Friday, 22 February 2013

Bots taking over 77-80 greens market and endless embersilk cloth supply

I brought this up on twitter but felt a small post might explain my thoughts a little better.

Go to The Undermine Journal EU and search for any of these items:

Steelspark sword
Yojamba boots
Sundown Gauntlets
Falling snow bracers
Angerfang Gun

a)      look at the price
b)      look at the class and level of the toon posting these items

Does anyone else remember the floating dead orcs in orgrimmar advertising gold selling websites? 
They were always rogues? In stormwind it was female human rogues.

You can take advantage of cheap cloth and turn it into bags or sell hypnotic dust, but i can see prices for these two items dropping as more people catch on.

Are people moving herb/ore bots to Deepholm?


  1. Wouldn't surprise me. :< There's a guy on our AH selling like 8 Gundrak Hatchlings at the same time. Smacks of gold farmer to me.

  2. If you wanna know where all the botters are these days.. They are in mount Hyjal.. Accended Rise... I report them like crazy there

  3. I remember the floating orcs being warlocks myself, but rogues were probably common as well. Very interesting, not seeing the same patterns US side, but I focus only on the 77 greens and 78 blues myself, which are not farmable in Deepholm (only mobs in Mt. Hyjal/Vash & 1st two Cata regular dungeons). Might be something you want to look into if the bots are killing your profits.

    My theory behind these is that the purchaser will want the longest benefit by buying the armor(ie 77-79 instead of 78-79 or 79), and it should continue with the 5.2 PvP scaling.

  4. I was wondering what you were getting at the other night.

  5. During the love is in the air event, loads of people were spending all day on needlerock rise farming charms. Superfast respawn times on big groups of troggs there that can just be aoed down. Spend a little time there doing it and you'll also see your bags overflowing with stacks of embersilk. From my experience I was getting about 15 stacks every 30 min, not to mention in that same amount of time I got about 10 greens. This is probably part of the reason for the glut of embersilk and cata greens you're seeing right now.

    1. Yup i've been to Verlok Stand my Tailor nets around 110 stacks per hour with ilvl 465 but i found the posting toons really interesting because it was always a rogue between level 50 and 65 and either orc or human.

  6. Its because everyone was farming charms in Deepholm and embersilk is also dropping.