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Friday, 19 April 2013

April Gold Making 2013

 Yesterday I hit four million gold liquid, it has been a month with high sales but also some heavy spending. I got back into pet battles (aka losing many many pvp battles and then throwing gold at it) , I decided to make lots of flasks so that every minute I spend levelling alts in MoP I will be flasked. I got my 10th level 90 and finally got my Monk into Pandaria.

Pet Battles

I got back into pet battles once i learnt about the new "Trainer" title coming in patch 5.3. I decided my 17 level 25 pets was'nt enough and ended up spending around 120k on pets and pet levelling services.  I managed to pick up four tcg pets including a Purple Puffer which is a very powerful pet. 

Trade chat was being spammed with pet levelling services and i managed to negotiate some bulk discounts which basically meant it cost me between 1-1.3k per pet levelled from 1 to 24. 

A slight warning about buying these levelling services is try and find a level 90. I was seeing a lot of level 1's offering the service ( give them your pet they will level it up on their main realm) however if after the trade they delete the level 1 I am not sure you will be able to get the pets back. Also dont pay the levelling charge upfront and dont get tcg valuable pets levelled this way unless you trust the person offering the service.

Warbringers for rep and gold

As I try to make more gold on the opposite faction I have started farming Warbringers again for the rep items. On my Blood DK I can solo them so if I can get online during raid times or very early in the morning I can do a complete sweep where i can kill nearly all the warbringers and a lot of the scouts. The contents of the rare quality bags are worth around 600g on my realm.

I still dont have every SoH recipe yet so this is something I want to complete. As of today I am currently missing all LW recipe on horde side while on the  alliance side all BS recipes.

Golden lotus, Resetting Gems and Pricematch, learnt all gem cuts finally

A few weeks ago I noticed one of my main competitors was price matching me, and so I pricematched back but over the weeks since 5.2 there are now 7 people in the JC market all whitelisting each other which helps to keep prices high and reduces the amount of times I post gems per day.

Taking another look at your "system"

Firstly i'd like to say that if your system requires you to vendor items below the amount you paid for them then maybe you need take another look at your system.

I recently watched a livestream where Jim was vendoring 83-84 greens which he sells for like 300-400g each. His reasoning behind this was he did’nt want them filling up his guild bank so only kept one extra item. 

However if he bought the item why is he vendoring it for 12g? I sometimes have a lot of a specific suffix 83-84 greens I just pop them in the mail and I’ll get back in 30 days. It is highly likely by then I will need more of that item.

Space should never be the main issue in a relatively small market, I know these items don’t stack like scrolls or glyphs but they are not so hard to manage if you use a guild bank or unlimited mail storage.

I myself have 7, 8, 9, 10 copies of the exact same 83-84 green,I know I can post 1 - 2 and drop the others in the guild bank or mail them off.

Everyone has there own “system” but adding in a long term view to your system whatever it is can not be a bad thing. Make it less about what will sell today or tomorrow and more about what will sell this month, next month which is especially true in flipping markets.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

February Gold Making

I've have been focused on levelling alts, I have four 90's currently, three have 16 splot farms. I plant mainly for Golden lotus and Mote of Harmony.

These were my numbers for the week up to 9th February.

Embersilk cloth prices have been dropping on the alliance side so I have been crafting and disenchanting inot Hypnotic dust which sells very well at around 15g each. I also turn some into bolts and sell them around 18g each.

While I queue up for LFR on my DK I mine thorium in Silithus, it works out at around 3500g per hour when you factor in ore, arcanite and gem sale.

I need to find a windwool farming spot because I cant get enough of it. Prices have slowly been going up and they are around 2g each currently. I craft the level 85 armor and the rare procs I sell for around 500g each. The green quality items sell for around 60g but they sell a lot slower.

