Saturday, 17 March 2012

Transmog Tactics by @marthapie Part 2

Pie here again with the second half of my post on selling BoE greens on your server. They hold so much potential with transmogrification, but not everyone realizes it! Sometimes for your sales to grow on your server, you need to step in. Here are some more methods I have used myself and I hope these help you.


I don’t mean announcing in trade “selling Conqueror set for 4k, PST”. I have seen this a few times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (I normally see the pieces later on the AH posted by the same seller). If for nothing it does get the word out there about greens. I also don’t mean listing what you have for sale on forums.

These two methods may work for you. I personally stay away from them because I feel I’m just asking for trolls. “4k LOLWAT UR SO DUM!!!!!1!!!one” no thank you. (However, if you’re not afraid of that or if your server is friendly, then post your sets on the forums. It helps if you lead with complete sets, and mention that you have many other single pieces.)

Nay! I’m talking about parking one of your decked-out toons in the middle of town. What’s a better advertisement than seeing it in person? For this I use my blood elf pally (in the banner… isn’t she a beauty?). I just unsheathe my weapon and shield and stand in a high-traffic area and look pretty. If you’re feeling extra creative, find a mount and pet to match your outfit (the Horde balloon and paladin charger look lovely with my bloodfist set). You will notice some players targeting you to check you out, and even get some compliments. This method pairs very well with the two I described in my first post.

What you’re hoping for here is for players to ask themselves, “what set is that? I don’t remember that tier” and then be surprised when they check your gear. You want to open up people’s minds!


I do not proactively interact with anyone on my mogging mule. However you do need to get used to players contacting YOU, whether it’s to call you bad names or to request custom orders. If it’s the former, there’s nothing you can do, haters gon hate.  Now the latter is what you really want! If you respond to these players with a helpful attitude, they will come back for more and hopefully even spread the word.

Along with requests, you’ll also receive offers for items you have up currently. If they’re offering 200g for a very rare item, then it probably won’t work out (depends on how generous you are). However if it’s reasonable enough, check out their armory. Is this the last piece they need? Consider obliging them. They’ll remember you as a helpful seller and maybe even tell their friends.

Example: I received a request to gather the Revenant set. I was completely honest with her and said she could grab all the pieces herself via BC questing. I didn’t mind doing this since the Revenant set is not a huge gold maker (thanks, ugly shoulders!). She thanked me for my honesty and that was that. However one week later, she ended up buying several other pieces from me on the AH. So my point here is to be polite and helpful for some good karma points!

And finally, one last tip: simply talking about transmog with your friends and guildies will get the buzz going. If you’re passionate about something, it’s not difficult to get someone else excited about it too.  The topic of transmog outfits comes up rather frequently during our raids. And it’s not just me! All the pictures you see in these two posts are of my guildies in some great-looking greens ^_^ In fact, their passion for mogging far surpasses mine. I have one set for each of my toons, they have multiple for each. Go figure!

Be prepared to recommend some nice resources for finding attractive green sets (MogIt addon, DEAzeroth, wowroleplaygear, worldofwardrobes, etc). It’s one thing to get someone excited but you should also push them in the right direction.

I hope this helps those of you looking to promote transmogging BoE greens on your server. I believe that transmogrification is one of the best concepts introduced to the game. Old content revisited and creativity and style encouraged, what’s not to love? Personally, I’m enjoying making gold again. This isn’t your typical “craft x of these glyphs, cut x of these gems, etc” but it does require patience. I hope you find this market rewarding and satisfying like I am.

Once again, you can follow me on Twitter @marthapie if not for the food-related tweets alone. You’ve been warned.

Now Farli, where is my naked dwarf picture?

Check out Part 1 here Transmogg Tactics by @marthapie Part 1


  1. Great post! With the green statue over the head of the last Belf, the picture made me think of The Sims!

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