Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Farming your ink

So you might be hearing a lot of people talk about stockpiling including me. This is a great idea but if you don’t have a lot of liquid gold you might want to think about farming some things for your MoP stockpile. What if you wanted to farm 10,000 inks is that realistic? With around 40 days left till MoP is there enough time?

About a week ago Whiptail went over 100g a stack and I really wanted to get more glyphs crafted ready for MoP. I set out to find out how much ink i could get from the best herb farming spots excluding Cataclsym zones. I decided to exlcude cataclysm (bf ink) because this post might prove very useful in the early days of MoP when new herbs are very expensive and we can not trade down using Blackfallow ink.

I also set out to calculate the time it would take to gather enough herbs to make 10,000 ink.

I estimated it would take 1 hour 15mins per day. Guessing at 200 ink per hour and around 40 days till MOP release so that’s your 10,000 ink.

Can you collect 200 ink per hour for each ink type?

These results are based on a Tauren druid, level 25 guild, max flying, using gathermate2 and routes.

Average price of a glyph on my realm is around 75-80g, I am giving each ink a value of 25g.  ( 25 x 3 = 75 )

10k ink = 250,000g Sounds good

I used a milling table posted on the consortium forums and thanks to Critical for linking this to me.

Ferales, WPL and Sholazar Basin

One hour in Northern Ferales
280 blindweed
242 fadeleaf
202 Khad
20 goldthorn

One hour in inks
84 celestial
72 jadefire
71 jadefire
5 jadefire

Total ink = 232 ink

25g per ink = 232*25 = 5800g per hour

The Ink Mix
84 Celestial ink
148 Jadefire ink

I added goldthorn into the math but goldthorn is a great way for  Making Gold with Herbalism by selling it raw.

One hour in Western Plaguelands

140 blindweed
292 khadgar whiskers
150 fadeleaf
90 liferoot
214 kingsblood

One hour in inks
42 Celestial ink
102 Jadefire inks
37 Jadefire ink
27 lion’s ink
64 lion’s ink

The Ink Mix
42 Celestial
139 Jadefire
91 Lion’s

Total ink = 272

25g per ink = 272*25 = 6800g per hour

One hour in Sholazar Basin

134 goldclover
150 tiger lily
386 adders
66 deadnettle

Bonus mats
14 frost lotus, 7 eternal life

Iots 34
Iots 38
Iots 116
Iots 17

205 Ink of the Sea per hour

25g per ink = 205*25 = 5125g per hour

I may check out other farming spots / different inks however I am pretty sure BC zones (Ethereal ink) will fall short of the 200 ink per hour. It does look possible to farm 10,000 ink before MoP however the distribution will probably be missing Ethereal ink.

It might be useful in my next post to do a baseline for Uldum to try and see whether it makes more sense to just farm whiptail while we can still trade down, however i think this post will be useful in the future when you might run out of ink and MoP herbs are expensive.

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  1. My Mage, full flying, level 1 guild, gathermate2, Uldum whiptail farming - I can do 20 stacks per hour = 40 glyphs = 120 inks.

  2. . . . . L what I meant by that post is that is the fastest I can farm herbs in an hour

  3. Nice idea, Farli. And great timing. It seems there are lots of stockpilers on my server combined with possibly a recent banwave of botters has forced prices of Whiptail on my server (and other raw mats) sky-high. I was just thinking about how else to augment my ink pile without resorting to paying high prices at the AH. I think this might be the ticket for me - I'm so sick of farming Uldum (like choke a baby panda sick of it) so a change of scenery sounds nice!

  4. Yup farming the lower herbs works out better in pretty much every case i think except maybe ethereal ink.

    i was kind of amazed at how good a spot WPL was, so many herbs packed into such a small, low traffic area.

  5. Hi,

    With the patch being released on the 28th of this month you don't really have 40 days to collect 10k worth of inks unless you are planning to only herb non-cata herbs. It is my understanding that the ink vendor changes will come in effect at the same time as the 5.0.4 patch release.


  6. Yup thats exactly what i set out to find out, whether its still 'viable' to do this using low level herbs, and it looks like it might be.