Monday, 13 August 2012

Liquid vs Stockpile

I've been thinking hard about my mix of liquid gold vs. stockpiled items heading into MoP.

While checking out the consortium forums I came across this post by Zman.

This post was in a topic called Inflation, Investing and Cash

“Most of the inflation occurs in big ticket items such as TCG mounts or (temporarily) raid drops. The price of everything else - herbs, ore, elementals, leather, cloth - deflates over the course of the expansion (the occasional spike from gear resets aside). Because of this, I keep the bulk of my slush fund as liquid gold and focus on churning through inventory to get in and out of markets before the next step in the decline. At the start of an expansion, I want liquid gold above all else - the markets have new materials that require gold, and many mats from the previous expansion are entering a period of high supply and non-existent demand.

What I do have "invested" in materials is mostly from two expansions back that are now largely unaffected by expansion release cycles. There's very little in Cata mats that catches my interest at the moment to be worth wasting storage space on.”

It started to make me think that maybe I have too much liquid to be worrying about stockpiling?

In the time between now and launch is it really feasible to spend even half my liquid (1.5 mill) on items to add to my stockpile? Considering TCG mounts are very very rare and the highest value mount on Alliance + Horde Auction house right now is 43k for a crimson deathcharger.

I have around two million gold worth of transmog items, a little over one million in glyphs. This is all in today’s prices; I also have 130k invested in 13 Swift Lovebirds. Around 150k in ore, bars, cloth and enchanting materials.

So 3 Mill liquid and 3.5 mill stockpiled seems to be a decent spot to be in, maybe I should stop worrying about converting most of my liquid into stockpiled items because its never going to happen on any great scale this close to MoP. I’ll pick up what I can for sure, but even if MoP launches and I’m at 2-3 mill liquid its ok.

Here’s hoping the black market auction house acts as an anti-inflationary pressure through the wow economy, Blizz make sure to reduce the speed items appear on the Auction House after the first month to make sure prices stay high, we don’t want Ashes six months on going for like 25k do we? Slow release of items on to the auction house will make sure people bid more when what they want pops up. Make sure to update BMAH level 90 gear with content patches as well please blizzard, see I don’t ask for much.

What are your numbers like for Liquid vs Stockpile? Heavy liquid, Heavy stockpile or some sort of balance?

I also asked a stockpiling question on the recent WoW Blogger On-Air Hangout #2

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  1. I'm doing terrible this expansion, very little of invested. Got about 70k in inks and maybe, maybe 50k I'm pets. I think I'm a failure of a goblin lol. Oh and I bought a lvl 25 guild, does that count as stockpiling? Lol

  2. Congrats on your liquid position, although it really has to be taken into context when you consider the buying power of it.

    It's quite ironic that although WoW 'gold' is a constant within the game, every single realm economy will fluxuate it's value. So 100k here, 3 million there - whilst very impressive totals - have to be seen as arbitary figures and subjective to the specific realm in which you hold it to recognise it's true value.

  3. LOL, 6.5 million gold seems like a "decent" spot to be in. I have 100k, and I will never drop below that just by halfassedly posting some gems, glyphs, etc. In what world is 6.5 million gold merely "decent"?

  4. You are a pooor judge of your audience. No one has 6.5 million to allocate prior to this expansion. Your advice sounds more self congratulatory than providing anything useful for the rest of us to use to get ready for MOP.

  5. I dont have 6.5 million either? the 3.5 million value was a "what i think its worth today figure" not it cost me 3.5 million to purchase, with transmog/anything you dont spend 5k to sell the item for 5k! You buy an item for cheap maybe process it and sell for more, hence the large stockpile figure.

    My audience varies from the new player to the multi-millionaire gold maker i'm sure you fit in there somewhere.

    Not all of my posts will be an amazing earth shattering gold making tip, I also blog about my thoughts on certain gold related topics from other blogs and forums.

    It is a gold making blog and if you feel you can not take anything away from this gold making post then check in for my next one hopefully it'll hit the spot.