Friday, 19 April 2013

April Gold Making 2013

 Yesterday I hit four million gold liquid, it has been a month with high sales but also some heavy spending. I got back into pet battles (aka losing many many pvp battles and then throwing gold at it) , I decided to make lots of flasks so that every minute I spend levelling alts in MoP I will be flasked. I got my 10th level 90 and finally got my Monk into Pandaria.

Pet Battles

I got back into pet battles once i learnt about the new "Trainer" title coming in patch 5.3. I decided my 17 level 25 pets was'nt enough and ended up spending around 120k on pets and pet levelling services.  I managed to pick up four tcg pets including a Purple Puffer which is a very powerful pet. 

Trade chat was being spammed with pet levelling services and i managed to negotiate some bulk discounts which basically meant it cost me between 1-1.3k per pet levelled from 1 to 24. 

A slight warning about buying these levelling services is try and find a level 90. I was seeing a lot of level 1's offering the service ( give them your pet they will level it up on their main realm) however if after the trade they delete the level 1 I am not sure you will be able to get the pets back. Also dont pay the levelling charge upfront and dont get tcg valuable pets levelled this way unless you trust the person offering the service.

Warbringers for rep and gold

As I try to make more gold on the opposite faction I have started farming Warbringers again for the rep items. On my Blood DK I can solo them so if I can get online during raid times or very early in the morning I can do a complete sweep where i can kill nearly all the warbringers and a lot of the scouts. The contents of the rare quality bags are worth around 600g on my realm.

I still dont have every SoH recipe yet so this is something I want to complete. As of today I am currently missing all LW recipe on horde side while on the  alliance side all BS recipes.

Golden lotus, Resetting Gems and Pricematch, learnt all gem cuts finally

A few weeks ago I noticed one of my main competitors was price matching me, and so I pricematched back but over the weeks since 5.2 there are now 7 people in the JC market all whitelisting each other which helps to keep prices high and reduces the amount of times I post gems per day.

Taking another look at your "system"

Firstly i'd like to say that if your system requires you to vendor items below the amount you paid for them then maybe you need take another look at your system.

I recently watched a livestream where Jim was vendoring 83-84 greens which he sells for like 300-400g each. His reasoning behind this was he did’nt want them filling up his guild bank so only kept one extra item. 

However if he bought the item why is he vendoring it for 12g? I sometimes have a lot of a specific suffix 83-84 greens I just pop them in the mail and I’ll get back in 30 days. It is highly likely by then I will need more of that item.

Space should never be the main issue in a relatively small market, I know these items don’t stack like scrolls or glyphs but they are not so hard to manage if you use a guild bank or unlimited mail storage.

I myself have 7, 8, 9, 10 copies of the exact same 83-84 green,I know I can post 1 - 2 and drop the others in the guild bank or mail them off.

Everyone has there own “system” but adding in a long term view to your system whatever it is can not be a bad thing. Make it less about what will sell today or tomorrow and more about what will sell this month, next month which is especially true in flipping markets.


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