Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Transmog Gold Making Compilation

I've been getting requests for a collection or a starting guide to transmog so i thought i would first just post a collection of posts by me and other in the community to get you started making gold from transmog.

Transmog a general overview by The Overcut

Selling Transmog Gear by The Overcut

Transmog Tactics by @marthapie Part 1

Making Even More Gold from Transmog Part 1 

Making Even More Gold from Transmog Part 2

Transmog on high pop realm: 100,000g at level 1 

Transmog and me by @AudemGold

 Rare Chest Mogging Lists by Phat Lewts Gold

 Alto's Transmog Shopping Lists Using Auctionator

From the Vault: Importable TSM Transmog Lists v2.0 by Clockwork Riot

Blasted Lands - WoW Gold Rush - Gold Making in 15 Minutes by Clockwork Riot

Scholomance Transmog chest farm by GoldHungary

Wow Roleplay Gear

Any bloggers who have a gold making transmog post? poke me on twitter and i'll add your post to the list

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  1. Ive been listing chest and legs for 500g shoulders, helms, boots 300g and hands, belts 200g. Reading your post am i wrong for not posting in the 1000g mark? I am only selling the very best plate sets Saltstone, Warmaul, Glorious Imbued, Bloodscale, and Overlord. Am i pricing to low?

  2. For high end items with very low drop rates(use wowhead) like Saltstone/Glorious you should be pricing higher closer to 3-6k Saltstone and 5-10k for Glorious . Most of my overlord/warmaul is around 500-800g mark. A good tip is to increase your prices on weekends as this is when i tend to get more sales so i like to boost my prices 20-50% on fri/sat/sun