Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tick Tock MoP

So 25th Sept is when we will be able to roll around in Pandaria.

 I’ve got two months before things get crazy or things are going or be crazy for the next two months!

A while back in a discussion on twitter I thought that 4 Million gold may be doable by MoP launch and that is probably still true however if herbs/ores start getting dumped by bots/farmers clearing out Gbanks ready for MoP then that goal may not happen.

I’m closing in on three million and I would love to drop One Million to stockpile goodies for resale at MoP launch.

I currently have eleven 85’s (9 horde and 2 Alliance) it is possible for me to get 3 or 4 more toons to 85 since I have 3 toons above 80 currently but do I really want to quest in cataclysm again is the question.

I have several professions to level up and think this will probably take up most of my time over the next couple of weeks. I am still undecided on which toon to level up first. I thought it would be my Druid with herbalism/inscription but I may level up my alliance DK with skinning/LW first because I think LW could be really really huge in MoP.

With recent changes to pets I’m not really sure what to do, I still think there will be demand for crafted pets come MoP because as far as I can tell you cant catch crafted pets in the wild, even though I did fight a robo squirrel type thing in Winterspring but it was’nt called a mechanical squirrel .

I’m still trying to get over the Rod changes, it made me a real sad panda and it really feels like blizzard are closing some of the areas where those in the know could make a lot of gold, but on a positive note my copper rod sales might go up massively!

My Glyphs plan is to have 20 of each glyph on Horde and Alliance and then stock up on ink. Currently I  only have 20 of each on horde side and around 5k bf ink so there is going to be a lot of milling over the next couple of months.

What are your plans pre-MoP ?

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  1. Well it seems everyone is in dumping mode and stockpiling mode at the same time on my realm. Prices on crafted gear especially have gone through the floor as people offload excess stock and crafting mats are very erratic as the constant fight between dumpers and stockpilers rock the AH daily.

    It's actually a very busy time as speculative purchases are being made and some items are soaring in value whilst others are hitting rock bottom.

    The transmog market is still doing well & mats for levelling professions (especially choke points) are turning a decent trade.

    I'm putting enough aside for the yak on day 1 and a little to assist in the levelling process, but apart from vanity items and levelling mats, there's really little you can throw your coin into that's going to be a 'sure thing'

  2. Stockpiling can be risky but i'm going for a lot of profession levelling materials because i think they are very low risk.