Monday, 18 June 2012

Flipping Guilds

A guildie of mine mentioned having some success flipping a guild where the GM had been dethroned and the new GM was looking for a quick sale.

This is a really interesting way of making gold. I have started advertising in trade asking to buy any level 20-25 guilds at around 50-100k.

Like any high end flip you need to be comfortable with spending this much gold on a single thing. Make sure to keep enough liquid gold on you for everyday costs like repairs.

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How many Guild Master’s get dethroned every day? 

No idea but how about offering a guild buying service to help out the lucky new Guild Master. You give them a good lump of gold and you get a guild.

D3 and a general lack of new content in wow leads to more people taking breaks, more and more Guild Master’s might take a break, take advantage of this increased supply of Guilds for sale.

The Basics:

1 Keeping an eye on the supply of guilds coming on to the market.

I use realm forums mainly. Dethroning/ taking break from game/ Raid drama

2 Straight Flipping Guilds for profit

I’m trying to buy guilds between 50-100k to flip for 200k or hold until MoP and flip it then.

3 Level it up those last few levels then flip

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Have you done any Guild flipping? Have you dethroned a GM or lost a guild to dethroning? Share you story in the comments.

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  1. Guilds will more than likely devalue in MoP. They're making it so that there is no exp cap at each level so with some solid arena games every day or so you can get the levels in no time. It is already really easy to pull off 20-25 just off arena matches in a week and a half or less.

    It was rumored that low levels will contribute to the guild experience as well rather than the nothing they contribute up until around lv.70.

  2. Hey,

    I've been successfully doing this since DS in December. This system works and I have flipped at least 5 lvl 25's and another 10 lower level guilds. I am a bit concerned about MoP and whether the price of guilds will increase or decrease.

    1. Here is a list of my purchases:

      Lvl 25 - Buy 20k - Sell 200k
      Lvl 25 - Buy 70k - Sell 200k
      Lvl 25 - Buy 100k - Sell 175k
      Lvl 25 - Buy 150k - Sell 220k
      Lvl 25 - Buy 100k - Sell 150k

      Lvl 13 - Buy 30k - Sell 70k
      Lvl 2 - Buy 500g - Sell 7k
      Lvl 9 - Buy 10k - Sell 25k

      The rest I can not remember at the moment. So you get the idea.

  3. Recently I got one via dethrone. 100k in guild bank + 6k generated by new members - super guild inviter addon is monster!