Tuesday, 4 September 2012

AOE Looting: AQ20

I've been very busy IRL so with my limited playtime i've kept on top of all the alchemy CD's and spent some time in AQ20.

Lots of great items drop here, and the weapons can disenchant into Illusion dust and Greater Eternal Essence.  The ability to loot 40-50 in one go is amazing, I was getting one very rare transmog item a minute.

I've also spent some time levelling and playing around with the new specs for all my alts. I plan to level my blood DK from 80-85 through dungeons so if you spot a dodgy DK tank (rare i know right?) it might be me!

The patch went ok i focused on glyphs mainly and it paid off very well, currently I am posting 10 of each glyph for a very high price (600g+) and this is getting me 7 - 8k in sales a day. I have'nt been posting transmog items much this week mainly due to lack of time and also because I might be getting a bit burnt out on the AH.

I still have'nt bought the expansion and cancelled my second account today. I know its weird with the expansion so near and all these new talents but I might take a break and possibly get pulled back in for the expansion.


  1. I've spent a great deal of time in AQ in recent weeks farming some items that I was after personally, and for anyone who wants to go in there to farm there is just one thing I want you to note: kill Silicate Feeders. It's a bit more annoying because they are neutral, but they can drop some of the best greens in the game.

  2. I tried farming AQ20 but it seems pointless. From one run I got loads of scarabs (worth nothing), idols (worth nothing), purples and blues that disenchants into nexus crystals and small prismatic shards (worth almost nothing), a bunch of grays worth 100g and 7 greens.

  3. i dont kill bosses just these two mobs over and over and over again : ) also the silicate feeders if i remember.

  4. I'm with you on the AH burnout. I never thought it would happen... I think part of the problem is there are currently a bunch of new sellers, but few new buyers. I'm the type who sits on the AH and relists things as they get undercut, and in the last couple weeks I've been undercut nonstop. The AH isn't fun anymore. I'm trying to hold out until MoP, I think things should improve then. I hope.

  5. Woxenrud - AQ farming is essentially for one purpose - transmog greens.

    Tier 1 transmog items drop in AQ which more than make up for the lack of other loot.

    Exalted and Glorious are two of the biggies.