Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Auctionator Shopping List: i378 weapons

This post was my reply to a question I got on twitter from @brutaldlux

Try and negotiate people down, i've picked up a few of these items in trade. Aim for around 2-3k maybe spend up to 5k to grab the obsidium cleaver. It's high risk high reward so do not invest all your gold into one of these items. I sold 4-5 of these in the past month.

I like to price mine for around 50% to 100% more than i bought it, for example if i paid 3k flip for at least 4.5k. People will buy these for their alts.

*** i378 Weapons
Miniature winter Veil Tree
Chelley's Sterilized
Spire of Scarlet Pain
Ranseur of Hatred
Obsidium Cleaver
Lava Bolt Crossbow
Thorns of the Dying Day

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Making Gold at the end of an expansion: Up 429k in 30 days

30 days in gold making 26th May – 25th June
Flipping 378 weapons and Weapon scrolls
Wowuction + TUJ
Enchanting rods
Embersilk bags
BOA enchants
Crafted levelling gear

Focus on making gold during the lull, you will find you have less competition and it is a great time to experiment in different markets. Shift focus away from catering to the raiders, focus on those levelling professions and alts.

I realised I might have been pricing my 77-81 greens too low so I raised prices and now fluctuate them between 300g- 380g. I charge more on fri/sat/sun as most of my sales come over the weekend and drop prices to get a few more sales during the week.

I decided this month to go back to a similar transmog pricing strategy I had a few months ago, which basically meant I doubled the price of every transmog item I sold. It’s still too early to tell what impact this has made, I have had a good week but last weekend was super slow. Need more time to assess what impact reverting to old prices has made on sales numbers/ profits.

I’ve started to dabble in pets, recipes and trade mats. I have had consistent success flipping 378 weapons and resetting landslide / windwalk / power torrent scrolls.

Now that I have a substantial pile of gold I can be very aggressive and get into markets and correct them. I did’nt like that nightmare tears were 170g/ea so I reset the market and now they are selling for around 400g.

So basically I flip anything I can get my hands on! 

After Jim had mentioned wowuction in his livestream a few times, I started looking into it. I have to say I think wowuction is an amazing tool. I like to use it in conjuction with TUJ to get greater insight into what is selling and where I can diversify into.

Enchanting rods

I am selling arcanite and adamantaite for the most, but actually eternium is probably best for profits I can pick up ore for 2-3g/ea and sell rod for 130-170g.


From engineering pets to vendor pets these are flying off the shelves as with any holiday with a pet reward the midsummer fire festival has increased demand for pets. Pets are a great item for making gold while levelling they are very cheap to buy and always sell with demand spikes around holidays.

Embersilk bags

I have been doing a little bit of shuffling and ended up with 2000 hypnotic dust so I make these bags, I find the price peaks at the weekend so I don’t sell at 300g during week but sell lots at 400-450g on weekends.

BOA enchants

15 agi, cloak stealth, 22 int are my best sellers. I don’t have the +4 stats to chest recipe.

Crafted levelling gear

Jim had mentioned on his livestream selling levelling gear but I think he was focused on actual drops not crafted items. This also came up during The Clockworkriot Litecast episode 5, I have been experimenting with a few crafted tailoring / LW items. Some have been very successful and others not so much. I think the trick is to craft items in slots that are not slots that are mass crafted during levelling these professions. Still experimenting so will post more once I have a better idea of the items that sell regularly. Selling something for 500g which cost you 10g to craft is pretty awesome.

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Flipping Guilds

A guildie of mine mentioned having some success flipping a guild where the GM had been dethroned and the new GM was looking for a quick sale.

This is a really interesting way of making gold. I have started advertising in trade asking to buy any level 20-25 guilds at around 50-100k.

Like any high end flip you need to be comfortable with spending this much gold on a single thing. Make sure to keep enough liquid gold on you for everyday costs like repairs.

Check out this post by Cold of Col'ds Gold factory: Guild Challenges & Random Invite Guild Reflection

How many Guild Master’s get dethroned every day? 

No idea but how about offering a guild buying service to help out the lucky new Guild Master. You give them a good lump of gold and you get a guild.

D3 and a general lack of new content in wow leads to more people taking breaks, more and more Guild Master’s might take a break, take advantage of this increased supply of Guilds for sale.