This is my MySales for today

My GIO stockpile is around 2k stacks Horde side and 500 stacks Alliance side, buying up some exotic leather when I see it cheap.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

AOE Looting: AQ20

I've been very busy IRL so with my limited playtime i've kept on top of all the alchemy CD's and spent some time in AQ20.

Lots of great items drop here, and the weapons can disenchant into Illusion dust and Greater Eternal Essence.  The ability to loot 40-50 in one go is amazing, I was getting one very rare transmog item a minute.

I've also spent some time levelling and playing around with the new specs for all my alts. I plan to level my blood DK from 80-85 through dungeons so if you spot a dodgy DK tank (rare i know right?) it might be me!

The patch went ok i focused on glyphs mainly and it paid off very well, currently I am posting 10 of each glyph for a very high price (600g+) and this is getting me 7 - 8k in sales a day. I have'nt been posting transmog items much this week mainly due to lack of time and also because I might be getting a bit burnt out on the AH.

I still have'nt bought the expansion and cancelled my second account today. I know its weird with the expansion so near and all these new talents but I might take a break and possibly get pulled back in for the expansion.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Farming Embersilk Cloth Patch 5.0.4 Update

I love AoE looting the plan had been to check out deepholm and move over to some 5mans but deepholm sucked me in with the crazy drops which i seriously think might be nerfed in the future.

Deepholm Hour 1

57 chests
655 cloth
16 greens 2 blues

Chests gave:
258 cloth
3 greens
Volatiles / ore

Deepholm Hour 2 

I got a bit more used to the rotation , stopped using deathstrike.

Bags full at 45mins, went to mailbox to mail off greens/cloth

602 cloth
67 chests
32 greens

Chests gave:
4 greens
333 cloth
Volatiles / ore

From now on will open chests and record totals for cloth/greens. This is because flying to mailbox is not fun and I can only get biggers bags in MoP.

Hour 3

1007 cloth total
33 greens
Volatiles / Ore 

Hour 4

I will use all the volatiles and pyrite ore to make truegold which I will keep for MoP.

I think this cloth amount can be improved on. 

This was done with an LFR geared DK tailor with 378 weapons.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Hunt for Large Brilliant Shards

 I recently acquired the recipe Enchant Chest – Greater Stats and have all my eight alchemists pumping out Essence of Air so I need lots and lots of Large Brilliant Shards. They are around 40-45g each on my realm so I headed over to BRD.

Check on the rare spawn on the way in, and check again every dungeon reset. The spawn time is around 2-4 minutes.

Zone into BRD and use the abandoned mole machine at the entrance.

Shortcut to just past the grim guzzler, then jump down to Lord Incedius.

Kill Fineous Darkvire.

Next up is the vault, then Pyromancer Loregrain. Head over the arena area and move towards General Angerforge.

Then continue as normal to the last boss.

I try to loot everything I kill but will sometimes skip some mobs just to get through the run a little quicker.

Make sure to kill Plugger because he can drop nice transmog item.


From a run you can get Transmog items, GEE, Illusion Dust, Dream dust and BRD is a great place to get Black diamonds also. You will get 45-50 LBS per hour, a stack of illusion dust and Runecloth (which I use to turn into more illusion dust using tailoring/disenchanting)

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Monday, 20 August 2012

Sales Report 12th August


Sales are down during this week partly due to an end on expansion slow down but also because I missed 2 days of posting, hopefully sales will pick up next week.

 I have been focused on levelling alts to 80/85. I have 6 alchemists (4 horde, 2 Alliance) and have around 300 Essence of air and 40 scrolls stockpiled currently. I have two more characters in outlands and will get their alchemy skill levelled to at least 300 to get them joining in the fun. I will have a more detailed post on the alliance project soon.

I’m running low on essence of water so I started looking into farming them up in Swamp of Sorrows. I find it best with a BM hunter so you can go round at 138% speed because the mobs are spread out. I’ve picked up a few transmog items as well as globe of water’s which sell for around 20g here.

Six alchemists and around thirty days till launch so I need 180 essence of water with procs that will hopefully give me over 200 Essence of Air. I currently have around 60 essence of water so will do some more farming next weekend, I tend to combine the farming of these essences with the posting of transmog items and glyphs on my second account.

I think marathon runners call it tapering, I’ve started reducing the time I spend on the auction house for me my time is more well spent levelling alts and professions. 

My big goal for the early months of MoP is to have a better balance in the amount of gold I make on both factions. Up to now I’ve made 90% of my gold on the horde side but in MoP I’d like to get that closer to a 50-50 split.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Farming your ink

So you might be hearing a lot of people talk about stockpiling including me. This is a great idea but if you don’t have a lot of liquid gold you might want to think about farming some things for your MoP stockpile. What if you wanted to farm 10,000 inks is that realistic? With around 40 days left till MoP is there enough time?

About a week ago Whiptail went over 100g a stack and I really wanted to get more glyphs crafted ready for MoP. I set out to find out how much ink i could get from the best herb farming spots excluding Cataclsym zones. I decided to exlcude cataclysm (bf ink) because this post might prove very useful in the early days of MoP when new herbs are very expensive and we can not trade down using Blackfallow ink.

I also set out to calculate the time it would take to gather enough herbs to make 10,000 ink.

I estimated it would take 1 hour 15mins per day. Guessing at 200 ink per hour and around 40 days till MOP release so that’s your 10,000 ink.

Can you collect 200 ink per hour for each ink type?

These results are based on a Tauren druid, level 25 guild, max flying, using gathermate2 and routes.

Average price of a glyph on my realm is around 75-80g, I am giving each ink a value of 25g.  ( 25 x 3 = 75 )

10k ink = 250,000g Sounds good

I used a milling table posted on the consortium forums and thanks to Critical for linking this to me.

Ferales, WPL and Sholazar Basin

One hour in Northern Ferales
280 blindweed
242 fadeleaf
202 Khad
20 goldthorn

One hour in inks
84 celestial
72 jadefire
71 jadefire
5 jadefire

Total ink = 232 ink

25g per ink = 232*25 = 5800g per hour

The Ink Mix
84 Celestial ink
148 Jadefire ink

I added goldthorn into the math but goldthorn is a great way for  Making Gold with Herbalism by selling it raw.

One hour in Western Plaguelands

140 blindweed
292 khadgar whiskers
150 fadeleaf
90 liferoot
214 kingsblood

One hour in inks
42 Celestial ink
102 Jadefire inks
37 Jadefire ink
27 lion’s ink
64 lion’s ink

The Ink Mix
42 Celestial
139 Jadefire
91 Lion’s

Total ink = 272

25g per ink = 272*25 = 6800g per hour

One hour in Sholazar Basin

134 goldclover
150 tiger lily
386 adders
66 deadnettle

Bonus mats
14 frost lotus, 7 eternal life

Iots 34
Iots 38
Iots 116
Iots 17

205 Ink of the Sea per hour

25g per ink = 205*25 = 5125g per hour

I may check out other farming spots / different inks however I am pretty sure BC zones (Ethereal ink) will fall short of the 200 ink per hour. It does look possible to farm 10,000 ink before MoP however the distribution will probably be missing Ethereal ink.

It might be useful in my next post to do a baseline for Uldum to try and see whether it makes more sense to just farm whiptail while we can still trade down, however i think this post will be useful in the future when you might run out of ink and MoP herbs are expensive.

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Guest Post : Borean Leather Farming by

Today I want to talk a little bit about farming. It’s important to understand that in every gold makers toolbox that farming is important. I know there are many gold makers out there who are against farming, they feel it’s a waste of time. I some respect to that, it can be. It all depends on what you are farming.

Borean Leather is on of those leathers that you need a whole lot of it to level your Leatherworking to 425. At 425 you move into Cataclysm level leather. My new Hunter is level 75 with both Leatherworking and Skinning, as I talk about earlier today as well as yesterday in getting ready for Mist of Pandaria. I believe that farming is most important the start of an expansion and the end.

