)

Add Rugged leather and craft Enchanted Thorium Blades and Disenchant.

If you don’t have an Alchemist ask a friend (make sure they are transmute spec) to make the Arcanite for you.

In one hour of mining I got the following mats

Total for 1 hour of farming  
742 thorium ore
24 arcane crystal
11 large opal
4 large sapphire
5 Azerothian diamond
8 huge emerald
9 star ruby
12 truesilver ore
23 mithril ore
904 dense stone

Take off 24 ore needed to craft the arcanite bars we are left with
742- 24 = 718 ore

Minimum of 24 arcanite bars

EU TUJ mean Arcanite bars are 100g

2400g from Arcanite bars

EU TUJ mean thorium bar is 2.76g

718 x 2.76 = 1981g

So before any extra procs from being a transmute spec alchemist or crafting you are looking at 4381g using TUJ average data.

An example from my last batch was 40 “casts” turned into 49 Arcanite bars. It normally averages around 15-20% bonus materials.

You can also keep an eye out for rare spawns and depending on loot this can really boost your gold earnings.

Dense stone turn into dense grinding stone which I used in crafting Arcanite rods. Generally you will be getting way more dense stone than you can use so either post it on AH (around 90s/stack here) but if you are literally drowning in dense stone just vendor it.

The gems you get sell really well to people levelling JC.

I’m really considering stockpiling a bunch of Arcanite bars for MoP. I really think Blizz will allow the transmog of legendary weapons. I stockpiled a load of bars pre 4.3 and they went from 30-40g to 100g which was awesome. I really like Arcanite bars because of the extra procs. An Arcanite stockpile is not that risky because you can always move them into Arcanite rods and even if Blizz does’nt allow legendary transmog lots of people will still go out there and collect them.

Plug in the numbers for your realm and work out how much gold you could make, leave your gold per hour numbers in the comments.

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

New Server Heirlooms by Jamie

Having recently rerolled on a new realm I really missed having access to my heirlooms. This was a great guest post and i am super happy to host it on my blog.

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Over to you Jamie.


Howdy folks! Jamie here.

I recently started on a new server, Shannon's server, Steamweedle Cartel, and was very upset about not having all my awesome Bind-on-Account pieces. (Should be renamed Bind-on-Server >.<) So I thought of this awesome idea of how to acquire heirlooms, which I shall now share with all of you.

     STEP ONE, you will need to already have a level 80 character (or above) on another server somewhere. You will also need to have Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft, but that should be a given, especially if you already have a level 80 character somewhere. ^_- Another thing to note though, just in case, is if you already have a high level character (above level 55 would be considered "high level" in this situation) on the server you are looking to get heirlooms on, you can skip step two and step three, and go straight to step four, if you're looking to use this method anyway. :)

     STEP TWO, create a Death Knight. Any DK, make it special and pretty/handsome and awesome ;) You'll be using this toon a lot for a while. This endeavor will take you a good amount of time to complete, so you might as well enjoy the character you're making :)

Also, once you log in, you should find a level 19 or higher guild. Normally when starting on a new server, like in my case, you're joining up with other friends so look to see if they can hook you up, but also when you log in you get spammed by a few people to join their guild. Accept any of them that are level 19 or higher. The reason for this is two-fold.

     First off, at level 6, guilds gain the perk Fast Track (Rank 2), which increases experience gained from monsters and quest completion by 10%. This will help you level up faster, which is always good. ^_^ 

     Second reason, at level 19, guilds gain the perk Honorable Mention (Rank 2), which increases Honor points gained by 10%. This will help you greatly once you're on to step four. 

    STEP THREE, start leveling your DK. You will need to get out of the DK starting area. It shouldn't take you more than about 2 hours. I recommend for this idea to go Blood spec. It will increase your survivability by doing it this way, making farming HK easier.

You should be around level 57 or 58 when you leave this area and head to Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Here are my recommendations for your talent tree when doing this. Because you're leaving at level 57 or 58, the first picture is how many points you'll be able to spend up to that point. The second picture is how I complete out the DK tree for Blood, with PvP in mind.

     STEP FOUR, At this point, you will be entering Battlegrounds. YaY! You should queue up for one of two Battlegrounds. Either a) select Random Battleground or b) select which ever battleground has the Call to Arms in parentheses next to it. Please note, the Call to Arms is only from Friday at server reset to Tuesday at server reset. It's a nice chunk of time, 4 days, but it means the other 3 days have no Call to Arms.