The Basics:

1 Keeping an eye on the supply of guilds coming on to the market.

I use realm forums mainly. Dethroning/ taking break from game/ Raid drama

2 Straight Flipping Guilds for profit

I’m trying to buy guilds between 50-100k to flip for 200k or hold until MoP and flip it then.

3 Level it up those last few levels then flip

Check out this Post by Faid of Clockworkriot.com: Lackadaisical: All Lackeys Welcome

Have you done any Guild flipping? Have you dethroned a GM or lost a guild to dethroning? Share you story in the comments.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Flashback: Best posts from April

Flashback: Best posts from April

A chance to go back and look at my most popular posts from April.

Farming Embersilk Cloth and level 77-81 Greens

My most popular post ever, I  made note of everything that had been looted and did several runs. I did this testing over a couple of weeks so a lot of time went into this post.

Transmog and me by @AudemGold

I've been extremely lucky to host some amazing guest posts like this one.

Selling level 81 Greens

I discovered this niche market totally by accident. Even today I am the only person on my realm flipping these items, even though I have a lot of competition in the level 77-80 market.

MoP Prediction: One Mill in One Month

It was fun to do some of the math and figure out roughly what you might get. After this post we learnt about multiple copies of zones/ zone sharing. Where high pop realms will get extra copies of zones and low pop realms will be brought together in low population zones. More copies of a zone means more total nodes for higher population realms.

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Friday, 8 June 2012

Lockboxes & Chests!

The topic for this month was:

"What are some things you recommend players look out for while levelling a new character in wow"

Lockboxes & Chests !

You can get these while questing or doing LFD.

I was horrified to discover recently that some people vendor these.

“I’m not a rogue so I can’t use it”

“It takes bag space”

“They are always full of junk”

Being the main reasons according to my guildies


While levelling you will come across a lot of these, just send them off to a bank alt and ask rogues in your guild to help you out. Offer them a tip like 10g to open all your boxes or something but I’m sure they’ll do it for free for a guildie.

These items are a great source of transmog items, bags and recipe’s.

I love lockboxes because you never know what you are going to get. It's like a mini lottery you might get a horrible cloak, a blue twink item or even a super rare transmog item.

When you get into cataclysm zones you might stumble upon some Elementium lockboxes, these have a good chunk of gold and a green item.
Also keep a look out for chests, they can contain a wide range of good selling items from bolts to rare quality items. I use gathermate2 and it shows me on my mini map whenever I am near a chest spawn location.

 Also if you find yourself in a scholomance run wait for everyone to leave then go downstairs (near Jandice) an pull the lever that looks like a flame on the wall. Then go back upstairs and loot this chest for 2 green items and very rarely a blue quality item.

Huge thanks to Cold for organising these Gold Blogging Carnival’s. 

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Super Niche Transmog Part One

 Short post today thought I’d try and point you in the direction of some rare transmog items. These are things I have seen very very rarely, sold for huge amounts and might be something your competition does not pick up.

With more and more players getting into the transmog market using very similar buying lists it can really pay to go beyond lists and look for those  items that nobody else is selling.

When you use lists you miss out on a lot of items. The manual search might take longer but it gives you a good snapshot of what is up on the Auction House and at what price.

Here is a list.

*** transmog_superniche
Funeral Pyre Vestment
Robe of the Magi
Swampwalker Boots
Chan’s Imperial Robes
Ceremonial leather loincloth
Sanguine Robe
Martyr’s Chain
The Lost Kris of Zedd
Dark Phantom Cape
Obsidian Greaves

Do you prefer to buy using TSM/Auctionator shopping lists or do you go beyond the lists and do a manual seach?

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Five Fast Gold Making Tips : June

1 Invest in bags

Reduces trips to bank/mail when posting items on the Auction House (I really appreciate having big bags when reposting 2,000 transmog items)

2 Don’t sit around in Org / SW doing nothing

You can go do some fishing while waiting for a raid to form, LFR. I love chatting with guildies but you don’t have to stand next to the SW fountain to do this, or in goldshire. Get some mining done, check out some rare spawns in silithus  or try your luck on a dark whelpling ? Do something!

