Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival - March

This was the topic this month followed by my answer.

Using your knowledge that you have gained from auction house experience:  If you were starting over as a gold maker, what is one thing you would do differently than the first time, and why?

Don’t stop farming, so you can build up capital faster.

Going from 1k to 100k is normally the hardest phase in gold making. This is because you don’t have the money to power level professions. You are limited in how much you can invest in ore/herbs and you generally tend to be very risk averse.

For me when I started out back in vanilla I farmed herbs on a prot warrior but once I started making money with buying herbs off the AH and making potions/flasks etc. I really cut back on my farming.

If I had continued to do a little bit of gathering before and after raids I would have made more gold so I could buy more things to craft with. By the time AQ20/40 came out I had enough gold I could start doing some market manipulation with living essences and large brilliant shards. If I had continued to do a little farming on the side I would have had more funds to make even more gold.

I learnt my lesson and even now sitting at over 1.5 million gold I still do some farming from time to time. From rare spawn farming to gathering amazing amounts of herbs on my Tauren Druid in 1-60 zones it’s all good.


  1. Very nice sir. I haven't ever hit a 100k but i bet i made that times 20 already. I play World of Warcraft, i don't just make gold, or just PVP i do it all. I wish i wouldn't have gotten so #nerdraged and quick for months because we all know it is a waste of our "investment" time, of course. Love the post as always.

  2. I actually did start over a few months back, and just hit 100K (Tailoring/Inscription and Enchanting/Blacksmithing) still haven't reached Northrend content. So do not be afraid to do this for real, plus it is fun.

    Make a Death Knight and exploit the bag market (and farm instances for cloth and greens), Tailoring is very quick and cheap to level also farm those raptor nests. A Mage can farm all the city vendors very quickly for start up gold, as well as visiting vendors for recipes to auction.
    Gradually expand your range of items so you can diversify when a market crashes

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  4. For some reason the color of the link told me that I hadn't already read this, but going through it, I knew that I had, then I looked at the date :-P. Great post even the 2nd time around, farmings not for me, but hey someone's gotta do it! Only thing I farm anymore is the rare spawns, cuz they're just way to damn fun not to!

  5. I agree, and have often regretted dropping a gathering profession for a crafting one... mehh... YMMV, I always go back to doing a little farming for one reason or another, often not herbs/ore/skins, But it is a mindless activity to do while in raid waiting for the group to fill or fall apart on an alt etc... Not saying I would have done it different, I made a lot more gold by farming the AH in given amounts of time... and the efficiency of havin some combos of crafting professions on one toon is great too... But farming is where I started, and there is some nostalgia to it...