Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Flashback: Best posts from April

Flashback: Best posts from April

A chance to go back and look at my most popular posts from April.

Farming Embersilk Cloth and level 77-81 Greens

My most popular post ever, I  made note of everything that had been looted and did several runs. I did this testing over a couple of weeks so a lot of time went into this post.

Transmog and me by @AudemGold

I've been extremely lucky to host some amazing guest posts like this one.

Selling level 81 Greens

I discovered this niche market totally by accident. Even today I am the only person on my realm flipping these items, even though I have a lot of competition in the level 77-80 market.

MoP Prediction: One Mill in One Month

It was fun to do some of the math and figure out roughly what you might get. After this post we learnt about multiple copies of zones/ zone sharing. Where high pop realms will get extra copies of zones and low pop realms will be brought together in low population zones. More copies of a zone means more total nodes for higher population realms.

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