Monday, 2 April 2012

Transmog on high pop realm : 5000g per hour

I started getting interested in how transmog was playing out on other realms, I looked around a few realms and bumped into Soco on one. I asked for a bit of start up gold and was given 1,000g and a guild invite so I could use the guild bank as storage.

I am now at 13 hours/ played (5 weeks IRL) and I have 64,000g an inventory of 120 items and I returned the original 1k investment. That’s around 5,000g an hour. I don’t use remote auction house so all that time was spent searching the Auction House for items, collecting mail, posting items and look at transmog sets in Stormwind.

The realm has a very developed trasmog market there are lots of sellers some going for high prices, some posting lots of items at low prices.

The hardest part of going from medium pop to high pop is you have to start rating items differently, items that you might see once a week on medium pop you’ll see every day on high pop.

Huge thanks to Soco for helping me start up and being a very gracious host you can follow her on twitter @SocoWow

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