Monday, 30 April 2012

Mists of Pandaria Preparation : The Alliance Plan

Warrior BS / Alchemy
Shaman Enchanting / Alchemy
Paladin Enchanting / JC     Mining/Herbs
DK Mining / Herbalism     Skin/LW
Mage JC / Inscription
Priest JC / Alchemy
Warlock JC /Alchemy
Hunter Tailoring / Skinning
Monk JC/ Alchemy
Druid Herbalism / Alchemy
Rogue Engineering/ Alchemy

Get them all to level 80 with priority, if time runs out, on getting DK to 85 in time for MoP launch.

Seven Alchemists
Four JC
Two Herbalists
One of every other profession

Currently it looks like this:

Destro Warlock 67
Blood DK 60
Prot Warrior 43
Resto Shaman 42
Resto Druid 29
Prot Paladin 20

So a lot of levelling ahead, I managed to get honoured with a guild last week and bought all the helm/back boa gear. I transmog my BOA gear (it costs a lot because it is based on the vendor value) so that I can I blow up unsuspecting people in BG’s, they think I’m using bad gear because of the looks and then they get two shot!

 Using the mailbox it was very easy to move all BOA gear from my main account horde side to my second account (same alliance side. I’ve been posting transmog, recipe’s and pets on alliance side without too much resistance and I am looking forward to locking horns with some different people in different markets in MoP. I’ve already started trying to snap up some cheap materials ready for profession power levelling once my toons dings 75.

It’s not all about stockpiling materials, now is a great time to fill in those missing professions and level those classes you’ve always wanted to play.

Update 15th June

Lock 67
DK 70
War 81
Shaman 58
Druid 29
Paladin 70
Hunter 65
Mage 75 

Levelling going well but 75-80 goes really slow even with full cata gear at 77/78. Gathering mats for another professions weekend to get Alchemy, JC, Scribe all up to 525. Will work on skin/lw on DK when I get to 80.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Transmog: One Realm One Million Gold Profit

4.3 Prep
Keelhaul showing the potential of transmog
Experimenting cross faction
True Horde
Timeframe and changes of game plan: going full circle?
Final thoughts and thanks

4.3 Prep

I did Darkmoon Faire turn in for two months trying to get some rare recipes but all I got was loads of greens and loads of bags. I disenchanted a lot of the weapons and stored the rest of the stuff. I used some greens on my own toons while levelling and sold some. I ended up with around a guild bank of greens heading into 4.3

Keelhaul showing the potential of transmog

I listened to the PWG: Podcast and read blogs, twitter was lighting up with a lot of amazing sales, so I decided to increase my prices, this was probably the time where I got most of the hate from people. I had some really good sales and this boosted my confidence so I bought more stuff and started posting more stuff and made even more sales. Twitter went crazy everyone was talking about transmog and I started posting daily screenshots of sales. It was new, exciting and I was making a lot of gold.

Experimenting cross faction

Around the time of 4.3 I got a second account and started selling items on both factions. I soon hit 500k in transmog profits with a 60/40 split with slightly more of my money being made on the horde side. Looking at the overall million gold it is more like a 70/30 split in sales. I cancelled my second account while I ran a US account and mothballed my entire alliance inventory in my guild bank for about a month. There was a lot more competition on alliance side and I mainly stuck to high/mid tier items there.

True horde

I played alliance most of vanilla but switched to horde near the end of vanilla and have been mainly horde since. It is hard for me because I have so many alts but I’d class my Tauren druid as my main, I had a feeling on items that horde players might gravitate to more than alliance players. I still haven’t seen a female Tauren in full Glorious ingame but I really really want to!

Timeframe and change of game plan: going full circle?

Initially I was pricing items around 50-100g because that was nice profit for an item I picked up for a  few gold however Keelhaul’s sales pushed me to slowy start increasing my prices. After this initial bump up in price I think my average price per item was around 1600g (Total value of Auctions divided by number of items posted).

After I hit 500k mark I started picking up more items and experimenting with more weapons / rare quality items. My inventory went from 2k to over 6k. Posting fees went up but so did sales. Near the end the last 150k or so I slashed prices. The reposting time (wtb bigger bags blizzard) was taking such a large chunk of my time. I normally used this time to write down blog ideas/posts so it wasn’t totally wasted. However competition on my realm were really cutting off my low priced sales. They were posting items at 75g to 200g and my lowest stuff was around 400 at the time. I decided just to try and clear some of this inventory. It was being bounced around mails on several toons and having 3 Gbanks full of transmog items wasn’t the best MoP stockpiling idea. Each item takes a slot and I could go into MoP with a low tier transmog item or a stack of ore, leather or enchanting mats. Today my average price per item has dropped to around 500g.

