Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Oh how I miss you Enchanting Rods

I made so much gold from this market, there was always demand because enchanting was a very popular profession to level up. A lot of cloth wearing players seemed to choose enchanting and tailoring as professions.

You might pair your engineering with mining and if you hit a bottleneck you could go out and mine up some more ore. However very few players paired enchanting with Blacksmithing. This meant you had to get the item off the Auction House, ask someone you knew to craft it for you or if you got really desperate try and find someone in trade chat.

The Auction House was the easy place to get Enchanting Rods because it was a little complicated.. First smelting if you did'nt have the bars or ore was much cheaper then sometimes crafting grinding stones then crafting the rod.

I think Arcanite was my best seller because there was an extra step involved, you needed to have/find an Alchemist who had the recipe for Transmute: Arcanite

From Vanilla to Cata people were selling enchanting rods, it was a fantastic market to make gold even if you did’nt have a maxed profession and it was a great way to learn about controlling niche items like arcane crystals. A lot of people focus on the “ new stuff ” where there is the volume however if you know the markets you can get higher margins on the lower volume “ old stuff ” .

Zarazaz from Alterac Mountains expressed it really well here :

“making each enchanted rod is a quest in itself. i enjoy that epic feeling of conquest when i completed each one, and i wouldn't want that to go away. maybe in addition to the pile of mats, I'd like to see some actual quests involved ... that include dungeon runs even!

As an enchanter the rods gave the profession unique flavour. Farming the fishy creatures of Azeroth for their clams and then after a while having a bag full of clam meat and that one pearl you needed really was an epic experience that I’m sad new enchanters won’t enjoy.The cost of rods might have been a barrier to entry for the profession so those that invested into levelling enchanting could reap greater rewards at max level.

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