Friday, 18 May 2012

I want to sell on the BMAH

BMAH  Buying…. And Selling?

Possible introduction of  the Black Market Auction House (BMAH) is very exciting and a lot has been said about the positives and also possible negatives. However might the introduction of the BMAH be a stepping stone to selling BOP items on the AH. With pets and mounts likely becoming account wide in MoP the BMAH might offer a way of using up those additional copies of pets/mounts you have.

Take this example; you roll a new toon and do the horde balloon quest yay! One nice new shiny balloon.. oh wait I’ve already learnt it…  hmm I guess I just destroy it. You think to yourself  “ I wont be doing that quests on my next alt”.

What if you could post your little balloon on the BMAH? You see how this could continue and before you know it we can post up mounts, rare bop recipe and wait for it… quest rewards. You know when you make that awesome set in mogit and hunt down where it comes from and find you did that quest like 4 years ago and vendored the reward and go cry a little. Well now you could buy this item from the Auction House yes!

But they would never do this because if you could buy the mount that drops off the last boss in the current raid then why would you raid?  Well Blizz could just put on a restriction where the BMAH BOP auctions only work for non-current expansion content. So you can not buy that trinket you need for your Ret set, but you can buy that amazing looking transmog weapon from ICC. What would theAH cut be? 15%  like the Neutral Auction House would make sense because at least then some gold is being removed from the economy.

I know everyone has been talking about what info has been released but I started thinking about some of the negative impacts like increased Gold Buying but then started thinking about some positives and possible next steps.

There is no indication Blizz is planning on introducing a posting function to the BMAH but just think about how it would shake up the game if they did.

Another possible side effect of the BMAH is it might get more people interested in gold making. I guess that is going to be really good for the gold making community.

What do you think about the BMAH? Is there a big enough demand for some way of retrieving old 
quest rewards? 

Some of us have been around a while, Blizz give us a way of getting back stuff we got rid of before transmog was introduced.


  1. Interesting thought. I've had two hawkstrider mounts drop since I got mine during Wrath! Selling those would be pretty cool.

    Also with you on giving us a way to get stuff back. There's a quest series in SMV which rewards you with a staff (looks the same as exodar life staff) and a pair of shoulders which resemble mage t1. I did every zone during BC for monies and I likely vendored both of those items.

    I ticketed a GM about the shoulders and basically was told, well you should have been more careful about what you did with your stuff before you knew transmogrification was coming two expansions later.

  2. Chances are with the new pet system you can sell off that new balloon anyways!

    1. I wonder how much Phoenix Hatchling would sell for

  3. there have been rumors floating around that there is going to be a system of some sort to get old quest rewards, no other details than that... but it's something blizzard is looking at anyways