Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ink Purchase Distribution by Sales?

 I recently read this post Ink Purchase Distribution Calculator To Help You Stockpile by Jim over at Power Word: Gold and it got me thinking about how I would be splitting up my own ink stockpile. 

This breakdown was based on the amount of glyphs for each ink type but I thought maybe basing it on actual sales would be more useful.

Would the results be different or the same?

Then I remembered Twitchie of Twitchie Enterprises posted up over a year’s worth of glyph data : My Ultimate Glyph Performance List

So I put this information into an excel spreadsheet, added in ink types and did some math!

Here are the results:

Interestingly most are very close. The biggest differences are in Ethereal ink and Midnight ink. More Ethereal ink glyphs sell as a proportion of total glyphs and less Midnight ink glyphs sell as a proportion of total glyphs.

Ethereal ink is used to make a lot of DK glyphs, Death Knights are a popular class and because they do not start at level 1 you may buy them glyphs straight away.

This sales data is based on one players results on one realm, but a distribution based on glyphs sold may be more accurate than a distribution based on total glyphs that can be made.

However there is not much in it, maybe stock up more Ethereal ink and a bit less Midnight ink

How is your ink stockpile coming along?

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  1. I haven't even started stockpiling inks yet, still have a ton of Blackfallow for restocking glyphs, probably going to trade it in sometime right before patch when it's clearer what's going to go on with glyphs.

  2. I'm filling a full bank tab each of all but Shimmering, and any more than that will be mostly more Ethereal and of the Sea. I'm probably not going to keep Blackfallow in any form.

  3. Great spreadsheet-fu Farli. I was a bit surprised the totals lined up so closely. DO I have your permission to use these results in an additional page of future versions of my spreadsheet?

    (Also Jabberie worked out some post-MoP ink numbers I'll be adding into a future update. TLDR: -54 Ethereal, +57 Celestial.)

    1. Thank god, I was going to add my own calculations to the spreadsheet based on the Monk glyphs but then realized I had done it all wrong. <3

  4. Thanks for the shout out Farli.

    Zman at the consortium forums produced the same result with my data a little while back so for anyone looking at stockpiling for the glyph market in MoP, it's definitely worth a look at Kathroman's post [Inscription] Guide on "WINNING" with MoP glyph preparation.

    I've also put down my ideas on dealing with over 400 distinct glyphs for the new expansion.

    Only two months to go until Mists, it might just take me that long to get through the herbs I bought this morning. ;)