The Farming Spot: Dragonblight, Northrend


To keep it short, if you look at the map, you can see the red circle in the upper center of the map. There is a cave, which has a bunch of level 72-74ish mobs all can be skin, but what makes this farming spot better than ALL others is that you can farm Jormungar Scales here as well. Those are the easiest leather to level your Leatherworking, you also will get tons of Borean Leather and Scrapes from the mobs. If you’re in a guild with the perk is ideal for farming.

The problem is Jormungar Scale these days are generally limited on the Auction House as no one is farming them. Those that do hit the auction house are just from skinners leveling through and not going out of their way to farm it.

Why is this important?


Simple, you want to stock up on Borean Leather for Mist of Pandaria because you’re going to have new Monks (of all races) leveling and more than likely people are going to take Leatherworking because Monks are leather users (like Druids and Rogues). So in general it makes sense, I’ll craft my own gear.

Just like with all professions there are choke points to where people end up having issues getting a whole of mats to level their professions. As a result they generally don’t want to farm and end up paying outright high prices to get the mats. Such choke points can some times, depending on your server controlled.

Maybe people talk about controlling a market I believe that a choke point are the best markets a person can control. Now Borean Leather is the hardest one to control, but generally the price can be kept up high.

In the time of any new expansion it does pay off to have a stockpile of it, simply because players will be focus on the new stuff. Those who decided to level new mains at the start if they choose Leatherworking. Within the first month they likely will be hitting Northrend content and Borean Leather. If they didn’t take skinning with Leatherworking they will be hitting the auction house.

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Making Gold with Herbalism

This past week I’ve been busy getting mats together to level 3 alchemists. I compiled a shopping list and hit the Auction House on horde and alliance but there were some big gaps.

Briathorn, Stranglekelp, Goldthorn

These three items were in low supply and very expensive.

Off I went to Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral with bountiful bags expect around 20 Goldthorn per 5 clears which takes around ten minutes in total. You will also get a little liferoot and any race/class with movement speed increase could do it even faster.

EU TUJ mean price for Goldthorn is 16g

20x16 = 320g in 10 minutes

For stranglekelp check out WPL and 1k Needles.

SM: Cath and WPL are very close so I would advise you do the 5 runs of SM cath and then fly to WPL and herb up Stranglekelp.

For briathorn check out the amazing frozen herbs in Hillsbrad.

I did a post on this area over on The Power Word: Gold Hatchery

With less people around and less stuff you need coming on to the AH look into making gold with gathering professions.  Mining Thorium is better than Elementium?

How do you make gold with herbalism?
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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Five Fast Gold Making Tips : June

1 Invest in bags

Reduces trips to bank/mail when posting items on the Auction House (I really appreciate having big bags when reposting 2,000 transmog items)

2 Don’t sit around in Org / SW doing nothing

You can go do some fishing while waiting for a raid to form, LFR. I love chatting with guildies but you don’t have to stand next to the SW fountain to do this, or in goldshire. Get some mining done, check out some rare spawns in silithus  or try your luck on a dark whelpling ? Do something!

3 Don’t trash your profit margins to be the cheapest item.

You do not always have to be the cheapest auction. Overcut or Price match. If there are 3 items up 2400g / 2300g/ 700g do not post your item at 699g! Post it as 2299g.

4 Every Alchemist needs a Philosopher’s Stone

Sell the Recipe and sell the mats: Iron bars, Black vitriol, Firebloom and Purple lotus.

 5 Take another look at Potion of Illusion

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mining Thorium is better than Elementium?

Mining Thorium in Un’Goro Crater & Silithus

This idea of multi-zone farming. 

My DK is very very fast i can do a loop of Un'Goro and then do a loop of Silithus. Both zones are packed with thorium and have rare spawns.

