Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Farming Embersilk Cloth Patch 5.0.4 Update

I love AoE looting the plan had been to check out deepholm and move over to some 5mans but deepholm sucked me in with the crazy drops which i seriously think might be nerfed in the future.

Deepholm Hour 1

57 chests
655 cloth
16 greens 2 blues

Chests gave:
258 cloth
3 greens
Volatiles / ore

Deepholm Hour 2 

I got a bit more used to the rotation , stopped using deathstrike.

Bags full at 45mins, went to mailbox to mail off greens/cloth

602 cloth
67 chests
32 greens

Chests gave:
4 greens
333 cloth
Volatiles / ore

From now on will open chests and record totals for cloth/greens. This is because flying to mailbox is not fun and I can only get biggers bags in MoP.

Hour 3

1007 cloth total
33 greens
Volatiles / Ore 

Hour 4

I will use all the volatiles and pyrite ore to make truegold which I will keep for MoP.

I think this cloth amount can be improved on. 

This was done with an LFR geared DK tailor with 378 weapons.

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  1. Looks great, my new motivation to get my tailoring/enchanting dk to 85

  2. Absolutely terrific result and this is what I was seriously hoping for as a farming addict ;)

    Like Flarbish, I'm also very seriously considering getting a farming DK with Enchanting/Tailoring for just this sole purpose of farming.

    I assume you're blood Flar?

  3. Holy moly! I'll be having a look over there later tonight! I need cloth to finish off my bandages achievement /whine!

  4. You know how things get nerfed/hotfixed by doing exactly what your doing. blogging about it the deepholm grind has been known about for a while keep it a secret so we don't lose this gold mine savvy?

    1. Look at the date of the first post :P

      Three weeks till MoP it is time to let out some of the Cata Secrets : )

  5. i'm using frost spec and i hear haste is really good now so I might look into some reforging.

  6. Just tried this on a frost mage, tailoring + potion of treasure finding. Opened all of my tiny chests as I got them because they took up too much space. Had to stop at 50 min because my bags were full.

    Gold looted + grey/vendor items: 230g
    Embersilk cloth: 19 stacks + 9 pieces
    volatiles: 14 fire, 6 air, 8 water, 10 earth
    14 pyrite ore, 9 elementium ore
    13 greens which vendored for an additonal 108g

    I do have enchanting but wanted to see what vendoring the greens would give me, as infinite dust is dirt cheap right now on our AH. The next round I'll DE it all and save the mats for the MoP leveling rush.

    1. Nice! I will try and keep track of gold gained for my next run out there but i'd guess it was around 500g.

  7. I did also have about 10min of downtime as a guildy came out to show me what all of her new spells looked like.

  8. wow, each time I use the Potion of Treasure Finding I am lucky to get 10-12 chests. Maybe I need to do it more, but I tend to get bored after 1 hour of <500g / hour.

  9. What are you guys using the Cloth for? I've been selling PVP gear and bags, but just curious if there's anything else interesting to sell.

  10. Since Mounts and pets became account bound
    I Use my Travelers Tundra mount to sell my grey items and I can mail Deable items to my disenchanter using the argent squire

  11. Embersilk and bags alike have crashed big time since AoE looting. The fractured front and the other place with those troggs have been so over farmed over the past week or so. Do you think the price of cloth will hold come MoP? Considering how easy these mobs are to farm on a lvl 85, I expect they'll be a one shot come 90. Is it worth holding onto much cloth for MoP or sell it now while you can still get a 'alright' price for it?

    1. I'd sell most of it now. I moved nearly all mine into bags and bolts. Even though it is an amazing spot, there will be better spots in Pandaria because of the increased gold, high priced greens/enchanting mats and more in demand cloth/skin.

      E.g. Wintergrasp was a gold mine in Wotlk, now in Cata the price of primals, ores and herbs have gone up so much but still no-one goes there.

  12. What were you killing and what part of deepholm were you at?

    1. It doesn't matter now, they nerfed it. That spot no longer yields these results.

      See here: