Sunday, 20 May 2012

Flashback : Best posts from March

 A chance to go back and look at my most popular posts from March.

I take an indepth look at The Ultimate Recipe Collection  created by Faid from Clockwork Riot, a guide available in Alliance and Horde flavours. Can you guess the location of the vendor in the screenshot without looking it up?

How to deal with competition in the transmog market and doing the dance with the customer.

Guest posts are always welcome and this post by @marthapie was a huge hit. Use these tactics to boost your transmog sales and get more people interested in the market. Great insight.

I think Illusion dust will be big choke point in MoP mainly because it is today. Join me on the hunt for Illusion dust.

A reply to a post by Jim over at Power Word: Gold . Buying a shirt in Baltimore vs buying a shirt in Beverly Hills

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