Thursday, 9 August 2012

Rare Spawns: Thousand Needles Edition

The Map

The Macro

/tar Achellios the Banished
/tar Gibblesnik
/tar Harb Foulmountain
/tar Ironeye the Invincible
/tar Krkk’kx
/tar Vile Sting

The drops you will be getting are similar to the Scholomance Chest Runs, however you do have a very low chance on Tyrant and Symbolic items. If you have a herbalist you can combine this transmog loop with picking up Stranglekelp, which sells well to levelling Alchemists.

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  1. Still no where near as good as the Blasted Lands though for rares & rewards.

    I think that ogre cave in southern 1k needles is the very best transmog farming spot though.

  2. Hmmm gonna go check out that cave

  3. The Saltstone set drops there which I'd consider a Tier 2 transmog set. Very popular and garners good returns, but sells slower than something like Glorious, Lofty, Exalted or Vanguard.