Saturday, 14 April 2012

Transmog on high pop realm: 100,000g at level 1

Quick info

Level 1
17 hours /played
Initial 1,000g Investment (Returned)
Access to Guild bank for storage
Average 6000g per hour

What I learnt from the experience

I have really enjoyed working with a smaller inventory, reposting 100-200 items is a lot faster than over three thousand on home realm. Playing on a realm with such high population has opened my eyes to the amount of items that appear on the Auction House everyday.

The first few times I saw the Auction House I had to resist the urge to basically buy everything. I had to think differently or did I?

I used wowhead to check drop rates on items I thought looked nice or thought might be rare. I used similar tiers/prices as my home realm; I quickly found that the larger supply of items was also matched with a much larger population of potential buyers.

104k in 17 hours /played works out at around 6000g per hour. A respectable amount for a max level toon with two professions but I did this on a level one with no professions.

I only logged on this characters 2-3 times a week and therefore rarely came across items that many would class as top tier. This forced me into looking again at items not on any lists, looking at rare quality items and experimenting with items I had never sold before.

The future of Transmog

There is still gold to be made in transmog but it does depend on the server demand and competition you face. I was lucky that the competitors on this realm had not crashed prices yet. When I arrived most mid tier items were priced above 1000g. What I am experiencing might be a little ahead of the curve but I predict that over time a lot of mid/low tier items will be sold very cheap for 300g to 700g and only the really rare drop items will hold their value as we head into Mists of Pandaria.

If you divide total sales by the number of sales we get a figure of 712g. This is the average sale price of my items on this realm. When people initially get into transmog they are after that big sales 2k, 5k even 10k however those items that sell at below 1000g are as equally important, not every player is going to stump up 5k for a transmog item, you have to make sure you are hitting as many potential buyers as possible. Those small sales add up.

When thinking about it 100k is not what it used to be, my next goal is to hit 250k but I might start flipping other items like glyphs and pets and adding in other ways of making gold into the mix.

How much gold can you make in 17 hours /played?

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