     Choosing one of these two options will optimize the amount of Honor you will be gaining from doing Battlegrounds. This is because if you win, you'll get a bonus of 90 Honor points and even if you lose, you'll still get a bonus of 15 Honor points. Losing bonus isn't much but it's still something extra, making it worth it if you pick Random Battleground or the Call to Arms. Also, something to make note of with the random battleground/CtA rewards is the higher level you are the more you get. On my 85, the bonus is 270 Honor points for a win (plus 100 Conquest points, but that's something entirely different, lol just a bonus ;) ) and 45 Honor points for a loss. Another thing, if you PvP a lot, and there is a specific battleground that you are good at, it could be worth picking that one instead of random or the CtA if you are confident in your ability to get Honor Kills and such. This option becomes less viable as you gain levels because the 270 bonus at 85 would be hard to make up for unless you're uber awesome epic good. ;)

Edlan Halsing is the NPC who can exchange your HP -> JP.
     STEP FIVE, to convert or not to convert. This is a question you need to ask yourself. You can buy two different types of Heirlooms: PvP gear or PvE gear. If you're mainly a PvPer or don't really care that much about your stats or what not as you're leveling, then grabbing the PvP gear will be more beneficial. If you do care about having the PvE gear, then grab the PvE gear. The downfall to the PvE gear is you lose out on the conversion. It takes 375 HP to get 250 JP, which comes out to you needing 1.5 HP for every 1 JP you need.

So let's look at these numbers a little bit now. At level 57 or 58, you enter a battleground by random/CtA queueing. I did this at level 58 on my DK. The queue came up with Alterac Valley. I didn't try to go for the win, I tried going for Honor Kills and such.

Alliance won this Battleground, so I got the extra 90 Honor. As you can see I didn't do super well. I died 12 times, and only got 157 Honorable Kills, with 4 Killing Blows. Not super good. I ended up with 197 Honor. Note: The window said I should have received 241 Honor. I spoke to a GM about this and it is an error that Blizzard is aware of. The amount you receive is the correct amount, even if the pop-up table says more or less. In the adding of the bonus or what not, sometimes the number get jumbled up. /shrug That's all I know on the situation, kinda sucks to see that it says you got X amount but you only actually got Y.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Justice Heirlooms so you know how much HP you need to grind to get each piece of gear.
  • All Shoulder and Chest pieces are 2175 JP - 3263 HP needed.
  • Weapons are between 2175 JP and 3500 JP, depending on 1H, 2H ranged, type, etc - 3263-5250 HP needed.
  • Trinkets are 2725 JP - 4088 HP needed.

***Math Time***
Moving on from this, I'm going to go into details about getting Justice Heirlooms, because that is the gear that I go for. To get one shoulder or chest piece in Justice Heirlooms you need 3263 Honor. With using 197 as Honor per BG, you'll need to do 17 BGs, which will get you 3349 Honor. (16 only gets you 3152 Honor.) For the most expensive Justice Heirloom, let's take the Two-Handed Staff, you need 5250 Honor. Using 197 again, you'll need to do 27 BGs, which will result in 5319. (26 only gets you 5122 Honor.) For trinkets you need 4088 Honor. With 197 yet again, you'll need 21 BGs, which will result in 4137. (20 only gets you 3940 Honor.) Now, 17 - 27 BGs seems like a ton to do. So now let's look at how long it takes. The AV I was in took 32 minutes. Round that to 30 minutes and it takes eight and a half hours to finish 17 BGs, 13 and a half hours for 27 BGs. If you do about two hours worth of BGs, it will take you just over 4 days to get each of the cheaper pieces and 7 days to get the most expensive ones that are weapons.

Each shoulder and chest piece will take 17 BGs, or 8.5 hours.
Each weapon will take between 17 to 27 BGs, or 8.5 to  13.5 hours.
Each trinket will take 21 BGs, or 10.5 hours.

With using the same mathematics, here is the results for Honor Heirlooms:
Each shoulder and chest piece will take 10 BGs, or 5 hours.
Each weapon will take between 10 to 18 BGs, or 5 to 9 hours.
Each trinket will take 14 BGs, or 7 hours.

NOTE: These numbers are all for wins. If you lose every BG here is what the numbers look like for Justice Heirlooms:

Each shoulder and chest piece will take 27 BGs, or 13.5 hours.
Each weapon will take between 27 to 43 BGs, or 13.5 to 21.5 hours.
Each trinket will take 34 BGs, or 17 hours.

For Honor Heirlooms: 
Each shoulder and chest piece will take 18 BGs, or 9 hours.
Each weapon will take between 18 to 29 BGs, or 9 to 14.5 hours.
Each trinket will take 23 BGs, or 11.5 hours.

