Thursday, 2 August 2012

Five Fast Gold Making Tips : August

  1. Patterm: Thick Murloc Armor

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You can buy the recipe from Blixrez Goodstitch in Booty Bay. Sell the recipe and sell the item if you can gather the extremely hard to get materials.

 The actual scales you need to craft the item may have been removed from the majority of murlocs in cataclysm so if you are selling the actual item go for like 10k+ because it looks awesome.Yes it is a leather item.

Some people are reporting that only one rare spawn  Scargil seems to drop the scales so it can be extremely difficult to craft this item, however this recipe is limited supply so try and grab it if you are in the area. Worth checking your banks to see if you have any of these scales gathering dust.

2.     Purple lotus / Wildvine Spot, Felwood

 Drop a toon with herbalism at this blue circle. You will pick up gromsblood, mountain silversage, purple lotus and a little wildvine, I tend to mill the gromsblood and silversage. You need twenty of the purple lotus to level up your enchanting, I sell purple lotus in stacks of 5 for 70-80g. Wildvine also sells really well in singles for 70-100g. I check this spot between battlegrounds, it only takes two minutes to do this mini-loop.

      3.       Black Diamond

Snatch these items and flip them for 20g+ each, easy and cheap way to get your jewelcrafting from 300 to 315, a lot of people are chasing these because BC common gems can be hard to get in big quantities and fel iron ore can be very expensive.

     4.        Enchant Weapon - Crusader

A lot of people focus on the +15 agility boa enchant but crusader is a great enchant from level 1 to 60 and it is an enchant that is more likely to be wiped due to runeforging.

Example I am levelling up a warrior and a DK. I level up my warrior to 40 and get a little bored so I send my one hand sword to my DK (frost ftw), I use runeforging on my boa one hand weapon removing any enchant. My DK hits 80 awesome! But then I want to level up my warrior, I go ahead and buy another scroll of crusader and apply it to the boa one hand weapon and send it to my warrior.

    5.          Mammoth Mining Bags

Are you getting ready for Mists of Pandaria farming?

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  1. transmog, mats and bags. Seems pretty common fare for end of xpac sales actually.

    Chokepoint mats are always a good seller/investment regardless and the rarities always command good prices.

    Personally, I'm doing very well on Adamantite and Fel Iron at present as you need a fair amount of this for JC and Blacksmithing and not many people are farming it.

  2. Mammoth Mining Bags were the item that got me started in gold making. Never made sense to me that people would pay 500G for a bag that could be made for maybe 50G in mats. I'm thinking this should hold up through MoP because the cata mining bags need 4 pristine hide that will be in even more limited supply. It took me 3 months of posting nearly at cost to move one of the new bags (likely didn't even make a profit after months of posting fees).

    Crusader i another doesn't sell that well on my server. Mats are way more than the Agi/Int BoA enchants and there are enough sellers to keep the price low.

    Murloc armor looks great, I will have to keep my eye out for mats.

  3. Otherworldly Bag also selling very well, and most mats are very easily gatherable.