I pretty much dropped every other way of making gold because you can not beat transmog for profits in terms of the time/effort you have to put into it. I do a few things on the side like crafted pvp gear and recently 77-81 greens but in terms of gold per hour transmog was/is so ahead of everything else. It took me around 70 days to make 500k and another 80 days to get me to 1 million however the last 500k felt really slow mainly because I was actually selling more stuff but at a lower price. I’m sure it’ll take more than 80 days to get another 500k purely because my prices are so low now and the amount of other players in the market.

I stopped using buying lists around the time me and EPP released our leather list. I’ve been doing transmog for so long I can mainly tell if I want to buy an item just from the name. It is very very rare for me to come across an item I don’t already have and that is normally because it is a super rare drop.

Looking at the math it works out as an average of 200k Profit a month  (Profit = Sales – reposting fees – buying items)

I made a little over 1.2 Million in sales to get this 1 million in profit. Those costs can add up if you are posting lots of items and also trying to flip expensive items (e.g Chan's Imperial Robes). It currently costs around 8000g a week to repost items and sales can be unpredictable. I recall making 130k in 9 days around the same time as the Love is in the Air event but also I have had quiet weeks where after deposit fees I’ve only just about broken even.

I’ll most likely hit 2 million liquid gold in a couple of weeks, I’ve come a long way considering that I was sitting at around 300k in November. I am currently focused on levelling alts on my second account and alt realm, I got every boa except the ring for my tank/healers and I am going to sit in SW and just LFD to 85.

Final thoughts and thanks

Majority of my sales were made horde side which sets me apart to a certain extent I think from Keelhaul and Elvine.  I am very goal–orientated and I’m still thinking about what my next goal should be. My realm is very saturated and prices keep on falling. Seeing mid tier items as low as 200g while the cost of picking these items is over 30g makes me a little sad and there is not so much room for profit. I’m still sitting on over 5000 items so the increase in buying these items does not affect me as much as others however it is a factor in future profit potential.

I never really made this connection before but looking back at my gold making career I have to say I was more suited than most to this new way of making gold. Back in The Burning Crusade I realm hopped and made lots of horde and alliance toons. I was really into level 39/49 pvp I would start on a new realm and mine copper ore to get some starting capital. I would then use this gold to flip twink items. I knew most about 29/39/49 brackets I would flip greens, blues and purple quality gear. I would have to be patient and search the Auction House daily looking for a good deal. I would negotiate and try and bring the price down if I was buying or try and get the highest price possible when selling.

Huge thanks to @DEazeroth for showing us what was possible and @Powerwordgold who was there at the beginning. I sometimes think Jim gets overlooked a little his blog warcraft looks was spot on in a lot of areas: Bonechewer, Ceremonial leather and Hulking? And I remember looking at his site a lot in the early 4.3 frenzy.

Big thanks to the twitter community! I’ve had the pleasure of hosting a couple of amazing guest posts which gave a real insight into what people were doing on their realms @marthapie for showing the way she promotes transmog on her realm and @Audemgold for sharing his rags to riches story and what he spent his transmog gold on. Keelhaul has been doing his wowfactor shows + upcoming Secret Project, Elvine is doing his live streaming and I’m doing my blogging. It has been amazing to share this journey with those two and many others on twitter.

Special thanks to multi-realm transmog seller @EpicPennyPouch it seems a long time ago since we did that leather list together I would probably never have done that post without someone else to share the blame with : )

And finally a big thank you to my realm, there has been a lot of hate and a lot of discussion in trade chat but there was the odd thank you in there as well.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Prospecting: Iron Ore

Obsidium, Elementium and Pyrite are not the only ore you can prospect for profit.

It took me a week to buy one hundred stacks of iron ore. You can farm lots of Iron ore in Ferales.

Source: wowhead

This is the resulting amount of uncommon gems after the prospecting. It will take some time to sell all these but with lots of people switching from their mains to levelling alts and professions I hope to sell them all over the next two weeks.

