Monday, 2 July 2012

Making Gold with Herbalism

This past week I’ve been busy getting mats together to level 3 alchemists. I compiled a shopping list and hit the Auction House on horde and alliance but there were some big gaps.

Briathorn, Stranglekelp, Goldthorn

These three items were in low supply and very expensive.

Off I went to Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral with bountiful bags expect around 20 Goldthorn per 5 clears which takes around ten minutes in total. You will also get a little liferoot and any race/class with movement speed increase could do it even faster.

EU TUJ mean price for Goldthorn is 16g

20x16 = 320g in 10 minutes

For stranglekelp check out WPL and 1k Needles.

SM: Cath and WPL are very close so I would advise you do the 5 runs of SM cath and then fly to WPL and herb up Stranglekelp.

For briathorn check out the amazing frozen herbs in Hillsbrad.

I did a post on this area over on The Power Word: Gold Hatchery

With less people around and less stuff you need coming on to the AH look into making gold with gathering professions.  Mining Thorium is better than Elementium?

How do you make gold with herbalism?
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  1. Good post. Gathering is often overlooked and even looked down upon. But it can be a sure fire gold earner for respectable amounts. And is a relaxing way to spend some time hilt listening to podcasts.

    Especially now that bots are clamped down upon and farmers are absent during the ore-new content slowness which is leaving her sin very short supply.

    There is a good gathering spot for whiptails in Uldum. You can do 20 stacks per hour. See my blog for details

    1. Of course I meant to type "herbs in very short supply"!