Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Super Niche Transmog Part One

 Short post today thought I’d try and point you in the direction of some rare transmog items. These are things I have seen very very rarely, sold for huge amounts and might be something your competition does not pick up.

With more and more players getting into the transmog market using very similar buying lists it can really pay to go beyond lists and look for those  items that nobody else is selling.

When you use lists you miss out on a lot of items. The manual search might take longer but it gives you a good snapshot of what is up on the Auction House and at what price.

Here is a list.

*** transmog_superniche
Funeral Pyre Vestment
Robe of the Magi
Swampwalker Boots
Chan’s Imperial Robes
Ceremonial leather loincloth
Sanguine Robe
Martyr’s Chain
The Lost Kris of Zedd
Dark Phantom Cape
Obsidian Greaves

Do you prefer to buy using TSM/Auctionator shopping lists or do you go beyond the lists and do a manual seach?

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  1. Regarding Chan's Imperial Robes... Have you actually acquired and posted these on the AH? Because as of Cata's release, as far as I and many others know, it's no longer obtainable. The mob that Wowhead lists it as dropping farm is no longer of the level to be able to drop it.

    Please let me know!

  2. You are correct it no longer drops.

    I acquired mine by advertising for it in trade chat and asking old twink guilds. Took about a week before a seller came forward. It used to be best in slot for 49 twinks so these type of guilds would have many copies of them.

    Good luck trying to track one down, mine is locked away for now, will try and move it for around 125k when mop releases.