Thursday, 8 March 2012

Daily Transmog Picks & A New adventure begins

Yesterday's transmogg sales

I have split one of my pricing bands, mid teir items  used to be 1800g. I have gone through this list and split into 1400 and 1800 categories. This is mainly to spread my items over a slightly lower price range. My inventory is getting pretty out of control over 1k items posted on the AH and around 2.5k items in mailbox storage.

I have also started a US account, and started up on Agent Dawn US. Currently doing some fishing to get some starting gold and levelling up a hunter. A new adventure begins!


  1. Farli if you're interested I have an alliance character on Emerald Dream - US that has about 10-15k gold that I don't really play on very often anymore, if you'd like a server with some starting capital, let me know!

  2. ye would be very interested mate, mainly doing transmogg so any initial investment would speed things up a lot