Monday, 26 March 2012

Making Even More Gold from Transmog Part 2

Exalted Harness

4 My setup
5 General advice
6 I am in too deep, help!

4 My setup

I went into 4.3 with a guild tab of items I got via dense stone/DMF and some random items I came across levelling. I got great insight into the market by being very active on twitter, listening to PWG podcasts and experimenting with price points on both factions.
Posting on two auctions houses meant I could learn very fast what was selling, what wasn’t and through trial and error how much gold I could squeeze from an item, slightly more of my sales were on horde side as this is where I felt I most understood the potential buyer having played horde since the end of vanilla.

What I am doing then pricing wise is 400g/ 700g/ 1400g/ 2k/ 5k . I can break this down and explain how I normally judge what goes where.

400g is lot of bracers/cloaks/random junk I maybe should not have bought, I make mistakes too but it’s a learning process and sometimes you can discover a gem which makes you think,“ I have no idea why that sold but I am going to try sell more and at a higher price” ( 5%)

700g is belts mainly or an item I have a lot of, e.g. 12 bard legs is a good example, this is where I want those items I can pick up fast and I want to move them fast. (15%)

1400g is where the offset items like gloves/feet are (20%)

2k is anything plate, and probably 40% of my items are in this bracket.

5k is high end stuff they get in here because keelhaul says so, have low drop rates, are not seen on the AH a lot or I think they look different  (20%)

I play mid pop horde and alliance, the amount of items I can buy is limited therefore when I hit a great item I am happy to play the waiting/bidding game to get a good sale for it. I reply “no deal sorry” to a lot of offer mails, the offers I consider are if they are buying multiple items or are looking to trade (trading my 700g item for a 2k item is cool). I sometimes respond to “you will never sell [insert item name] for that much” by bumping the item up a band or cancel then repost manually at original price x 1.5.

The important thing to remember is I change my prices every posting cycle on Monday it might look like 400/ 650/ 1.4k/ 1.7k/ 5k but two 48 hr posting cycles later it might look like this 450/ 800/ 1.5k/ 2k/ 5.4k. I like to think changing the price gives an impression of activity in the market, and adds a sense of urgency. For me posting 1500 item. I repost about half daily this way there is always some of my items on the AH, by reposting daily I can add in my new purchases fast and keep an eye on my sales.

A perk of being into transmog is you can make great sets for all your alts and can help out friends with their transmog sets.

5 General advice

Fluctuate prices, seeing an item you like drop in price or increase in price may prompt a buyer to act.

Be nice, friendly even when sometimes buyers are not so nice

Don’t shy away, its fun to kick it off in trade “wts Jade Breastplate 75k” it’s all free advertising.

Don’t be too rigid on prices, negotiate. Saving the AH fee and doing a deal works out for the buyer and the seller.

You learn more from your mistakes than your successes.

Get on twitter, read blogs and get involved in the community.

Offer discounts to bulk buyers, if a buyer is taking 4-5 items off your hands cut them a deal.

I no longer use any auctionator / tsm buying lists, they are great when you first start out but there comes a time where you know what sells, you know the names of the recolours, you know the slots and you just want to rip off those training wheels and jump in.  For me using manual search e.g. plate max level 70 is enough to quickly flick through what is up. The problem with lists is unless they include every set/every boe blue item then there will always be gaps in lists. This market is still changing and it is too early to write off any set and remove it from a buying list.

If there was any market where it pays to play on a realm that has decent sized horde and alliance populations it’s transmog, those two overlord legs on alliance side you got just move one over to the horde. You don’t really gain anything by listing 2 of the exact same item on the same faction.

More Potential Buyers = More Sales

6 I am in too deep, help!

I sometimes think this, bouncing items between toons gives me infinite storage, but my inventory is sitting at over 5000 items, put another way roughly 50 guild bank tabs. One process I need to refine is restocking, I have sold an item how can I access the item in my inventory, with mailboxes only showing the last 50 mails (600 items) I have to mail block (not being able to send these toons any items I will not use straight away) on multiple toons to get access to most of my inventory.

Maybe the only way to get around this problem is to post two of every item, it will double my posting fees but might be the only quick way to plug gaps. The other alternative is to be pickier in what I buy and just DE/vendor the 7th/8th copy of certain items, it’s kind of like I am speculating on the popularity of certain items e.g.  Prospector boots, I will need seven of them? when they become really popular because keelhaul says they look awesome or they are in an image on mmochamp or wowinsider, it could happen!

Another option is to drop prices to try and move more stock or transfer stock somewhere else.

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