Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Farming Embersilk Cloth and level 77-81 Greens

I was trying to get into the crafted cloth pvp market but I was struggling to get any good volume of Embersilk cloth. Items were selling but it could take me a week to do a full restock because of the shortage of cloth which went up in price from around 70g to 85g a stack.

I remember Faid did a video of farming for cloth on her DK.  Tailoring - WoW GoldRush - Gold Making in 15 Minutes

I took my Frost DK (ilvl 374) over to Deepholm to see how much Embersilk I could get in an hour. While running round and killing stuff I was also picking up items in the 77-81 range. I used a Potion of Treasure Finding so that I could get extra Embersilk cloth from the tiny treasure chests. These are my stats based on my realm prices. Embersilk 4g/ea and 77-80 greens 250g, I don’t put a value on green over level 80 because they might not sell so I price them in as zero gold. If I get lucky and pick up an 81 chest/shoulder/wep then yes it will sell but just to keep math simple I split up the greens I got into good and bad.

Good Greens level 77-80 Value 250g.
Bad Greens level 81 and above Value 0g in below figures.
Level 81 armour other than chest/shoulders can sell like these legplates but these sales are less frequent.

General tips: 

Always be doing damage. When I stop to loot I’ll throw death and decay on another group and a howling blast on another, I am looting and mobs are going down in health. I experimented with reforging everything into mastery but I did not really see any increase in damage so went back to no reforging. I use Glyph of Howling Blast and Glyph of Icy Touch. I am not great at playing a DK I just use howling blast and when they get close use frost strike.
 In one of the runs i did not get a green for fifteen minutes and then I got three in a row!

I did get killed a few times, my dot everything strategy (4-5 groups at a time) might rub some people the wrong way but thankfully the Graveyard is very close and you dont lose the potion when you die.

(Update Image 21st May new record for me 47 chests)

Hour 1
42 chests
145 embersilk
11 good greens 4 bad
1 blue
1 jc recipe inscribed hessonite

42 chest opened gave the following:
231 embersilk
3 good greens 3 bad
17 pyrite
10 air
19 earth
23 water
23 life
6 fire
10 ele ore

1 hour + potion = 5000g/hr

Hour 2
Chests 32
Cloth 167
Greens 7 good 9 bad

32 chest opened gave:
91 embersilk
2 good greens
25 air
20 water
25 ele ore
5 pyrite ore
10 life
7 earth

1 hour + potion = 4300g/hr

Hour 3
35 tiny chests
Cloth 97
Green 10 good 7 bad
27g vendor

35 chests opened:
205 Embersilk
1 good green 3 bad
11 water
1 air
29 pyrite ore
11 fire
17 ele ore
26 v earth

1 hour + potion = 4400g/hr

Hour 4
Chests 34
149 cloth
167 trash gold
Greens 9 good 6 bad

34 chests opened gave:
195 Cloth
1 good green
26 air
13 water
6 fire
13 pyrium ore
3 ele ore

1 hour + potions = 4500g/hr

Dropped Skinning and Power leveled Tailoring to 425 (think you only need 400 for Northrend  Cloth scavenging to kick in for Cataclysm mobs but I had already bought the mats so went to 425)

Hour 5 with 425 Tailoring
41 chests
412 embersilk
25g vendor loot
11 good greens 6 bad greens
1 blue plate level 82

41 chests opened gave:
Enchant bracer-agility
196 cloth
3 bad greens
11 air
13 earth
7 fire
10 life
17 water
17 pyrite ore
18 ele ore

1 hour + potion = 5600g/ hour

Hour 6 with 425 Tailoring
33 Chests
480 cloth
45g trash
11 good greens 4 bad greens
Blue level 82 ring

33 chests gave:
177 cloth
2 good greens 1 bad green
10 air
10 fire
9 life
4 water
4 pyrite ore
8 ele ore
6 earth

1 hour + potion = 6200g per hour

It really pays to do this on a tailor

Average without Tailoring = 4550g per hour
Average with Tailoring = 5900g per hour

The mats cost of a Potion of Treasure Finding is around 80g on my realm.
I did not include the gold picked up from mobs only the value of vendor trash minus repair costs and the gold that was contained inside the treasure chests.

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  1. Thanks for this post, Farli. I'm new to your blog but I have to say it's already very helpful.

    I think i'll be working on gearing my priest with a shadow offspecc to do this farming. My tailoring is high enough to benefit from this. I just hope being a DK isn't part of this strategy! :P


  2. Welcome to the blog and check out the other gold blogs

    I think fire mage/ frost dk are best but you can do it on any class. My friend does it on a prot warrior :) as long as you have tailoring and the potion you will make good money. Turn it into a Challenge! write down how much cloth you get in 30 mins and then try to beat your best score.

  3. You know I've been following Faids advice and farming there but never thought about selling the greens. I usually just disenchant them because my Warlock is an Enchanter/Tailor. I'll definitely look into that next time to make better gold though. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I been doing this for over a month now. Its how i get rid of my hypnotic dust by makin bags and i sell the greens for lots of monies.

  5. I have farming the troggs for quite a while on my warlock tailor. Initially I was disenchanting all of the greens. I say in trade where a couple of folks were selling complete gear sets for leveling toons. I started doing the same. I averaged 4500g for a complete set of gear for various cloth, leather, mail, and plate sets. It was a pretty profitable venture as people were leveling their alt armies.

  6. What exactly where you killing because I have been doing this for at least 30 minutes and I have only gotten 1 green. :/

    1. http://www.wowhead.com/npc=43228#drops