Sunday, 1 April 2012

Leather: Farming Borean Leather

I like farming lots of Borean leather in Zul’drak, it is also a great place to level your skinning on new alts.  If skinner + herbalist you can pick up the frozen herbs as you do the loop. As far as selling the leather you will probably get a higher price/sell more by converting it into heavy borean leather which requires leatherworking. You could always ask a friend or find someone in trade chat to do this for you. I stumbled upon this area while levelling my skinning.

Ideally you would do this on a druid because you will be flying around a lot (instant flight form ftw) but I also did it on a maxed DK and I could zip around kill a raptor then just remount and repeat. There is a nice loop as I have indicated on this map meaning you will never run out of mobs to kill. I like this spot for the added bonus of getting a little cobalt ore and a chance on the very rare Gundrak hatchling. This is a quiet area, you might occasionally see someone who is mining cobalt ore but other than that you could spend hours here and not see anyone.

 What is the price of Borean leather on your realm?

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