Monday, 9 April 2012

The Hunt for Greater Planar Essence

I have been doing my destroying scans using TSM but I just can’t get enough Greater Planar Essence.
I need them to make Enchant Cloak - Stealth which is used for BOA cloaks. Faid recently did a video on this enchant: WoW Gold Making - Enchant Cloak: Money (Ep 7)

My tips on grinding the Cenarion Rep is to go to The Underbog and set it to heroic difficulty, go ahead and clear the place but log out while still inside the dungeon, come back 25-30mins later and all the trash will have respawned ready for you to clear again You can also run Heroic Slave Pens and Heroic The Steamvault once a day for additional rep and a change of scenery.

So while flying around Nagrand picking up some Primal Air I remembered Gevlon doing a post on farming a Halaa vendor ghostbocis farm , I went over and the same items are still available and they are a great source of Greater Planar Essences. I am going to keep my alt here because the vendor refreshes roughly every thirty minutes.

So I paid a little under 30g to buy all six items.

 I got 12 Greater Planar Essence and 3 Arcane dust.This is a fantastic source of Greater Planar Essences.

   Where do you get your Greater Planar Essence's from?

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