You're wins and loses will very and have no guarantee either way which means for a chest piece it will take between 8.5 hours and 13.5 hours, averaging out to about 11 hours per piece. Another thing to keep in mind is that all weapons and trinkets do NOT have an experience bonus on them. So with this in mind, you only need the shoulder and chest pieces. Therefore, it should take you about 9 to 14 days, depending on win/lose ratio, to get the Justice shoulder and chest piece for your new character, and only 5 to 9 days to get the Honor shoulder and chest piece.

All in all, it will take a little bit to get these pieces, but it should be worth it in the end. :) 20% extra experience is nice. ^_-

That is all for now, folks, stay tuned for more posts from me in the weeks to come! :D


Flashback : Best posts from March

 A chance to go back and look at my most popular posts from March.

I take an indepth look at The Ultimate Recipe Collection  created by Faid from Clockwork Riot, a guide available in Alliance and Horde flavours. Can you guess the location of the vendor in the screenshot without looking it up?

How to deal with competition in the transmog market and doing the dance with the customer.

Guest posts are always welcome and this post by @marthapie was a huge hit. Use these tactics to boost your transmog sales and get more people interested in the market. Great insight.

I think Illusion dust will be big choke point in MoP mainly because it is today. Join me on the hunt for Illusion dust.

A reply to a post by Jim over at Power Word: Gold . Buying a shirt in Baltimore vs buying a shirt in Beverly Hills

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rare spawns: Eastern Plaguelands Edition

The Map

 (source wowhead)

The macro

/tar Baron Bloodbane
/tar Soulbearer
/tar Hawkspear
/tar Selendre
/tar Duggan
/tar Foreman Jerris
/tar Foreman Marcrid
/tar Gish
/tar Hed’mush
/tar Lord Darkscythe
/tar Lynnia Abbendis
/tar Nerubian Overseer
/tar Zul’B

13 Rare spawns that can all be killed by both factions.

Baron Bloodbane
Duggan Wildhammer
Foreman Jerris
Foreman Marcrid
Gish the Unmoving
Hed’mush the Rotting
Lord Darkscythe
Lynnia Abbendis
Nerubian Overseer
Zul’Brin Warpbranch

I normally do this run on my DK because I use death gate to get around quite a lot.

You will be picking up Sorcerer, Huntsman’s and Brigade armor.

These rare mobs range from level 40 to 45 so there is a good mix of loot.

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Friday, 18 May 2012

I want to sell on the BMAH

BMAH  Buying…. And Selling?

Possible introduction of  the Black Market Auction House (BMAH) is very exciting and a lot has been said about the positives and also possible negatives. However might the introduction of the BMAH be a stepping stone to selling BOP items on the AH. With pets and mounts likely becoming account wide in MoP the BMAH might offer a way of using up those additional copies of pets/mounts you have.

Take this example; you roll a new toon and do the horde balloon quest yay! One nice new shiny balloon.. oh wait I’ve already learnt it…  hmm I guess I just destroy it. You think to yourself  “ I wont be doing that quests on my next alt”.

What if you could post your little balloon on the BMAH? You see how this could continue and before you know it we can post up mounts, rare bop recipe and wait for it… quest rewards. You know when you make that awesome set in mogit and hunt down where it comes from and find you did that quest like 4 years ago and vendored the reward and go cry a little. Well now you could buy this item from the Auction House yes!

But they would never do this because if you could buy the mount that drops off the last boss in the current raid then why would you raid?  Well Blizz could just put on a restriction where the BMAH BOP auctions only work for non-current expansion content. So you can not buy that trinket you need for your Ret set, but you can buy that amazing looking transmog weapon from ICC. What would theAH cut be? 15%  like the Neutral Auction House would make sense because at least then some gold is being removed from the economy.

I know everyone has been talking about what info has been released but I started thinking about some of the negative impacts like increased Gold Buying but then started thinking about some positives and possible next steps.

There is no indication Blizz is planning on introducing a posting function to the BMAH but just think about how it would shake up the game if they did.

Another possible side effect of the BMAH is it might get more people interested in gold making. I guess that is going to be really good for the gold making community.

What do you think about the BMAH? Is there a big enough demand for some way of retrieving old 
quest rewards? 

Some of us have been around a while, Blizz give us a way of getting back stuff we got rid of before transmog was introduced.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mists of Pandaria Stockpile Part Two

Making Gold from the New Pet Battle System

1 Pet Battle System

2 Enginering pets
Crafting Pets today to save money, raw mat prices can change due to inflation and changes to drop rates.
Farming Choke Point mats.

