Friday, 9 March 2012

Transmog Tactics by @marthapie Part 1

Since Farli is busy being pro at his transmog sales (actually he’s just standing alone naked at the BRD bar, wondering why no one will join him), I’m filling in for a minute!

I’m Pie. My first love and priority in the World is raiding with my awesome guild, <Cake> (see a pattern?). It does take up a lot of time, so I can’t farm or craft too much. The transmog market is perfect for me, both in convenience and enjoyment.

I’m not here to write about how much I make daily, or to tell you what pieces to sell. This post is for those of you on servers where maybe players aren’t thinking outside the box. I have found that a lot of people overlook BoE greens and stick to tier and raid drops. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but you can’t really make gold off these!

In my two-part post, I’ll explain the various methods that I’ve found to help increase my transmog sales. It’s important to note that I do the first two strictly on my main! I like to keep my main separate from my mogging mule. 


Raise your hand if you tend to afk in Org/SW (my hand is raised). Take a look at the players around you. Most of the time you’ll see entire matching tier sets… that’s cool, but keep looking. You might just find a few players mogging greens, and those are the ones who stand out to me. Appreciate the effort that these players have put into their outfits. Don’t be afraid to send them a tell complimenting them. Most of the time you’ll receive a happy response! Sometimes you’ll even get into a conversation about transmogging, or you’ll find that they’re missing just that ONE piece (that you probably have /wink).

Example: I saw a blood elf hunter wearing the Battleforge set with the pimp hat that actually went very well with the rest of the outfit. He even matched his pet to the leopard trim on his hat! So of course I sent him a tell because I loved his outfit. He was so appreciative and excited, he even showed me his other transmog set stored in the bank. This was another absolutely beautiful and unique set (a skirt! on a hunter!). Since then he race-changed to an orc, so of course he had to change his outfit. And from whom did he buy greens for this set? Mmhmm. This is your ideal buyer. Find them, compliment them, encourage them to buy more.

What if you can’t find any toons with greens? See if there are any tier outfits that are missing a good belt or boots. Maybe that person just has bad luck with drops. If you have an item in your mule’s inventory that you think would go well, suggest it to them (“my alt’s wearing that tier set too, but with this belt. I got it on the AH, maybe there’s another?”)


The pioneer of this market, Keelhaul, inspired me to pursue this method on my server (in my own small way). If you have the capital (which you should after spending some time in this market), consider sharing the wealth. Sometimes I do it randomly, and sometimes I announce it in trade. I will say something like “giving out 1k to players wearing unique, non-tier transmog sets, PST”. Doing this in trade will get other players thinking about starting a set themselves if they haven’t already. By specifying “non-tier” you will steer them in the direction of the AH. You will garner a lot of interest and curiosity, and probably have several conversations with random players. You’ll also find some who have a set in progress, meaning they’re still missing pieces. I give these players 500g and tell them to look me up when they complete the set to receive the other half. Where will they go? The AH to buy from you!

Of course players love getting gold but sometimes the player doesn’t want it; they just wanted to show off their outfit. This is exactly the creativity and effort you want to promote on your server.

Example: someone I gave gold to a few weeks ago for his outfit at the time recently bought an entire Overlord’s set from my mule. I like to think that appreciating someone’s outfit will encourage them to make more.

These first two methods are very similar in that at the end of your exchange, the other person feels confident and satisfied that someone else took the time to appreciate his/her creativity (whether through words or a monetary reward). It’s one thing to be happy with the look you’ve created yourself; it’s another feeling entirely to have a stranger notice as well.

The key here is to plant seeds of encouragement that will hopefully branch out and be noticed by other players!

Stay tuned for my other methods soon. Follow me on Twitter @marthapie for nonsense!


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  1. Great job, Pie! <3 the hawt goblin above, Phamiry.

  2. Great post Pie! Can't wait for part 2!

  3. Sounds like fun! You should transfer to my server and encourage people to transmog, seems like most just arent interested here, and it seems like you enjoy it, really liked the post!

    @Jhunter88 Also that goblin does in fact look awesome. My gobby's only level 83 so I'm more focused on PvP leveling than xmog right now, but it'll be a different story with leather, hopefully I can find a cool set once I hit 85 on her.