Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Recruit a Friend Guide Part One 1 - 67 (RAF)

Make a group and use your summon ability to get both toons together, find a mailbox and load up on BOA gear (these make a huge difference so make sure you got 4 boa for each toon). Don’t worry about plate for plate wearers and mail for mail wearers, my first RaF pair were a warrior and priest and I used cloth BoA and leather BoA on the warrior.

Follow macro

/follow NAME

Where NAME is the name of your other toon

RaF Team One
Level 85 – Alvin
Level 1 priest - Theodore
Level 1 warrior – Simon

Priest macro:

/follow Alvin

Warrior macro:

/follow Alvin

Spending talent points!

Think defensively when spending points, on my warrior I went prot and on the priest shadow. Shadowform and extra defences for being prot really help out, sometimes your lowbie alts will get agro if they can take a hit or two before dieing then this is of great benefit to you.  Alvin is a pure dps so can only res using Guild perks so deaths really slow you down. This is most noticeable when I took level 61 Theodore and 61 Simon into heroic ramparts where there are 71 elites which chomp through 61’s fast.

Go ahead and add all three characters to the same guild, you can get guild rep and guild achievements.

1-10 Questing

I had Simon follow Theodore because I have better caster boa’s (staff/trinkets) equipped on him. Make sure to accept quests on both (playing in windowed mode and alt-tabbing between the two characters).

10 -16 Deadmines

Deadmines entrance… I got lost I’ll admit it, I have not been into Deadmines since vanilla.

I used this youtube video to get to the entrance.

Use the macros!

Simon uses:
/follow Alvin

Theodore uses:
/follow Alvin

Alvin clears the dungeon, the tricky part is the bit with the parrots and avoiding the cannon damage, focus on killing the flying monsters of death first and take your time on the cannons, pausing so you don’t get knocked off into the water (record knocked off four times in one run). From here clear as normal making sure not to leave Simon or Theodore left behind stuck on a cannon or corner, make sure they are following you!

Run back to the entrance reset and repeat, pick up any quests when you can they provide a lot of extra xp.

16 – 22 Stockades

You can move over to stockades at 15 but I stayed till 16 to finish off quests and I don’t like abandoning a dungeon clear midway through.

Be careful of the patrolling mobs, but other than that pretty straightforward, clear both sides and reset. Pick up quests when you can.

22 – 36 Scarlet Monastery

This is pre –patch when I get more info I will update it but for now here is how I experienced SM pre-patch.

Do not reset dungeon until you have cleared library, armoury and cathedral. Keep an eye out for chests in library and armour they can contain gems, recipes and transmog items. Don’t leave till you have done all the quests. In Sm: Cath when you all get put to sleep this breaks the /follow so before Alvin leaves I had to press those follow macros again on Simon and Theodore.

36-42 Scholomance

Loads of quests here but you can’t grab them straight away. In the last room drop Simon and Theodore at the top of the stairs, take Alvin and clear all 5 rooms of trash and mini-bosses (3 up stairs and 2 down stairs). Kill Alexei which will summon Gandling.

Run out and reset, check there might be a rare spawn if you open the door at the entrance great for XP.

42 – 48 BRD

From entrance take a left, open the door and head towards Bael’Gar lots of packs here great for xp, head back to the entrance and clear everything in this area. I skip the arena event because it really slows you down. Instead head towards General Angerforge. Kill everything in the bar and keep going. Kill The Seven and take a right towards the Molten Core entrance, there are 10-11 level 56 fire elemental here to kill. The Lycueum is too much trouble so turn around and go back to the area above the arena.  Kill all these spectators and make your way towards pyromancer loregrain and clear the vault area and move towards Lord Incedious, from here go back to the entrance. Reset and repeat. The XP is fantastic, I did’nt do any quests before I was ready to move on to Blackrock spire.

48 - 57 LBRS + UBRS

Clear lbrs and then run back towards ubrs entrance, clear everything, grab the Jenkins title while you are here. Repeat and reset. Pick up quests at the entrance.

57 – 65 Hellfire dungeons normal and heroic

Clear ramparts until you get to 60, and then do heroic ramparts. If you are spreading out the RAF’ing over a few days just log in and do one normal and one heroic for a few days to get to 65. Otherwise keep doing normals, do the quests and you will 65 and ready to move onto shattered halls.

65-67 Shattered halls

Ok I died a lot in here, you will agro a whole room with 12-15 mobs so be ready to drop some serious AOE and if you root a mob it will attack the nearest player irrelevant of agro. There are sneaky orc rogues that will sap you and proceed to kill Simon and Theodore so make sure you have a pvp trinket ready just in case you don’t see one until it is too late!

Quests give insane xp, 160k -180k xp per quest. I got to 67 in 2 runs.

This is where I am currently I will be moving over to Northrend but first I pulled Simon and Theodore to SW to learn flying, learn some spells and get bigger/ more bags.

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  1. I'd recommend running Mechanar, Botanica and maybe Arcatraz until you hit level 69.

    On to Utgaarde Keep until 72, then Nexus, Azjol'Nerub, Ahn Kahet, Violet Hold, Drak Tharon, Gundrak, Halls of Lightning.

    Make sure you reach the level required for the next instance's quests, so you don't have to rerun for 1/2 level or so.

    Unless you skip a lot of mobs, you should only have to run each instance once.

  2. I've got about a month left on one RAF and about to start another for the new mount. Great tips here. It's amazing how reading a blog that improves on thoughts I had on my own make it seem more possible. Thanks for that.

    Sadly even though I have a pretty decent machine, since the patch I can't run 2 instances of WoW at the same time, let alone 3. Still trying to figure out why as I didn't have that problem before patch.

    1. i had the exact same issue! basically when i dowmloaded patch it added a new wow icon to my desktop so i have two now lol. If I use the new one it wont let me alt-tab between instances of wow, if i use old shortcut it works fine. Really weird.

  3. Awesome Guide Farli, Loving the content :D
    and a great help for me as i love to level alts but always forget dungeon levels!