3 Other BOE Pets
Geode pets , looking for pets that you can farm that cover all the types.
Cheap Raptors
DMF Frogs Stockpile

1 Pet Battle System

I am really excited about the new Pet Battle System

It’s been a while since I played Pokemon but from what I remember having varied pets to call upon was what won you most battles. Going in with for example all fire pets was very risky.

This means even though a good mechanical (engineer crafted) stockpile is still a good idea you may want to look at other options to diversify your stockpile across more pet types.


2 Engineering pets / choke point mats.

By pre-crafting or at least buying the materials now we can reduce the impact of inflation. Buying items at today’s price but selling them at tomorrow’s inflated price. If demand for these pets goes up then it might be harder to find materials let alone cheap materials. They sell for good profits today and they’ll sell for even better profits in the future.

I decided to mass craft some Engineering pets I watched the price of mats and tried to buy them in bulk when they were at the lowest point.

 You can use this Auctionator Shopping list for rare items.

*** Engi Choke Mats
Globe of Water
Heart of Fire
Living Essence
Rugged Hide
Core of Earth
Essence of fire

This is the shopping list for the more common items:

*** Engi Common Mats
Copper ore
Copper bar
Iron ore
Iron bar
Gold ore
Gold bar
Mithril ore
Mithril bar
Truesilver ore
Truesilver bar
Thorium ore
Thorium bar
Elemental Earth
Elemental Air

So you can do a few things:
1)     just stockpile Choke mats ready to flip in MoP
2)     stockpile all the mats for the toad and other pets
3)     Pre-craft everything and start selling it all now, more Demand when MoP launches but also likely to be way more competition in the pets market.

Wow players like to be rewarded, there needs to be some rewards for participating and being successful in the Pet Battle System. The Popularity of Pet Battles will largely depend on how much time/effort Blizzard put into it. I would love to see a ranking similar system similar to Arena’s with titles and other rewards. Hopefully they don’t add an overpowered pet that drops from the last boss of a raid or something.

3 Other BOE Pets

Timing is everything
What are the chances MOP will be released when the faire is in town? Frog box stockpile? Definitely something to think about once a release date for MoP is released

Geode pets have been mentioned a lot in livestreams/podcasts and I also think that if you can get them cheap grab some. In MoP only those levelling professions will go back to cataclysm zones to mine. Geode pets might still show up on the AH but the frequency will be greatly reduced and they will be a lot more expensive.

 The first one that came to mind for me was raptors; they can to an extent be farmed up and can be bought very cheap. A cheap raptor may have the exact same abilities as an expensive raptor.

What pets are you going to flip in MoP?

Check out Getting ready for Mists of Pandaria: The MoP Stockpile

Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Week in WoW

What I’ve been up to this week:

Dire maul
Fortune cookie

Farming transmog items in Dire Maul West

I am levelling some toons through LFD and while doing a run through dire maul west 2 pieces of saltstone dropped /gasp
I decided to take my DK there and see what drops I could get.

In my First run I got 5 boe greens
In my Second run I got zero boe greens /sadface

I only clear the first area and the area around Magister Kalendris takes less than 10 minutes.

I used to spend a lot of time here in Vanilla. You could solo trash with any ranged dps class using clever game mechanics and they had a high chance of dropping living essence. I used to sell these for 15-20g each once the AQ gates opened and guilds rushed to craft NR gear.

Not really sure if it is a great farming spot but it might be something to check out if you are in the area. More investigation required.

Fortune cookies
Herb prices have shot up here but MFC’s can still be picked up for around 10g ea. I buy these and turn them into cookies which I sell for anywhere between 15g and 20g each. I sell them in 1 / 5 / 10 stacks.

Found some heartblossom randomly floating around in my mail.
I have a lot of stuff bouncing round in the mail. I did a massive Disenchant session to clear my enchanter mailbox and discovered 2000 heartblossom! Might buy some ore/ use my own stockpiled ore and transmute inferno rubies or just sell it raw. HB goes for around 90g/stack here.

I have been busy converting all Cataclsym herbs into inks, mainly Ethereal/IotS

It has been a slow week for 77-81 greens

Scored a Lofty breastplate a couple of days ago  $$$

Transmog brought in 43k in sales this week and my posting fees were only around 5k this week as I’m only posting on one faction for now.

I have also started advertising a transmog help service in trade.

 “Looking for that final piece of your transmog set? mail me with what item you need and I’ll mail you back with the price. Don’t delay complete your set Today”

Weekends are when most of my transmog sales happen so I decided to double prices so 10k stuff is now 20k, 1k stuff is now 2k etc. Will continue to do this for a few more weekends and see how it goes.


What have you been up to this week?