What can I do to make gold with the items I get from mining thorium ore?

Sell raw ore (check your AH prices sometimes ore will sell for more and faster than bars)

Sell bars (I prefer to sell in singles or stacks of 10)

Sell Arcanite (in singles)

Sell Arcanite rods (post 2/3 for 24hrs)

Add Rugged leather and craft Enchanted Thorium Blades and Disenchant.

If you don’t have an Alchemist ask a friend (make sure they are transmute spec) to make the Arcanite for you.

In one hour of mining I got the following mats

Total for 1 hour of farming  
742 thorium ore
24 arcane crystal
11 large opal
4 large sapphire
5 Azerothian diamond
8 huge emerald
9 star ruby
12 truesilver ore
23 mithril ore
904 dense stone

Take off 24 ore needed to craft the arcanite bars we are left with
742- 24 = 718 ore

Minimum of 24 arcanite bars

EU TUJ mean Arcanite bars are 100g

2400g from Arcanite bars

EU TUJ mean thorium bar is 2.76g

718 x 2.76 = 1981g

So before any extra procs from being a transmute spec alchemist or crafting you are looking at 4381g using TUJ average data.

An example from my last batch was 40 “casts” turned into 49 Arcanite bars. It normally averages around 15-20% bonus materials.

You can also keep an eye out for rare spawns and depending on loot this can really boost your gold earnings.

Dense stone turn into dense grinding stone which I used in crafting Arcanite rods. Generally you will be getting way more dense stone than you can use so either post it on AH (around 90s/stack here) but if you are literally drowning in dense stone just vendor it.

The gems you get sell really well to people levelling JC.

I’m really considering stockpiling a bunch of Arcanite bars for MoP. I really think Blizz will allow the transmog of legendary weapons. I stockpiled a load of bars pre 4.3 and they went from 30-40g to 100g which was awesome. I really like Arcanite bars because of the extra procs. An Arcanite stockpile is not that risky because you can always move them into Arcanite rods and even if Blizz does’nt allow legendary transmog lots of people will still go out there and collect them.

Plug in the numbers for your realm and work out how much gold you could make, leave your gold per hour numbers in the comments.

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rare spawns: Eastern Plaguelands Edition

The Map

 (source wowhead)

The macro

/tar Baron Bloodbane
/tar Soulbearer
/tar Hawkspear
/tar Selendre
/tar Duggan
/tar Foreman Jerris
/tar Foreman Marcrid
/tar Gish
/tar Hed’mush
/tar Lord Darkscythe
/tar Lynnia Abbendis
/tar Nerubian Overseer
/tar Zul’B

13 Rare spawns that can all be killed by both factions.

Baron Bloodbane
Duggan Wildhammer
Foreman Jerris
Foreman Marcrid
Gish the Unmoving
Hed’mush the Rotting
Lord Darkscythe
Lynnia Abbendis
Nerubian Overseer
Zul’Brin Warpbranch

I normally do this run on my DK because I use death gate to get around quite a lot.

You will be picking up Sorcerer, Huntsman’s and Brigade armor.

These rare mobs range from level 40 to 45 so there is a good mix of loot.

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Week in WoW

What I’ve been up to this week:

Dire maul
Fortune cookie

Farming transmog items in Dire Maul West

I am levelling some toons through LFD and while doing a run through dire maul west 2 pieces of saltstone dropped /gasp
I decided to take my DK there and see what drops I could get.

In my First run I got 5 boe greens
In my Second run I got zero boe greens /sadface

I only clear the first area and the area around Magister Kalendris takes less than 10 minutes.

I used to spend a lot of time here in Vanilla. You could solo trash with any ranged dps class using clever game mechanics and they had a high chance of dropping living essence. I used to sell these for 15-20g each once the AQ gates opened and guilds rushed to craft NR gear.

Not really sure if it is a great farming spot but it might be something to check out if you are in the area. More investigation required.

