Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Hunt for Illusion Dust

I am working on my stockpile and I want a good amount of enchanting materials.

Take a look at this post by Faid I buy all my Greater Eternals from the vendor

If you disenchant these items you mainly get Greater Eternal Essence(GEE) but will also get some Dream Dust and Large Brilliant Shards. So far I am estimating 0.9 dream dust per disenchant. 

Firstly check your realm! is disenchanting this item profitable? it should be but worth taking a look just in case your realm is weird.

I like to think of this vendor as a source of infinite dream dust. If you can sell every GEE you will be making gold but also have lots of dream dust. Dream dust is averaging around 1g here. I get more than I can sell as dust directly. I craft tailoring item to try and turn this excess dust into items that can be disenchanted into something more useful/profitable. You can also burn through a lot of dream dust crafting enchanted thorium blades, but it is getting increasingly difficult to stock up on cheap thorium and rugged leather.

Star ruby can sometimes be picked up here cheap I’m not sure why but I gobble them up when they fall below 1g.

If a star ruby costs less than 8 Runecloth then I craft Wizardweave turbans. An item that disenchants into Illusion Dust, Greater Eternal Essences and Large Brilliant Shards.

On my realm Runecloth is around 10-12g/stack, 8 Runecloth costs 4g but if I can get the star ruby for 1g it works out cheaper using the turban.

In the mood for farming? Head over to Hellfire Ramparts and get you some Runecloth.
Jim made a really good video One-Pulling Hellfire Ramparts | WoW Gold Making  go check it out now! I also really like this video by FormerRuling Hellfire Ramparts in 1 pull (response)   engineering is useful at last!

Wizardweave turban uses 4 Dream dust compared to the 2 for the robes. I can sell Dream dust at 1g each so 8 Runecloth is still more than the cost of Star Ruby + opportunity cost of the extra dream dust.

4 > 1 + (1+1)
4 > 3

This is something to keep an eye on, if Star Ruby is really high priced, and dream dust is selling for a lot more where you are then go ahead and craft Wizardweave robes.

The point I am trying to get across is think outside the box sometimes and  look at the prices for some items you may not use often. I may only have enough cheap star rubies to craft 20 turbans a week and then may turn round and craft 150 robes. The thing is those turbans have a lower cost per unit than the robes and I want to minimize my cost of crafting, also turbans have a higher disenchant value than robes.

Don’t discount an item for disenchanting just because it takes more materials, it might work out cheaper if you can get those additional materials at a good price.

How is your MoP stockpile coming along?

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  1. >How is your MoP stockpiling coming along?

    I wanted to sort out the stuff of my toons' banks to the bank of my AH character. MoP will be the first expansion I'm focusing the AH instead of leveling.

    I recognized that I have waaaaaaaaaaaay too much stuff for one character :P

    I hope it's worthwile