Sunday, 24 March 2013

March Gold Making 2013

The month started with some professions kit sellling, by sorting out my guild banks and a few hours of farming while in LFR queue I managed to put together 7 profession kits. As of writing i've sold only 2 alchemy kits so far for total of 23k in sales. I will look again at my prices and might drop them for my other kits.

 I get a lot of whispers about Blacksmithing kits however when you say you can provide one for 15k they are no longer interested. Out of all the profession Blacksmithing is the one I get asked about the most however these same people are reluctant to pay more than 10k to buy one. For now I continue to bark my current kits and dont plan to make any more

Leveling alts 88-90

So I have used this spot on three of my toons so far, you will need rested xp and a battle standard is very useful.

Go to 60,87 Townlong Steppes

Fast respawn mobs and a rare , also nearby is a quest mob called Needlebottom that gives you 100k xp with rested xp. The respawn time is around 45 seconds.

If the rare spawn is up kill it if you can, very easy on a tank or pet class.

1) kill all the mobs including the turtles that spawn near the rare spawn
2) Kill Needlebottom
3) kill 1-2 mobs nearby
4) Repeat 1-3

Drop your banner in the turtle area for the most benefit. Also you can queue LFD while you grind these mobs.

Great spot if you are getting a little bored with TS, DW questing.

Disenchanting 458 gear

Nine Golden Lotus a new record for me

WTS Moss Agate

Embersilk Cloth -> Hypnotic Dust

 + 219,147g in 7 days