Fortune cookies
Herb prices have shot up here but MFC’s can still be picked up for around 10g ea. I buy these and turn them into cookies which I sell for anywhere between 15g and 20g each. I sell them in 1 / 5 / 10 stacks.

Found some heartblossom randomly floating around in my mail.
I have a lot of stuff bouncing round in the mail. I did a massive Disenchant session to clear my enchanter mailbox and discovered 2000 heartblossom! Might buy some ore/ use my own stockpiled ore and transmute inferno rubies or just sell it raw. HB goes for around 90g/stack here.

I have been busy converting all Cataclsym herbs into inks, mainly Ethereal/IotS

It has been a slow week for 77-81 greens

Scored a Lofty breastplate a couple of days ago  $$$

Transmog brought in 43k in sales this week and my posting fees were only around 5k this week as I’m only posting on one faction for now.

I have also started advertising a transmog help service in trade.

 “Looking for that final piece of your transmog set? mail me with what item you need and I’ll mail you back with the price. Don’t delay complete your set Today”

Weekends are when most of my transmog sales happen so I decided to double prices so 10k stuff is now 20k, 1k stuff is now 2k etc. Will continue to do this for a few more weekends and see how it goes.


What have you been up to this week?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Prospecting: Iron Ore

Obsidium, Elementium and Pyrite are not the only ore you can prospect for profit.

It took me a week to buy one hundred stacks of iron ore. You can farm lots of Iron ore in Ferales.

Source: wowhead

This is the resulting amount of uncommon gems after the prospecting. It will take some time to sell all these but with lots of people switching from their mains to levelling alts and professions I hope to sell them all over the next two weeks.

Results of Prospecting 2000 Iron Ore:

158 jade
144 lesser moonstone
139 citrine
22 star ruby
18 aquamarine

Using Tuj EU mean data

Jade 12.77
Lesser moonstone 2.96
Citrine 12.12
Star ruby 8.73
Aquamarine 8.58
Cost of Iron ore mean 38.58g/stack x 100 stacks = 3858g

Jade = 2017.66
L.Moon = 426.24
Citrine = 1684.68
Star ruby = 192.06
Aquamarine = 154.44

Total value = 4475.08
Potential profit = 617.08 Not great profit

Using my realm data

Took me a week to buy 100 stacks because I only bought ore that was below 14g/stack.

Cost is 14 x 100 = 1400g

Jade = 2370
L.Moon = 403.2
Citrine = 695
Star Ruby = 129.8
Aquamarine = 113.4

Total value = 3711.4
Potential profit = 2311.4 Nice profit from 1400g investment.

What you might want to look into doing :

Farm iron ore, sell it raw
Farm iron ore, prospect ore, sell gems
Buy iron ore, prospect ore, sell gems

Keep an eye out on the price of iron ore and these gems. Use this Auctionator shopping list to get a snapshot of what is going on in this market on your realm.

*** iron ore_Gems
Iron ore
Lesser moonstone
Star ruby

If you go to TUJ -> Enhancements -> Jewelcrafting scroll down to the bottom and you will see a Prospecting Value table which can give you a good idea whether this is worth doing on your realm.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Farming Embersilk Cloth and level 77-81 Greens

I was trying to get into the crafted cloth pvp market but I was struggling to get any good volume of Embersilk cloth. Items were selling but it could take me a week to do a full restock because of the shortage of cloth which went up in price from around 70g to 85g a stack.

I remember Faid did a video of farming for cloth on her DK.  Tailoring - WoW GoldRush - Gold Making in 15 Minutes

I took my Frost DK (ilvl 374) over to Deepholm to see how much Embersilk I could get in an hour. While running round and killing stuff I was also picking up items in the 77-81 range. I used a Potion of Treasure Finding so that I could get extra Embersilk cloth from the tiny treasure chests. These are my stats based on my realm prices. Embersilk 4g/ea and 77-80 greens 250g, I don’t put a value on green over level 80 because they might not sell so I price them in as zero gold. If I get lucky and pick up an 81 chest/shoulder/wep then yes it will sell but just to keep math simple I split up the greens I got into good and bad.

