Tuesday, 28 February 2012

About me

A blog about making gold in The World of Warcraft. I am very active on twitter ( @TheOvercut ) and I will use this blog as a place where i can expand on certain topics/ideas.

I have played since early Vanilla, I raided on two toons at 60 and got into gold making when making low level twinks. I needed gold to buy the best gear and also enchants/consumables for my raiders. I made most of my gold in vanilla using alchemy, i would farm herbs myself add herbs bought from the AH and sell potions, elixir and flasks. I made a lot of gold when aq20/aq40 were realised by soloing Dire maul for living essences. There was a big rush for NR gear and everyone needed living essences so I was able to buy out competition and price gouge.

In TBC I made level 39/49 twinks i mainly made gold flipping twink items because i knew what BiS or what was rubbish and could sort through blue/epic items very easily.

In Wotlk I leveled toons and made gold, I controlled the flask market and made a lot of money selling to guilds in large amounts, I also did some inscription and jewelcrafting. I hit 600k around the time RS came out, but I sort of ran out of things to do. I gave a good chuck of gold away to friends/guildies and quit wow until around august 2011.

I got Cataclysm in september 2011 and had around 300k. I stockpiled up on ore/scrolls/gems in preperation for patch 4.3. I also set aside all the item i got via DMF dense stone turn ins ready for the release of transmogg. My preparations paid off and i hit goldcap in late December 2011. I am currently active on 4 realms and 6 auction houses. I hit 1.5 million in February 2012.  I am currently active on both factions of one realm. I hit 4 million in April 2013.

I got Mists of Pandaria in December 2012 and I started out making 85-89 twinks this is one of the most fun parts of a new expansion to me, I spent over 100,000 gold on the best items, enchants, flasks and professions and then started rolling over people in this new pvp bracket. My first 90 dinged via only pvp.

Future goals include having a million gold on more than one realm, getting some alliance level 85's, having a huge MoP stockpile and exploring new ways of making gold in the World of Warcraft.

Future goals include reaching realm cap ( eleven million gold) and 22 level 90's (11 currently).
I would also really like the Trainer title added in Patch 5.3 but this might be the hardest goal.

Send me emails !

farli_wow (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot)  uk

Include Region, realm name and faction in the title if you need specific help via TUJ.
 Example:  US Aerie Peak Alliance

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