Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My Week in Wow and the June Gold Chart

June Gold Chart
What has been selling this past week
Levelling via pvp
Cross faction Herbs

This chart tracks changes in liquid gold in June

The first thing to say is I don’t make a profit everyday, some days I will break even or make a loss. This can happen because of a combination of bad sales and buying  a lot of cheap mats. I am in the scrolls market so I mass buy cheap Maelstrom crystals and try to keep the price above 140g. This increases the sales for my main scrolls Landslide, Windwalk and Power torrent.

There was a time in the middle of the month where liquid gold increased steadily. To consistently increase gold through the lull I have diversified, I’ve gone back into markets I used to be in (Wotlk flasks, low level tailoring/LW). I am using wowuction to try and spot the gaps.

I focus on items with a 0.2 – 0.4 sold per day. I then look at TUJ to see if the item is posted consistently I’ve found some things like mongoose where the competition only posted during weekends. I post every day so I am getting those extra sales.

I get a lot of question about how it is really hard to make gold when really it’s not. You just need to set yourself a target and track your progress. Get the MySales Addon and config it so you see your weekly sales. See where your money is coming from. Set yourself a weekly target it might be 1k, 10k whatever you think is actually achievable.

Use TUJ to see what the busy sellers are doing, most likely the first 1-2 will be into 100% glyphs but look at the rest and see what they are selling and what they are posting, get some ideas!

Snapshot of MySales for this past week

Jim mentioned wildvine on his livestream a few weeks back, I got a few gathering herbs in felwood and they sold within an hour, I will price them a bit higher next time!

I have been pvping a lot this past week on my warrior and shaman in the 80-84 bracket, queue times are around three minutes.

I made a shopping list of herbs I needed to powerlevel 3 alchemists and a scribe, I knew that there would be times I would have to farm herbs because of the quanity I needed, I am looking at you goldthorn / strangelkelp. I went ahead and farmed up the gaps using my tauren druid and yesterday moved them all over.

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  1. First let me say that your helm and shield look amazing.

    Also you should try out the addon Auditor for keeping track of your sales. It's one of those "Load out of Date" addons, but it works really well, and gives a simple interface of profit over the week, per character, as well as overall. Great addon for that, simple interface too! Worth trying for sure!

  2. Cheers : )

    I use broker:currency and fortress (Jim told me about them) it does what auditor does :)

    I really like Twitchie's graphs and that they track stuff, which gave me the idea for the liquid gold chart.

    My next milestone is 3 million and i just wanted to see how i was doing and estiamte when i'd hit 3 million (3-5 weeks)

  3. I love the Wrath helm, I've been tempted to go collect the green BC re colour of the set on my Paladin.

    Three million is a crazy amount, have you bought anything or plan on buying anything you'd like? (tcg mounts etc)

  4. I'm one of those people who just has like 3-4 mounts per toon, I might splash some cash on getting some pets, 310% flying for all toons.

    I've still got a lot of levelling/professions to do on alliance side.

    TCG mounts dont pop up too often here and when they do they go for crazy amounts and i'd only buy them to flip.