Saturday, 3 March 2012

Level 81 BS Crafted Weapons

Having done 80 to 85 only using lfd and only doing pvp I know the value of these weapons. I don’t want to use up a landslide or power torrent scroll on a green weapon. I will wait till I ding 81 and craft one of these.

They are an easy 200g-250g profit on my realm. There are 6 weapons and I post them using TSM for 24hrs or sometimes 48hrs depending on how much competition there is.

Cold-forged shank
Decapitator’s razor
Fire-etched dagger
Lifeforce Hammer
Obsidium bladespear
Obsidium Executioner (sometimes post 2 of these at a time for fury warriors)

I have all the raw mats so I only craft when I have sold one. I sell between 0 and 2 a day. Being weapons the posting fees are quite high.

Using my ore stockpile the cost of the Fire-etched dagger is around 120g, there is an opportunity cost here, I might have made more shuffling the elementium/obsidium but for me making gold in a non-jc related area i am willing to take less profit ,as this takes less time and has less competition.

Have you tried selling these weapons on your realm?

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