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Mists of Pandaria Stockpile Part Two

Making Gold from the New Pet Battle System

1 Pet Battle System

2 Enginering pets
Crafting Pets today to save money, raw mat prices can change due to inflation and changes to drop rates.
Farming Choke Point mats.

3 Other BOE Pets
Geode pets , looking for pets that you can farm that cover all the types.
Cheap Raptors
DMF Frogs Stockpile

1 Pet Battle System

I am really excited about the new Pet Battle System

It’s been a while since I played Pokemon but from what I remember having varied pets to call upon was what won you most battles. Going in with for example all fire pets was very risky.

This means even though a good mechanical (engineer crafted) stockpile is still a good idea you may want to look at other options to diversify your stockpile across more pet types.


2 Engineering pets / choke point mats.

By pre-crafting or at least buying the materials now we can reduce the impact of inflation. Buying items at today’s price but selling them at tomorrow’s inflated price. If demand for these pets goes up then it might be harder to find materials let alone cheap materials. They sell for good profits today and they’ll sell for even better profits in the future.

I decided to mass craft some Engineering pets I watched the price of mats and tried to buy them in bulk when they were at the lowest point.

 You can use this Auctionator Shopping list for rare items.

*** Engi Choke Mats
Globe of Water
Heart of Fire
Living Essence
Rugged Hide
Core of Earth
Essence of fire

This is the shopping list for the more common items:

*** Engi Common Mats
Copper ore
Copper bar
Iron ore
Iron bar
Gold ore
Gold bar
Mithril ore
Mithril bar
Truesilver ore
Truesilver bar
Thorium ore
Thorium bar
Elemental Earth
Elemental Air

So you can do a few things:
1)     just stockpile Choke mats ready to flip in MoP
2)     stockpile all the mats for the toad and other pets
3)     Pre-craft everything and start selling it all now, more Demand when MoP launches but also likely to be way more competition in the pets market.

Wow players like to be rewarded, there needs to be some rewards for participating and being successful in the Pet Battle System. The Popularity of Pet Battles will largely depend on how much time/effort Blizzard put into it. I would love to see a ranking similar system similar to Arena’s with titles and other rewards. Hopefully they don’t add an overpowered pet that drops from the last boss of a raid or something.

3 Other BOE Pets

Timing is everything
What are the chances MOP will be released when the faire is in town? Frog box stockpile? Definitely something to think about once a release date for MoP is released

Geode pets have been mentioned a lot in livestreams/podcasts and I also think that if you can get them cheap grab some. In MoP only those levelling professions will go back to cataclysm zones to mine. Geode pets might still show up on the AH but the frequency will be greatly reduced and they will be a lot more expensive.

 The first one that came to mind for me was raptors; they can to an extent be farmed up and can be bought very cheap. A cheap raptor may have the exact same abilities as an expensive raptor.

What pets are you going to flip in MoP?

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