Results of Prospecting 2000 Iron Ore:

158 jade
144 lesser moonstone
139 citrine
22 star ruby
18 aquamarine

Using Tuj EU mean data

Jade 12.77
Lesser moonstone 2.96
Citrine 12.12
Star ruby 8.73
Aquamarine 8.58
Cost of Iron ore mean 38.58g/stack x 100 stacks = 3858g

Jade = 2017.66
L.Moon = 426.24
Citrine = 1684.68
Star ruby = 192.06
Aquamarine = 154.44

Total value = 4475.08
Potential profit = 617.08 Not great profit

Using my realm data

Took me a week to buy 100 stacks because I only bought ore that was below 14g/stack.

Cost is 14 x 100 = 1400g

Jade = 2370
L.Moon = 403.2
Citrine = 695
Star Ruby = 129.8
Aquamarine = 113.4

Total value = 3711.4
Potential profit = 2311.4 Nice profit from 1400g investment.

What you might want to look into doing :

Farm iron ore, sell it raw
Farm iron ore, prospect ore, sell gems
Buy iron ore, prospect ore, sell gems

Keep an eye out on the price of iron ore and these gems. Use this Auctionator shopping list to get a snapshot of what is going on in this market on your realm.

*** iron ore_Gems
Iron ore
Lesser moonstone
Star ruby

If you go to TUJ -> Enhancements -> Jewelcrafting scroll down to the bottom and you will see a Prospecting Value table which can give you a good idea whether this is worth doing on your realm.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Transmog and me by @AudemGold

 I am a relatively new player in World of Warcraft. I only began playing  on my main character  Audem on US Fenris in June of 2011. I was a total noob to online gaming and MMORPG's in general. I remember being shocked that I could talk and play a game with players all across the world in real time and do anything I wanted. I progressed through the game, attempted to raid, and was always the most greedy person in my guild (though usually the most broke... I have a spending problem!). I became obsessed with trying to make gold because I had a dream. I realized that I was never going to down Heroic Ragnaros, it just wasn't going to happen but there was something else I was in awe of and was determined to get. It was Vial of the Sands and it would be mine. There was only one problem I had like 10k gold after 6+ months in the game and acquiring epic flying (borrowing gold from a former GM for that) that was all I had though I tried and tried to find ways to get the scratch up to buy it I never could. Then it happened.... 4.3!

            It was a cold day about a month after patch 4.3 hit and I was still struggling making gold when it happened for me. I was at work checking over my twitter feed when I kept seeing this guy being called the Mogfather showing the world how he was making literally TONS of gold flipping low level green items. Players wanted these greens to use for transmogrification and they were paying as much as 20k gold per piece. I was shocked that this was possible because I had tried for a few weeks to sell these things on my realm and no bites so I reached out to  @Deazeroth aka The Mogfather asking him whether or not he could do it on my realm as well because I was trying and it wasn't working at all. He kindly agreed to give it a shot and I scrambled with the RAH app on my iphone and got a guildie to send him 200g to play around with. He joined my guild and we began to talk about the items to buy and flip and he showed me where to find his lists. I was giddy (though quite skeptical) and began buying everything I could find that fit his theme and mailed off to him and sat back and waited. It wasn't instant,  it wasn't in a day, but in about 3 days we had built his inventory to around 100 pcs and profits started coming in. I couldn't believe it! I picked his brain constantly, I continued to buy and he continued to post and after around 1 week he had made me 5k gold! It was like Christmas for me. That's where my journey began.

            I took that initial 5k plus the roughly 20k I had personally and went to work. The Mogfather had left me roughly 80 pcs of inventory and a good knowledge of what to do.  I began using TSM and Auctionator and scoured my AH via the game client and RAH app for hours a day. I was obsessed with it. I started making sales... 2k one day, 9k a few days later, 24k one weekend, the gold was pouring in and all I was doing was buying low and selling high. I didn't have time to raid,  didn't have much time to run my guild, nothing I was obsessed and it was ok! I made my first 100k about a month in (maybe less) and was feeling pretty good about things. I technically had the gold to buy my Vial but greedy goblin set in and I wasn't comfortable letting it go just yet but did want to do something else. 

