Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Why The Overcut?

During my clearing out of my Guild banks to be ready for my MoP stockpile I found a staff of divine infusion. I went to post it on the Auction house and there was already one up for 5k. I listed mine at 6k.

A few hours passed...

I checked back and saw the other person had relisted at 7k, so i reposted mine at 8k!

This continued for a few days...

We both got to 20k and we chatted and decided to both hold at 20k (he undercut me down to 10k few hours later).

On twitter i was talking about how it sometimes pays to be the most expensive seller in transmogg. If you search plate -> chest you want to be on the first page. This is how you can sometimes sell an item at a higher price than someone with the exact same item but a different suffix (e.g. Exalted harness of the bear vs Exalted harness of the whale).

I was calling it reverse undercutting but that was probably very confusing. Later on Alaeriel said "overcutting" on twitter and that made a lot more sense and then the blog The Overcut was born.

thanks Aleariel! Karma points for you

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