Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Screenshot ... Tuesday?

I thought I would share some screenshots about what i've been upto lately.

A wowhead comment lead me to these two caves in Kun-Lai which are amazing.

If you have a toon with herbalism and mining then it is even better and at least on my realm i dont see anyone else here.

 I've been trying to hunt down the last of the 450 boa items in Dread Wastes.

I have also been levelling my toons, I managed to get hold of the BoA legs this week.

I got these amazing gloves first time on my horde toon but no luck even finding him spawned on my alliance gatherer.

 I've been trying to find a good mote of harmony spot in the middle of nowhere, and as you know from my deepholm posts I like having NPC's help me do damage. This spot is a bit hit and miss i've got as high as 45 motes per hour here and as low as 25.

Yesterday and today i've been looking into grinding spots in Jade forest to get several of my level 85's some fast xp. The jade forest and Vo4W questing is getting a little boring.

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