            I play Horde on my main and all of my alts but I had been noticing that the models transmogrification wise for characters was so much better on the Alliance side. I had a guildie help me move 1k gold over to the Alliance side and made my first Ally toon. Bankonally was his name and that is all he was. He was a human hunter and never made it past level 1. He didn't have to! I began the same process again and was AMAZED at how many sales I raked in on the Alliance side. I bought a lvl 11 guild with 7 tabs for 7k about 2 weeks later, started stocking up, and literally making a killing on the AH. I was literally posting around 2,000 auctions a day across both factions, deposit fees were in the 1,000's but it didn't matter because I was clearing 3-5k a day. A month went buy and I was up to 100k gold on the Alliance and it was finally time. I found my Vial on the AH for 38k snagged it up, had a guildie help me move it over to the horde side and victory was mine! Hell I even decided to wear some of the stuff I'm selling because why not market a little while out in the world. The two photos are of my Rogue Splitpea wearing full Bonechewer with  Boneshredder shoulders and gloves plus my new Alliance Toon Cailou in almost a complete set of Vanguard plate!

            There were very few if any cons to selling transmogrification gear for me. Trade Trolls would rage “That is never gonna sell!” “lol 5k for a lvl 50 green”and right after that I would post “XXX on the AH now. 9K!” …......... Troll Rage........... “a buyer has been found for you auction of XXX”. I've had mails from players raging on me. I get whispers “thanks for ruining the economy on this server” to which I reply “your welcome”. I have been reported as a gold seller and accused of making the game unplayable for leveling characters. I have also gotten the mails from people grateful that I had the one item they were looking for and more requesting pcs that they themselves couldn't find. I was and am always willing to help and even cut a deal to those genuine people in game and love it when I see them in Org wearing my gear.

            I have since retired Bankonally as a toon on the Alliance and rolled a DK and leveled enchanting so I could DE the items that wouldn't sell. I have began to stockpile cloth and dusts for MoP and continue to sell albeit at a much slower rate now that we are 5 months into the patch. I use a bank alt on the Horde side as well but it is fairly well known on my server who I am and what I do. I am the GM of my own guild with over 250 members and am quite happy to say we are 1/8H DS and ALL guild members have full repairs along with flasks and feasts paid for by the guild that is 100% funded by my transmogrification sales. The transmogrification market has changed the game for me, I would still be the guy that had to borrow 2500g from my former GM for epic flying just to manage it. Now if I want it I buy it and don't worry about what it costs. I have dipped into so many new markets that I now have a steady stream of gold coming in  via shuffling, crafting, and flipping that I know if I spend 10k today I'll make 11k tomorrow so who cares.

            In conclusion the transmogrification feature added with patch 4.3 has netted me over 400k gold. Liquid gold after buying Vials, funding a guild, Mechano Hogs (x3) and I don’t have a care in the world as far as gold goes. I lend gold out to guildies never intending to be repaid. I give 1000g to random players attempting to sell 20x Wool cloth in trade and watch them freak out, there is nothing better than bankrolling a lvl 19 warlock that is selling wool cloth.  I would like to give special thanks for all of this to @deazeroth (for getting me my start),  @powerwordgold (for having a site to bring all the lists together), @theovercut (for supplying me a forum to write this and for the EXCELLENT leather lists!), @bishopswow (for letting me bounce ideas off of from time to time), and too many others to name.

            I will leave you with a few screen shots of some of my successes and to everyone good luck in all your gold making endeavors! 

 This is Audem Gold signing off.

Check out another Guest Post: Transmog Tactics by @marthapie Part 1

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Farming Embersilk Cloth and level 77-81 Greens

I was trying to get into the crafted cloth pvp market but I was struggling to get any good volume of Embersilk cloth. Items were selling but it could take me a week to do a full restock because of the shortage of cloth which went up in price from around 70g to 85g a stack.

I remember Faid did a video of farming for cloth on her DK.  Tailoring - WoW GoldRush - Gold Making in 15 Minutes

I took my Frost DK (ilvl 374) over to Deepholm to see how much Embersilk I could get in an hour. While running round and killing stuff I was also picking up items in the 77-81 range. I used a Potion of Treasure Finding so that I could get extra Embersilk cloth from the tiny treasure chests. These are my stats based on my realm prices. Embersilk 4g/ea and 77-80 greens 250g, I don’t put a value on green over level 80 because they might not sell so I price them in as zero gold. If I get lucky and pick up an 81 chest/shoulder/wep then yes it will sell but just to keep math simple I split up the greens I got into good and bad.