3 Don’t trash your profit margins to be the cheapest item.

You do not always have to be the cheapest auction. Overcut or Price match. If there are 3 items up 2400g / 2300g/ 700g do not post your item at 699g! Post it as 2299g.

4 Every Alchemist needs a Philosopher’s Stone

Sell the Recipe and sell the mats: Iron bars, Black vitriol, Firebloom and Purple lotus.

 5 Take another look at Potion of Illusion

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Milestone: Two Million Gold

If you follow me on twitter @TheOvercut you’ll know I hit two million gold about a week ago. It took me a little while to figure out exactly what to write, an initial draft did just have Transmog written 50 times.

4.3 and being patient
Transmog Transmog Transmog
Engi pets
Flipping crafted items
77-81 Greens
Fortune cookies / Mysterious Fortune Cards
Enchanting Rods
Mysales for the last 7 days
Where could I improve?
What does the future hold?

4.3 and being patient

My patch day was’nt the most exciting I chilled out in consortium IRC and  made glyphs. On my realm  too many people went into a frenzy of undercutting resulting in inferno rubies falling below the pre-patch price. This was a big signal for me to get out, I cancelled all my red gems and stumbled upon some 7g whiptail. On patch day in the mad rush I spent my time restocking glyphs and selling a few transmog items. A week after patch and everyone’s supply was drying up. I stepped in and made a lot of money in Gems/Scrolls/Transmog. I remember on Thrusday morning about a week after patch looting 100k from mail box in overnight sales it was crazy.

It was risky because for all I knew days after the patch we would be swamped in cheap ore and gem/scroll prices would drop sharply. I rolled the dice and decided it did not make sense to sell things for less than the pre-patch price when there was such a huge demand from a massive influx of easily acquired new gear.

Transmog Transmog Transmog

I made most of my money from transmog. I know big shock right lol. Well I got into the market early and I think it is the best market to make gold in. Now I have ventured to other realms EU and US and seen it has been very difficult on realms where there is already heavy competition. My experience I guess is the flipside to this I am the main seller, the big cheese.

I’ve been averaging around 50k/week profit from transmog for the past 6 months. Now considering I post my items for 48hrs and there is no crafting time and just reposting time it is a pretty amazing way of making gold.

I did’nt want this post just to be about how awesome transmog is doing on my realm so I decided to look back at some of my screenshots and sales and see what else I’ve been selling. If you want to read more about my succes with transmog check out Transmog: One Realm One Million Gold Profit .
Engi pets

Low mats cost, not every engineer has every recipe. Most of the crafted pets have choke materials that you can control keeping the quanity low and price high . This help to make this a very nice market, I might only sell 1-4 pets a day but when they are selling for like 10-15x mats cost I’m cool with that.

Flipping crafted items

Basically any crafted cataclysm item if it is dumped below mats cost then you should buy it and flip it. Jim has mentioned Savage Cloaks on his livestream many times and some of the tailoring items,  for my realm I don’t tend to see many tailoring items but I see a lot of the LW and BS items. When you see one guy post 15 savage cloaks for really low like 20g grab them. When you 9 Obsidium shields for 19g grab them. When you see low level LW/BS items like light leather pants posted below the DE cost grab them, flip it or disenchant and make your profit.

77-81 Greens

Jim & Gimp talked a lot about this market and I got into it and saw some good results. With a little experimenting I found that certain 81 items moved albeit slower than 77-80 items. Now I am a bit better expereicend with this market I can tell you pretty much any slot item from 77-81 sells. From Rings to fist weapons to items with the Beast suffix it all moves eventually. I have competition in this area and I can see using tuj sometimes a buyer will buy some of my items and some of my competitors because they are looking for a particular suffix or because my competitor does not have an item for that slot available. So a buyer might spend as low as 99g on  a pair of level 80 gloves but will pay 250g for a belt.

I have in the past week raised my prices after reading a post over at phatlewtsgold.net. Instant Gratification 

I saw the level 77 green prices were so high! So I bumped mine up and overall I am getting fewer sales but I am ok with that because I am making more profit per sale With D3 I’ve seen a pretty big drop in the number of these 77-81 items coming onto the Auction house to the point where I have had to increase my buying price.