Good Greens level 77-80 Value 250g.
Bad Greens level 81 and above Value 0g in below figures.
Level 81 armour other than chest/shoulders can sell like these legplates but these sales are less frequent.

General tips: 

Always be doing damage. When I stop to loot I’ll throw death and decay on another group and a howling blast on another, I am looting and mobs are going down in health. I experimented with reforging everything into mastery but I did not really see any increase in damage so went back to no reforging. I use Glyph of Howling Blast and Glyph of Icy Touch. I am not great at playing a DK I just use howling blast and when they get close use frost strike.
 In one of the runs i did not get a green for fifteen minutes and then I got three in a row!

I did get killed a few times, my dot everything strategy (4-5 groups at a time) might rub some people the wrong way but thankfully the Graveyard is very close and you dont lose the potion when you die.

(Update Image 21st May new record for me 47 chests)

Hour 1
42 chests
145 embersilk
11 good greens 4 bad
1 blue
1 jc recipe inscribed hessonite

42 chest opened gave the following:
231 embersilk
3 good greens 3 bad
17 pyrite
10 air
19 earth
23 water
23 life
6 fire
10 ele ore

1 hour + potion = 5000g/hr

Hour 2
Chests 32
Cloth 167
Greens 7 good 9 bad

32 chest opened gave:
91 embersilk
2 good greens
25 air
20 water
25 ele ore
5 pyrite ore
10 life
7 earth

1 hour + potion = 4300g/hr

Hour 3
35 tiny chests
Cloth 97
Green 10 good 7 bad
27g vendor

35 chests opened:
205 Embersilk
1 good green 3 bad
11 water
1 air
29 pyrite ore
11 fire
17 ele ore
26 v earth

1 hour + potion = 4400g/hr

Hour 4
Chests 34
149 cloth
167 trash gold
Greens 9 good 6 bad

34 chests opened gave:
195 Cloth
1 good green
26 air
13 water
6 fire
13 pyrium ore
3 ele ore

1 hour + potions = 4500g/hr

Dropped Skinning and Power leveled Tailoring to 425 (think you only need 400 for Northrend  Cloth scavenging to kick in for Cataclysm mobs but I had already bought the mats so went to 425)

Hour 5 with 425 Tailoring
41 chests
412 embersilk
25g vendor loot
11 good greens 6 bad greens
1 blue plate level 82

41 chests opened gave:
Enchant bracer-agility
196 cloth
3 bad greens
11 air
13 earth
7 fire
10 life
17 water
17 pyrite ore
18 ele ore

1 hour + potion = 5600g/ hour

Hour 6 with 425 Tailoring
33 Chests
480 cloth
45g trash
11 good greens 4 bad greens
Blue level 82 ring

33 chests gave:
177 cloth
2 good greens 1 bad green
10 air
10 fire
9 life
4 water
4 pyrite ore
8 ele ore
6 earth

1 hour + potion = 6200g per hour

It really pays to do this on a tailor

Average without Tailoring = 4550g per hour
Average with Tailoring = 5900g per hour

The mats cost of a Potion of Treasure Finding is around 80g on my realm.
I did not include the gold picked up from mobs only the value of vendor trash minus repair costs and the gold that was contained inside the treasure chests.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

MoP Prediction: One Mill in One Month

Is One Million Gold in 30 days possible?

What you will need:

A toon with herbalism (ideally tauren and/or druid)
Same toon or another with maxed inscription
Farming time!


Example 1 - 100 MoP Decks!

100 decks – 10.5 cards per deck so 1050 cards roughly for 100 decks.

Assumption 1: Takes 10 new version of inferno ink per card and inks per stack of herbs stays the same.