Good Greens level 77-80 Value 250g.
Bad Greens level 81 and above Value 0g in below figures.
Level 81 armour other than chest/shoulders can sell like these legplates but these sales are less frequent.

General tips: 

Always be doing damage. When I stop to loot I’ll throw death and decay on another group and a howling blast on another, I am looting and mobs are going down in health. I experimented with reforging everything into mastery but I did not really see any increase in damage so went back to no reforging. I use Glyph of Howling Blast and Glyph of Icy Touch. I am not great at playing a DK I just use howling blast and when they get close use frost strike.
 In one of the runs i did not get a green for fifteen minutes and then I got three in a row!

I did get killed a few times, my dot everything strategy (4-5 groups at a time) might rub some people the wrong way but thankfully the Graveyard is very close and you dont lose the potion when you die.

(Update Image 21st May new record for me 47 chests)

Hour 1
42 chests
145 embersilk
11 good greens 4 bad
1 blue
1 jc recipe inscribed hessonite

42 chest opened gave the following:
231 embersilk
3 good greens 3 bad
17 pyrite
10 air
19 earth
23 water
23 life
6 fire
10 ele ore

1 hour + potion = 5000g/hr

Hour 2
Chests 32
Cloth 167
Greens 7 good 9 bad

32 chest opened gave:
91 embersilk
2 good greens
25 air
20 water
25 ele ore
5 pyrite ore
10 life
7 earth

1 hour + potion = 4300g/hr

Hour 3
35 tiny chests
Cloth 97
Green 10 good 7 bad
27g vendor

35 chests opened:
205 Embersilk
1 good green 3 bad
11 water
1 air
29 pyrite ore
11 fire
17 ele ore
26 v earth

1 hour + potion = 4400g/hr

Hour 4
Chests 34
149 cloth
167 trash gold
Greens 9 good 6 bad

34 chests opened gave:
195 Cloth
1 good green
26 air
13 water
6 fire
13 pyrium ore
3 ele ore

1 hour + potions = 4500g/hr

Dropped Skinning and Power leveled Tailoring to 425 (think you only need 400 for Northrend  Cloth scavenging to kick in for Cataclysm mobs but I had already bought the mats so went to 425)

Hour 5 with 425 Tailoring
41 chests
412 embersilk
25g vendor loot
11 good greens 6 bad greens
1 blue plate level 82

41 chests opened gave:
Enchant bracer-agility
196 cloth
3 bad greens
11 air
13 earth
7 fire
10 life
17 water
17 pyrite ore
18 ele ore

1 hour + potion = 5600g/ hour

Hour 6 with 425 Tailoring
33 Chests
480 cloth
45g trash
11 good greens 4 bad greens
Blue level 82 ring

33 chests gave:
177 cloth
2 good greens 1 bad green
10 air
10 fire
9 life
4 water
4 pyrite ore
8 ele ore
6 earth

1 hour + potion = 6200g per hour

It really pays to do this on a tailor

Average without Tailoring = 4550g per hour
Average with Tailoring = 5900g per hour

The mats cost of a Potion of Treasure Finding is around 80g on my realm.
I did not include the gold picked up from mobs only the value of vendor trash minus repair costs and the gold that was contained inside the treasure chests.

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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Transmog on high pop realm: 100,000g at level 1

Quick info

Level 1
17 hours /played
Initial 1,000g Investment (Returned)
Access to Guild bank for storage
Average 6000g per hour

What I learnt from the experience

I have really enjoyed working with a smaller inventory, reposting 100-200 items is a lot faster than over three thousand on home realm. Playing on a realm with such high population has opened my eyes to the amount of items that appear on the Auction House everyday.

The first few times I saw the Auction House I had to resist the urge to basically buy everything. I had to think differently or did I?

I used wowhead to check drop rates on items I thought looked nice or thought might be rare. I used similar tiers/prices as my home realm; I quickly found that the larger supply of items was also matched with a much larger population of potential buyers.

104k in 17 hours /played works out at around 6000g per hour. A respectable amount for a max level toon with two professions but I did this on a level one with no professions.

I only logged on this characters 2-3 times a week and therefore rarely came across items that many would class as top tier. This forced me into looking again at items not on any lists, looking at rare quality items and experimenting with items I had never sold before.

