Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Review of Faid's Ultimate Alliance and Horde Recipe Collection

Faid from Clockwork Riot recently released two guides (Horde and Alliance flavours) about vendor recipes, Faid has made a lot of gold selling these items and I am really excited to be reviewing these guides.

I already sell recipes both to my faction and cross faction but this guide very quickly helped me fill in the gaps. It has also helped me become more motivated to restock more frequently, anyone who is doing vendor recipes knows restocking is something you don’t want to do very often because it takes ages. This guide helps shave time off the restocking, this means I will restock more often and make even more sales. The collection is also very printer friendly and great value for money.

The real strength of these guides is they get to the point, no filler they give you the information you need fast and the format is great. The Ultimate Vendor Recipe Collection is a great resource for new gold makers and gold making veterans alike.

I found it very hard to find any negative things about the guide so instead I just thought about things that might add to the awesomeness of the guide. For someone just starting out a section with top five or top ten sellers by volume would be really useful, they could try things out on a small scale. State the total cost to purchase one of each item, you may be starting on a new realm or just don’t have a lot of liquid gold (this could be awkward with rep discounts, guild perks and racials though). Perhaps include some general tips like set up a level 1 bank alt or Guild bank and use TSM to post items.

I highly recommend purchasing the Ultimate Alliance & Horde Recipe Collection; you don’t have to worry about having enough Jewelcrafting skill to prospect Elementium Ore, doing Dailies or getting killed while mining in Deepholm.

The Ultimate Alliance and Horde Recipe Collection is lucid, long-term and lucrative.

Buy your copy of the Ultimate Alliance and Horde Recipe collection here: ClockworkRiot Store

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  1. Hey Farli! I appreciate your taking the time to review the lists, it means a lot to me to get feedback on them.

    Thanks for the suggestions, those along with suggestions of others are going to be first in mind when I do future updates. (Anyone who purchased a guide also gets all future updates!)

    Thanks again. :)