Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Five Fast Gold Making Tips : June

1 Invest in bags

Reduces trips to bank/mail when posting items on the Auction House (I really appreciate having big bags when reposting 2,000 transmog items)

2 Don’t sit around in Org / SW doing nothing

You can go do some fishing while waiting for a raid to form, LFR. I love chatting with guildies but you don’t have to stand next to the SW fountain to do this, or in goldshire. Get some mining done, check out some rare spawns in silithus  or try your luck on a dark whelpling ? Do something!

3 Don’t trash your profit margins to be the cheapest item.

You do not always have to be the cheapest auction. Overcut or Price match. If there are 3 items up 2400g / 2300g/ 700g do not post your item at 699g! Post it as 2299g.

4 Every Alchemist needs a Philosopher’s Stone

Sell the Recipe and sell the mats: Iron bars, Black vitriol, Firebloom and Purple lotus.

 5 Take another look at Potion of Illusion

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  1. Good advice! Especially #3.

  2. Wow Farli, over 2k Transmog Items, and I thought 800 was bad to have to repost!

  3. It's not too bad, i just alt tab and read or write blog posts while looting mail / posting : )