The future of Transmog

There is still gold to be made in transmog but it does depend on the server demand and competition you face. I was lucky that the competitors on this realm had not crashed prices yet. When I arrived most mid tier items were priced above 1000g. What I am experiencing might be a little ahead of the curve but I predict that over time a lot of mid/low tier items will be sold very cheap for 300g to 700g and only the really rare drop items will hold their value as we head into Mists of Pandaria.

If you divide total sales by the number of sales we get a figure of 712g. This is the average sale price of my items on this realm. When people initially get into transmog they are after that big sales 2k, 5k even 10k however those items that sell at below 1000g are as equally important, not every player is going to stump up 5k for a transmog item, you have to make sure you are hitting as many potential buyers as possible. Those small sales add up.

When thinking about it 100k is not what it used to be, my next goal is to hit 250k but I might start flipping other items like glyphs and pets and adding in other ways of making gold into the mix.

How much gold can you make in 17 hours /played?

Friday, 13 April 2012

Selling level 81 Greens

I bought eight level 81 items last night, and when I opened my mail this morning they had all sold. I think Gimp (@GimpsGold) originally came up with this theory of selling level 77-80 greens. If you were level 77 you could equip cataclysm greens that had much better stats than their WOTLK counterparts. This meant you could level faster and destroy people in the Battlegrounds. These cataclsysm greens had high ilvls allowing you to get into cataclysm dungeons like Throne of the Tides and Blackrock Caverns faster. No need to spend lots of time upgrading all your wotlk gear via quests. Instead you could save some time and get straight into the new dungeons. Jim and Alaeriel have mentioned having success wih 77-80 greens on their livestreams and .

Majority of the items I sold were shoulders and chests, now why were people buying these level 81 greens? Surely if they wanted to buy items they would have bought them in the 77-80 range. However I then remembered that Wotlk BoA armour stops giving bonus XP at 81. So maybe some people are still wearing the shoulders and chest for the bonus XP until they ding 81. They are then upgrading once they hit level 81, buyers are thinking that there is no point buying a 77 green because they are already level 81 and can equip greens with a higher ilvl.

I’ve bought 10+ more level 81 items today and will track how fast they sell; I am only going to buy shoulders and chest from now on. Just thinking about it maybe Level 81 weapons could be something to look into as the boa weapon are 1-80 like the shoulders and chest. When someone goes to the Auction house to buy some level 81 green armour they might look at the level 81 weapons as well?

Use Armor/81/81/i272 in Auctionator and try shoulders/chests out first.

Were they just random sales or is this an untapped niche? How much are you selling level 81 greens for on your realm?

Check out
Level 81 BS Crafted Weapons 
Farming Embersilk Cloth and level 77-81 Greens  

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Hunt for Greater Planar Essence

I have been doing my destroying scans using TSM but I just can’t get enough Greater Planar Essence.
I need them to make Enchant Cloak - Stealth which is used for BOA cloaks. Faid recently did a video on this enchant: WoW Gold Making - Enchant Cloak: Money (Ep 7)

My tips on grinding the Cenarion Rep is to go to The Underbog and set it to heroic difficulty, go ahead and clear the place but log out while still inside the dungeon, come back 25-30mins later and all the trash will have respawned ready for you to clear again You can also run Heroic Slave Pens and Heroic The Steamvault once a day for additional rep and a change of scenery.

So while flying around Nagrand picking up some Primal Air I remembered Gevlon doing a post on farming a Halaa vendor ghostbocis farm , I went over and the same items are still available and they are a great source of Greater Planar Essences. I am going to keep my alt here because the vendor refreshes roughly every thirty minutes.

So I paid a little under 30g to buy all six items.

 I got 12 Greater Planar Essence and 3 Arcane dust.This is a fantastic source of Greater Planar Essences.

   Where do you get your Greater Planar Essence's from?

Friday, 6 April 2012

Daily Transmog Picks

Swampwalker boots are a rare quality leather item with a very low drop rate (0.03%) they stand out when looking at green coloured leather boots.

I never thought I’d say this but I have lots of Steadfast items, I dropped my prices and they started moving this past week. I still have 5 chests but that was the last of my legs.

I don’t really want to go into MoP with such a massive transmog inventory so I have slashed prices to try and get rid of most of it. Even if I can get my 6k items down to 3k I’d be very happy.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

MoP Prediction: One Mill in One Month

Is One Million Gold in 30 days possible?