1 card = 6.25 stacks of herbs (10 new bf ink convert into 1 new version of inferno ink)

So 100 decks = 1050 cards = 6562.5 stacks of herbs.

Assumption 2: 30 stacks of high level herbs per hour

6562.5/30 = 218hrs = roughly seven and a quarter hours per day.

That’s to make 100 decks purely via farming within one month of MoP launch.

Assumption 3: Inflation of 50% or more

Take average of 20k/deck = 20k x 100 = Two Million Gold

Example 2 - 50 MoP Decks!

50 decks = 11.66 cards per deck

50decks = 583 cards = 3643.75 stacks of herbs

3643.75/30 = 121 hours = roughly four hours per day.

Take average of 20k/deck = 20k x 50 = One Million Gold

In Cata decks were going for around 20k / 15k / 15k / 5k in first 1-2 faires

An average of 13.75k per deck

MoP inflation so far no-one has any idea but I’m assuming it will increase prices by at least 50%. That 13.75k -> 20k. This is on the low side I think as well.

So just farm herbs for first 30 days of the new expansion if you want to make one million gold in a month. That should keep you going for the rest of the expansion. Your ability to farm for that much depends on your realm population, whether it is a pvp realm and at what time of the day you can farm.

Some assumptions which might not hold up and may significantly alter the math:
1)      30 stacks an hour seems high especially for a non-Druid / non-Tauren
2)      It might take more than 10 of the new version of inferno ink per card, remember in wotlk similar cards only took 6 snowfall ink per craft
3)      Inflation could be higher or lower

Source for prices for DMF trinket in early Cataclysm :

Source for number of cards per completed deck wowhead :

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Leather: Farming Borean Leather

I like farming lots of Borean leather in Zul’drak, it is also a great place to level your skinning on new alts.  If skinner + herbalist you can pick up the frozen herbs as you do the loop. As far as selling the leather you will probably get a higher price/sell more by converting it into heavy borean leather which requires leatherworking. You could always ask a friend or find someone in trade chat to do this for you. I stumbled upon this area while levelling my skinning.

Ideally you would do this on a druid because you will be flying around a lot (instant flight form ftw) but I also did it on a maxed DK and I could zip around kill a raptor then just remount and repeat. There is a nice loop as I have indicated on this map meaning you will never run out of mobs to kill. I like this spot for the added bonus of getting a little cobalt ore and a chance on the very rare Gundrak hatchling. This is a quiet area, you might occasionally see someone who is mining cobalt ore but other than that you could spend hours here and not see anyone.

 What is the price of Borean leather on your realm?

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Leather: Farming Thick Leather in Cataclysm

 I think the best place for thick leather is the Badlands, You can combine leather farming with a chance on a rare pet. You can get here fast by using the portal to Blasted Lands and flying to badlands.

The mobs you will be killing are called Nyxondra’s Broodling  
 This is what you will be skinning,  you will mostly be getting Thick leather and some Rugged leather which sells for a high amount on my realm as well.

1 – 6 Thick leather     77%
1 – 6 Rugged leather  20%
1 – 6 Thick hide         3%

It might take two or three clears to get a hang of it but as the whelps are ranged you ideally don’t want to one hit kill them, if you can 2 hit kill them they will die in a less spread out area. I did this on a DK and hunter and found it a lot faster on a hunter. This spot is amazing because of the fast respawn, and it is very quiet. You don’t get many people randomly flying over this spot or levelling here and the added bonus of a chance on the dark whelping is fantastic. If you have mining on your skinner there are 3-4 nodes and you can pick up some mithril ore while farming leather.

An alternative is Un’Goro crater the raptors in the south east, you can  take the portal in Dalaran to get to Tanaris very fast.

The raptors are spread out a little more than the whelps,if you keep an eye out you might get lucky and pick up a raptor pet from the nests scattered around this area. The raptor pet is called Ravasaur hatchling.

What is the price of thick leather on your realm?