Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mining Thorium is better than Elementium?

Mining Thorium in Un’Goro Crater & Silithus

This idea of multi-zone farming. 

My DK is very very fast i can do a loop of Un'Goro and then do a loop of Silithus. Both zones are packed with thorium and have rare spawns.

What can I do to make gold with the items I get from mining thorium ore?

Sell raw ore (check your AH prices sometimes ore will sell for more and faster than bars)

Sell bars (I prefer to sell in singles or stacks of 10)

Sell Arcanite (in singles)

Sell Arcanite rods (post 2/3 for 24hrs)

Add Rugged leather and craft Enchanted Thorium Blades and Disenchant.

If you don’t have an Alchemist ask a friend (make sure they are transmute spec) to make the Arcanite for you.

In one hour of mining I got the following mats

Total for 1 hour of farming  
742 thorium ore
24 arcane crystal
11 large opal
4 large sapphire
5 Azerothian diamond
8 huge emerald
9 star ruby
12 truesilver ore
23 mithril ore
904 dense stone

Take off 24 ore needed to craft the arcanite bars we are left with
742- 24 = 718 ore

Minimum of 24 arcanite bars

EU TUJ mean Arcanite bars are 100g

2400g from Arcanite bars

EU TUJ mean thorium bar is 2.76g

718 x 2.76 = 1981g

So before any extra procs from being a transmute spec alchemist or crafting you are looking at 4381g using TUJ average data.

An example from my last batch was 40 “casts” turned into 49 Arcanite bars. It normally averages around 15-20% bonus materials.

You can also keep an eye out for rare spawns and depending on loot this can really boost your gold earnings.

Dense stone turn into dense grinding stone which I used in crafting Arcanite rods. Generally you will be getting way more dense stone than you can use so either post it on AH (around 90s/stack here) but if you are literally drowning in dense stone just vendor it.

The gems you get sell really well to people levelling JC.

I’m really considering stockpiling a bunch of Arcanite bars for MoP. I really think Blizz will allow the transmog of legendary weapons. I stockpiled a load of bars pre 4.3 and they went from 30-40g to 100g which was awesome. I really like Arcanite bars because of the extra procs. An Arcanite stockpile is not that risky because you can always move them into Arcanite rods and even if Blizz does’nt allow legendary transmog lots of people will still go out there and collect them.

Plug in the numbers for your realm and work out how much gold you could make, leave your gold per hour numbers in the comments.

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  1. I've been doing laps of Silithis to get the thorium and arcane crystals for my Hand of Rag, but now I might have to add Un'Goro to that flight pattern, and try to expand my attention span.

  2. I thought they were doing away with pretty much all the enchanting rods, and now there is only the runed copper rod required. I would re-think the arcanite bars stockpile.

  3. Arcanite bars are still used to craft legendaries need 50 for thunderfury iirc