Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Auctionator Shopping List: i378 weapons

This post was my reply to a question I got on twitter from @brutaldlux

Try and negotiate people down, i've picked up a few of these items in trade. Aim for around 2-3k maybe spend up to 5k to grab the obsidium cleaver. It's high risk high reward so do not invest all your gold into one of these items. I sold 4-5 of these in the past month.

I like to price mine for around 50% to 100% more than i bought it, for example if i paid 3k flip for at least 4.5k. People will buy these for their alts.

*** i378 Weapons
Miniature winter Veil Tree
Chelley's Sterilized
Spire of Scarlet Pain
Ranseur of Hatred
Obsidium Cleaver
Lava Bolt Crossbow
Thorns of the Dying Day

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  1. That's a solid 50% discount on Chelley's Sterilized Scalpel in that sale.

    I wonder if we're just at a period of the expansion where people are just dumping their higher ilevel gear for whatever price they can get in prep for MoP?

    With that in mind, I am interested to see if people are actually buying at significant markup prices closer to prime time value this close to the end, especially knowing they can soon get a level 86 green that will probably trump this as a quest reward anyway.

    Mind you, at just 2800 gold, we're talking about a crafted item barely above mats cost and people stockpile their truegold for the Xpac...

    Very weird markets at the moment, but I'm not comfortable with high end flipping like this (especially on a large scale) as this could easily result in being left holding high level gear you cannot move.

  2. I picked it up for 1k

    People need high ilvl weapons to get into LFR they can get a 346 ilvl item crafted using truegold/orbs or get a 378 ilvl item for a little more. It's also why DMF trinket continue to sell.

    1. If you picked it up for 1k, that's a steal IMHO and definitely a profit there.

      But for the LFR arguement, I am not so sure.

      If someone is determined to hit 85 and go LFR as their very first PVE run, then sure.

      But if you want to get into high end content quickly at 85, you can also just pick up a crafted PVP set and a decent 82-85 green weapon and hit up hour of twilight. All three runs give a good high level weapon that will get you into LFR quick enough.

      It just comes down to how far you're willing to go to cut corners to experience content I guess, but considering how easy it is to get i378 geared the moment you hit 85, it's always going to be a question on whether you want to sink significant amounts of coin into gear you're going to replace pretty quickly anyway.

      The craftable weapons really should have been given a significant i-level lift last patch (like the PVP gear) to bring them more in line with heroic level content. It's just too easy to take a basic sub 100 gold green and go farm endless Twilights to gear up in a single day and do LFR instead for pretty much free.

  3. If you are using TSM Dealfinding Lists, the Item IDs are (respectively):

  4. I get a lot of harassment in trade chat trying to sell these items. People saying they're only worth 500g (which is just a complete lie). Makes me laugh when someone pays 5k+ for one then.