Monday, 20 August 2012

Sales Report 12th August


Sales are down during this week partly due to an end on expansion slow down but also because I missed 2 days of posting, hopefully sales will pick up next week.

 I have been focused on levelling alts to 80/85. I have 6 alchemists (4 horde, 2 Alliance) and have around 300 Essence of air and 40 scrolls stockpiled currently. I have two more characters in outlands and will get their alchemy skill levelled to at least 300 to get them joining in the fun. I will have a more detailed post on the alliance project soon.

I’m running low on essence of water so I started looking into farming them up in Swamp of Sorrows. I find it best with a BM hunter so you can go round at 138% speed because the mobs are spread out. I’ve picked up a few transmog items as well as globe of water’s which sell for around 20g here.

Six alchemists and around thirty days till launch so I need 180 essence of water with procs that will hopefully give me over 200 Essence of Air. I currently have around 60 essence of water so will do some more farming next weekend, I tend to combine the farming of these essences with the posting of transmog items and glyphs on my second account.

I think marathon runners call it tapering, I’ve started reducing the time I spend on the auction house for me my time is more well spent levelling alts and professions. 

My big goal for the early months of MoP is to have a better balance in the amount of gold I make on both factions. Up to now I’ve made 90% of my gold on the horde side but in MoP I’d like to get that closer to a 50-50 split.

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  1. I'm a fairly recent convert to essence of water/air transmutes & Swamp of Sorrows came out a big winner in my recent farming test. Having said that, a mix of farming in Silithus & Swamp of Sorrows would probably be my suggestion - that way, if your transmutes don't proc as you would like, you'd still be getting airs direct from Silithus. Not to mention, a change of scenery is always good too :)

  2. Yeah i like silithus i've picked up a few transmog item that i've sold for 3-5k there recently.

  3. You do know that transmuting them shares a daily gcd with living elements and truegold?

    1. Ye truegold (220-250g) is around 50-60g profit and life -> air (10g) is around 75g profit. Water -> air (200-240) is around 200g profit, more if like me you use it to make +15 agility scrolls which go for 1k - 1.5k.

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