Monday, 16 July 2012

Five Fast Gold Making Tips : July

1  Vicious Embersilk Cape

A lot of people focus on the chest/legs and they tend to forget about this ilvl 377 cloak

2  Transmog Vendor: Kris Legace

The Saber leggings are very nice and cost less than a gold to pick up.

3  Cobalt Bars, buy ore smelt into bars and sell bars as singles. 

The ore price tends to be a lot lower than the bar price. This is possibly because people think it takes two ore per bar like saronite when infact you only need one ore per bar.

4  Two hand 77-80 weapons are awesome!

5  Buy silver ore, smelt and sell silver bars in singles. 

You need around 20 of these to level up JC, great item to price gouge on.

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  1. Dark Iron Entrepreneur can sell the same pants and is also friendly to both Horde and Alliance. Also pick up the Mystic Sarong if they have it in stock - heaps prettier!

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