What you will need:

A toon with herbalism (ideally tauren and/or druid)
Same toon or another with maxed inscription
Farming time!


Example 1 - 100 MoP Decks!

100 decks – 10.5 cards per deck so 1050 cards roughly for 100 decks.

Assumption 1: Takes 10 new version of inferno ink per card and inks per stack of herbs stays the same.

1 card = 6.25 stacks of herbs (10 new bf ink convert into 1 new version of inferno ink)

So 100 decks = 1050 cards = 6562.5 stacks of herbs.

Assumption 2: 30 stacks of high level herbs per hour

6562.5/30 = 218hrs = roughly seven and a quarter hours per day.

That’s to make 100 decks purely via farming within one month of MoP launch.

Assumption 3: Inflation of 50% or more

Take average of 20k/deck = 20k x 100 = Two Million Gold

Example 2 - 50 MoP Decks!

50 decks = 11.66 cards per deck

50decks = 583 cards = 3643.75 stacks of herbs

3643.75/30 = 121 hours = roughly four hours per day.

Take average of 20k/deck = 20k x 50 = One Million Gold

In Cata decks were going for around 20k / 15k / 15k / 5k in first 1-2 faires

An average of 13.75k per deck

MoP inflation so far no-one has any idea but I’m assuming it will increase prices by at least 50%. That 13.75k -> 20k. This is on the low side I think as well.

So just farm herbs for first 30 days of the new expansion if you want to make one million gold in a month. That should keep you going for the rest of the expansion. Your ability to farm for that much depends on your realm population, whether it is a pvp realm and at what time of the day you can farm.

Some assumptions which might not hold up and may significantly alter the math:
1)      30 stacks an hour seems high especially for a non-Druid / non-Tauren
2)      It might take more than 10 of the new version of inferno ink per card, remember in wotlk similar cards only took 6 snowfall ink per craft
3)      Inflation could be higher or lower

Source for prices for DMF trinket in early Cataclysm :

Source for number of cards per completed deck wowhead :

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Daily Transmog Picks

Wanderer's Gloves and Polished Obsidian Pauldrons

Blue items can sometimes get overlooked with so much focus on green quality items. Jim might be on to something with Wanderer's Garb it has been moving nicely at 400-650g range this past week, before it rarely sold.

My stock situation on my realm is getting a bit out of control so i've decided to reduce prices a little my 1400g range is now 999g, my 2k range is down to 1200g. I am not adjusting my top end ranges because items are still moving well at this range. Some new competition is pricing around 1000 items at 150-250g range which has really eaten into my low priced sales this past week.

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Monday, 2 April 2012

Transmog on high pop realm : 5000g per hour

I started getting interested in how transmog was playing out on other realms, I looked around a few realms and bumped into Soco on one. I asked for a bit of start up gold and was given 1,000g and a guild invite so I could use the guild bank as storage.

I am now at 13 hours/ played (5 weeks IRL) and I have 64,000g an inventory of 120 items and I returned the original 1k investment. That’s around 5,000g an hour. I don’t use remote auction house so all that time was spent searching the Auction House for items, collecting mail, posting items and look at transmog sets in Stormwind.

The realm has a very developed trasmog market there are lots of sellers some going for high prices, some posting lots of items at low prices.

The hardest part of going from medium pop to high pop is you have to start rating items differently, items that you might see once a week on medium pop you’ll see every day on high pop.

Huge thanks to Soco for helping me start up and being a very gracious host you can follow her on twitter @SocoWow

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Leather: Farming Borean Leather

I like farming lots of Borean leather in Zul’drak, it is also a great place to level your skinning on new alts.  If skinner + herbalist you can pick up the frozen herbs as you do the loop. As far as selling the leather you will probably get a higher price/sell more by converting it into heavy borean leather which requires leatherworking. You could always ask a friend or find someone in trade chat to do this for you. I stumbled upon this area while levelling my skinning.

Ideally you would do this on a druid because you will be flying around a lot (instant flight form ftw) but I also did it on a maxed DK and I could zip around kill a raptor then just remount and repeat. There is a nice loop as I have indicated on this map meaning you will never run out of mobs to kill. I like this spot for the added bonus of getting a little cobalt ore and a chance on the very rare Gundrak hatchling. This is a quiet area, you might occasionally see someone who is mining cobalt ore but other than that you could spend hours here and not see anyone.

 What is the price of Borean leather on your realm?