Fortune cookies / Mysterious Fortune Cards

I never really got into barking MFC’s as there are already 3-4 players that bark them I just let them do the work and I price match. Sometimes though I see MFC very close to the ink cost (whiptail/6 or cinderbloom/5). In these situations I will buy out cheap cards and turn them into Fortune cookies. I find that there is a lot less competition in cookies compared to mysterious fortune cards.

Enchanting Rods

You’ve probably heard a lot of gold makers say get into rods, it is a market that has been around forever and you can make a lot of gold in this market. At this time in the expansion where people are moving away from mains towards their alts the enchanting rod market is amazing.

Mysales for the last 7 days 

Where could I improve?

I might not be the most efficient gold maker. When I say that I mean I don’t have the greatest process, I don’t generally buy things every day. I’m more of a when something is about to run out  I will stock up on mats for a week then do a massive crafting sessions so I have enough finished items to keep me going a couple of weeks. A good recent example is when I crafted 100 Arcanite rods. They’ll all sell over time and I don’t have to craft another bunch in a week’s time. I really want to get more out of TSM so I am in the process of setting up my entire Alliance operation using TSM.

What does the future hold?

I feel like I’ve been on auto-pilot for the past month or so, I am really looking forward to some new ways of making gold in MoP.

I have not really done anything special lately, just the same sort of stuff over and over again. As of writing this I am at 2.1 Million Gold. I post the majority of my items for 48hrs and rarely cancel auctions. I’ve spent the deposit fees so I want to get my money’s worth even if there are like 10 other items below mine.

I will continue levelling my alliance alts, it has fun to do some of the new cataclysm quests. I have tended to level via pvp/lfd mainly on my horde toons. I did this on a few of my ally toons but it can be nice to take a break and do a little questing maybe stumble upon some rare spawns with nice loot.


I am also very excited about coming up against some new competition. If you play the Auction House a lot you tend to bump into the same names over and over again. A new Auction house is always interesting, trying to find the gaps and bump into some new people.

Probably the biggest tip I can give you as someone looking to make gold in the world of warcraft is to get involved in the community, get on twitter, reddit, check out blogs/ livestreams / podcasts.

Big thanks to Keelhaul, Jim, Cold and everyone in the community keep being awesome!

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Friday, 1 June 2012

A little knowledge can be dangerous

So let me set the scene. Ore is normally 60-70g/stack. Then we get a deluge of cheap ore at 20g/stack. Combine this with an inexperienced JC (that happened to be a guildie) who wanted to get rich quick.

A guildie advertised in trade and guild chat how he wanted to sell Inferno rubies for 30g each. Now I bought them all because cut infernos are still selling for 100-110g and hey who doesn’t like free gold?

This guy kept talking about his ore adventure and it was fascinating to hear his tale. For example he was vendoring all his uncommon gems because he had read about it somewhere out there on the interwebz but realised that he was not making a lot of gold doing this.

One can expect that following a big amount of cheap ore coming into the market prices may start to come down but watching this player’s adventure was very very interesting. I intervened with the inferno rubies but decided it would be fun to try and get into the mindset of someone new to making gold. So I did not intervene again even when Nightstone were being vendored *wipes tear from eye*

A day passed and this player was still talking about how they were stuck with loads of gems that would not sell. He only has JC/Alchemy and no alts as far as I can tell.

Now when I read in gchat this player had made 9k in two days I was intrigued. I was glad this player managed to make some decent gold however when I asked how much they spent on ore they replied 7k!

So basically he spent 7k on 7000 ore (350 stacks), prospected it all and only made 2k profit? I was just like Wow. With a 7k investment he should have easily been able to make 15k+ back even just doing a basic shuffle and selling raw gems.

The thing is this player panicked. He had so much ore and just wanted to get rid of it. Even though perhaps to me and others he should have calmed down, kept prices a little higher, not vendored gems and basically chilled out and sold his items over a week rather than a couple of days. When you invest nearly all the gold you have into a market you panic it is just normal I guess. If I invested all my gold into something I might panic as well.

So what can we learn from this inexperienced JC? While it can be hugely helpful to look back at  older blog posts and listen to older podcasts please remember to check things still work out and engage your brain. This player was 110% confident you could buy elementium ore and make a profit just from vendoring the uncommon gems.

You might ask why I did not intervene and help this player, well  I think I wanted them to go through the experience and maybe they would learn and develop.

Would you have intervened?

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